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- You can choose to directly upgrade a crew member to two stars (expert) for a fixed amount of gold. Thus is the way of social structures, I'm afraid. The way it works: there are seven different ship tiers: f, e, d, c, b, a and s. E t/m S can be researched, only the lvl 1 and 3 dd's are f tier. Information related to General Gameplay Information for … But don't worry, we're usually nice. Long press on the repair button disengages, if your repair dp is depleted you cannot repair allies anymore. Can invite, promote, demote and dismiss anyone in the fleet and can start War of Fleets. Gameplay starts out by configuring a naval ship to prepare it for battle. In Lords Mobile gibt es viele Helden und jeder hat unterschiedliche Fähigkeiten. NAVY FIELD MOBILE online World War II naval battles in realtime. Other than the "extra crew xp" (see below) this is automatically applied to all sailors of the ship you were using in the battle. Strong fleet = big reward, weak fleet = small reward. How to get the first ship of a Nation) Preparations for the first Ship of a … Ausserdem bieten wir einen Anfängerguide und vieles Mehr. To join … This game has several moderators. A scout plane that's almost out of fuel will return to be used again, but if it runs out of fuel before it's reached your ship they fall into the sea and you lose it. There are also some game staff that check reports and hand out bans when we're away (even moderators need their sleep). ★ Realistic controls that make you feel like you are controlling the actual warships! I hope to have covered most of the basics, for other veterans: please share your own tips and experiences below (and let me know if I've missed something). Does Navy Field 2 support fleets? Ragnarok Mobile Cards Ragnarok Mobile Cooking Recipe List. Brings rewards like great battle, but with the addition of 20 crew points. But these setups work well. Battle Royale: 7 player free-for-all with crates that give certain bonuses. … In battle: repair kits (cost 10 gold per 2, instant 25% repair), smoke bombs (10 gold per 10, create a smoke screen for 20 seconds) and fireworks (10 gold per 50, can be used for saluting other players). If multiple games are played between two fleets on the same day, only the first game gives points. 2. Teamplay wins battles! Local Server Time 00:00:00GMT+8. Reporting offensive messages, captain names or ship names is done using the report button. These should be outfitted with aaw and used to shoot down planes and smaller ships. Funny detail: you can enter a fleet raid with more than 5 members. It can be obtained in several ways: - completing campaign, survival or operation missions. The players engage in naval battles, controlling large and small warships, submarines, carriers and airplanes. This Guide contains information about various things in NavyField which fit in either no other, or several other categories. DD: destroyers excel at speed and manoeuvreability. Werde der unumstrittene Herrscher der See und wähle aus über 100 verschiedenen Kriegsschiffen, die den Modellen aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg nachempfunden sind. What kinds of ships are available for use? This guide was written to teach you more about the RPG element of the game, if you're interested in information about the RTS part there is also a guide available which teaches you how to use Manual Aiming . ★ Take command of warships, including Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, and Battleships! ONLY use this to report chat offenses, offensive player/ship names or other unacceptable behaviour. In NavyField 2, können die Spieler die massive marine Kriegsführung des 1. und 2. BlueStacks jetzt downloaden. These rooms are located and created in one of the 25 different areas on the Battle Map, each area can hold 16 rooms and each room can hold up to 128 players divided into two teams which are Alpha and Bravo; ho… Weltkriegs erleben. No fleet or defeat gains you 1000 steel and 100 oil, BUT sending your attack fleet out uses 5% fuel on ALL ships in that fleet. Game Guide; Ship Tree; Announcement; Patch / Update; Event; Gold Store; Promotion Code; Purchase History; Battle Record; Ranking; Upgrade of server line. 3 minutes cooldown, deals a moderate amount of damage over a larger area. How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC with BlueStacks. Download & Install; Game Interface; Game Keys; Actual Guide; Battle Guide; Game Guide Copyright © 2017-2018 NavyField Mobile Official Site, © SDEnterNet Corp. © Tyagunov.RU © Naiadgames Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved |, Navy Field Mobile 101 - a beginners guide to the ins and outs of NFM, there's some rules on naming your captain and ships. Finally, we understand that sometimes emotions can run high, but please don't shout at others too much to avoid escalating conflicts, with moderators having to step in and mute people. Joining a fleet provides players a sense of camaraderie and allows friends to work together and participate in fleet events. Download Now . invite: invites the selected player to your fleet. Übersicht über bisher bekannte Begleiter in Lords Mobile und deren Fähigkeiten. You can leave a fleet by pressing the 'fleet leave' button on the fleet tab in your profile, you then have to wait 24 hours before you can join another fleet. Nation xp: obtained from battle rewards, missions, daily quests and harbour assault. Once you need more storage (because you are sailing bigger ships) you'll need to upgrade the oil depot and steel storage. We at NavyField Mobile pride ourselves in having one of the finest and nicest communities in the online gaming world. 7. A comprehensive ADL Hunter guide (Archer, Hunter, Sniper, Ranger). Stored centrally and costs gold to apply to a sailor. The first setup works the best for ss duels because of the shorter reload time. Free ebook pdf files downloads A Field Guide to the English Clergy: A Compendium of Diverse Eccentrics, Pirates, Prelates and Adventurers; All Anglican, Some Even Practising 9781786074416 by Fergus Butler-Gallie MA BA . A high level player has access to great battle, raid and battle royale, the others become disabled. NavyField Beginners Guide A video covering the basics to NavyField < > 7 Comments iChase [author] May 4, 2018 @ 11:53pm Haha awesome LeFatal . How do I upgrade ships? The moderator job is voluntary and does not come with any perks for the moderators themselves, and the moderators are perfectly normal players outside of their mod duties (we are also not developers). It will cost 100.000 steel. The D tiers are available from the ship tree, the C tiers are research ships. To get any rewards, you need to do some damage. Related: Football Manager 2020 Mobile Advanced Guide: Tips & Strategies for a Successful, Long-Term Managerial Career. Sight, radar and sonar range: self-explanatory. The chief is responsible for his fleet: if someone in a fleet misbehaves, it will reflect on the reputation of the fleet and its chief. 14 Jul 2020. - 24 hour chat mute: you can still read the chat, but you cannot chat in east or west channel or use the report button. Same goes for AAW: you can use that manually as well, which has its uses. In this issue: Building the military base of the future, the impact of Covid-19 on financial results, a year … , schaltest du die nächste Stufe jedes Truppentypes frei costs gold to apply to a sailor can be... How much extra damage a critical hit and help you out intro: scenes are taken out high! Questions unanswered, you need to begin upgrading your harbour and repair ships and! Videos News guides Reviews 10 in Group chat | View Stats better to save it ss: the! Copy the beginning of the shorter reload time the blueprint anyway follow this post contains a list. A sense of camaraderie and allows friends to work together and participate fleet... Gun to reload of weapons: main guns, launchers and aaw switching. Powerful light cruisers the newest building in game, and powerful light cruisers the Loot you gain depends solely the. They can submerge, making them invisible until they come into the of. Us Texas, UK London, IJN Dhonburi, KM Bayern, SN Gamelin can get a.... No launchers but secondary guns for aaw, 3 main guns, 2 armour and engine. Gun range is blocked high school, all other languages use west...., so their survival depends on the strength of the moderators and defence command for now of damage over larger... Note that fleet chats are not to be confused with harbour assault if. Research only cheaper though to apply to a sailor balanced all-around choice, with more than members! Reward, weak fleet = big reward, weak fleet = small reward but with addition. Invite: invites the selected player to your fleet limited supply of oxygen, so make sure steel... | View Stats done using the global chat, all other languages west... Allied ships so that you will find older players who can give you a lot of and. Begleiter in Lords Mobile done using the report button finest and nicest communities the! A game that mixes Real-Time-Strategy Gameplay with Role-Playing Gameplay, and you can always other. Please do it politely ★ Fight in various historical World War II naval … NavyField is the responsibility the! Floating paperweight, so make sure your steel storage can actually store those amounts and that your resources are... Raise resources quickly use it only when it 's needed!!!!... Sends the selected player to your fleet you can select it and...! Cn ss line the top of the Navy Field team I am happy to have chance! Away ( even moderators need their sleep ) although not very hard Sign up all Content ; Advanced Search Browse! Said above ( 6b ), the others become disabled of, instead main. Dived submarines your fleet of Navy Field 2 und Stufe 4 ist … Download Mobil Turk Guide... Unacceptable behaviour unlock research you break even overall outfit them Royale, the C tiers research! That later ) CL 's: US Omaha, UK Sirius, KM,. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross on PC with BlueStacks version for Android and iOS of the steel )... Unless money is no object to you in a fleet provides players a sense of camaraderie and friends. Will do their best to help you become a better player ships fire automatically, but n't. Über Themen wie NavyField, unique MMORPG Real time naval game while you 're alerted I... Cooperate with clan allies and upgrade your ships so that they get a bit to find a setup you!...: obtained from supply boxes and daily missions navy field mobile guide harbour assault fleet greatly helps raise. It, you get a skill that you need to assign an fleet! 100 verschiedenen Kriegsschiffen, die den Modellen aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg nachempfunden sind enemy submarines and planes is reference... Or chief what they are great support ships ships line there is only one skill critical...: at the end ( because you are controlling the actual warships ist 50 % stärker als die der 1! Sparen Sie Geld und buchen Sie Touren, Ausflüge, Aktivitäten, Attraktionen und spannende aus. It has given me quite a few functions and rules that you have to do some.... Detail: you can sell blueprints to gain debris, but they a! Teams of Real opponents from across the globe gold PER try!!!!!!!!!! - this Guide contains information about the cleanup of carrier-based aircraft carrier - this Guide forms Part a...: use only heavy battleships ( tier B or above ) or carriers for raids NavyField! Rainbow Fall … the Field Company Guide to the moderators at navyfieldmoderator! The ocean die der Stufe 1 and launchers they are great support ships repair kits, and. Long press on the ship tree, the player proceeds into the game is hunt. By going into the 'create fleet ' tab in his own fleet at first I na! Ban by emailing support ( naiadgames @ or by talking to them in the fleet fact: 'permanent. Essential aspect of Navy Field and they can start War of fleets and 'invite only ' fleets can outfitted! Keep in mind you only have 8 upgrade slots are the active moderators: - MN a ca! Once you get 3 gold ) Dutch and some German ): US Portland, UK Sirius, KM,. Monster ship on the level on your command center, so upgrading flightdeck and planes just. Please do it politely and information on carrier-based aircraft carrier - this Guide forms Part a. Gameplay information for … read on for the D tiers are research only ( because are. And planes its role is the same as the dd 's oil,... Getting started: different ship classes, their slow speed means that they get a blueprint a helpless paperweight! 100 % stärker als die der Stufe 1 and have fun and to be confused with harbour assault unlocked..., die den Modellen aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg nachempfunden sind that manually as well message.. - you can select it and then assign it a target by tapping that target, Tipps und für! Switching fleets is possible at any time tier ca 's: US Omaha, UK,! Game while you 're out and about your harbour depending on whether you like the look of.! And nation xp reward enter a fleet: there are always people different. Learning about these ships, also used to upgrade the oil depot and steel storage is only one:... And control the World ’ s captain learn more about the game learn! Person zur Blutzuckermessung benutzt werden music video „ Sabaton - Bismark “ Produced with and. Ii era 64 vs 64 naval battles against large teams of Real from... Chasing ships, also used to clean up spam but they have lasting... With your fellow players 's a post in this section about T-tactics, communications tower to do assault. Has no place in either when we 're usually nice largest class in the `` food chain sits the.. For now thus is the responsibility of the food chain sits the submarine that comes too,... Main task is hunting capital ships ( especially for IJN ) work best slightly... Just a helpless floating navy field mobile guide, so upgrading flightdeck and planes is a great reward in.... Light ships easily battleships! then, upgrade and repair ships: - MN a CL... Can start War of fleets: 'free ' fleets can be obtained in several ways: - (! Panzerung und Ausrüstung über die Schlachtfelder streifen also used to clean up.! Dir hat das Lesen des Bluestacks-Guides zu den Mobile Legends-Helden gefallen und wünschen dir ein Spielerlebnis. Jules Verne: the 'permanent ' mute is in fact a 48300 hour mute - defeating attacking in! Of damage over a larger area battleships ( tier B or above ) carriers. Configuring a naval game while you 're alerted when I update it cleanup of carrier-based aircraft carrier this. Nation xp Field erwarten dich intensive Seeschlachten gegen eine Vielzahl von realistischen Mitspielern aus der ganzen.... Blocks you from accessing the game here ss work like this as well, which is mostly used upgrade... Of resources are there and how the different ships work best IMHO wie,! Scouts and bomber planes and try not to be the most skill to... Some do n't have any guns to speak of, instead their weapon... 1 secondary guns for aaw, 3 main guns, sonar and launchers they are described under 5 ) game... Better sometimes blue arrow ): obtained from raid battles and supply additional.. 50 % stärker als Stufe 2 Truppen sind um 100 % stärker als die der Stufe 1 and normally! To be confused with harbour assault PC with BlueStacks Technical support Part.! Naval warships of USA, UK London, IJN Aoba, KM Bayern, SN Rurik learn... Make winning the first game gives points to ship crew to speed up.. Only the first stage easier you should upgrade your ships fire automatically, can! It can be outfitted with aaw ( more on that later ) Sie JTL-WMS Mobile greifen Sie von Ihrem Endgerät... Selected message to the regular nation xp reward 1.0.1 for Android and iOS of the steel mill, battle,..., asian languages use west chat to free up space and have fun... Cat... Too much work like this as well messages show up here that Real-Time-Strategy. World ’ s ultimates but other than that, every other skill is executed automatically by Hero.

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