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1930s. google_color_link = "304625"; google_ad_type = "text_image"; Do you know of any other old Glasgow Streets/Roads etc which are long gone. With this in mind, on the 15th of February, 1763, he acquired the first portion of “five acres or thereby of ground in the Burgh of Glasgow, in the part called Palezeon’s Croft, on the North side of Argyle Street, with plots or steadings for building on each side thereof “. Street naming and numbering is essential for the use of the emergency services, public utilities, postal services and the general public. Discuss | Guestbook | Postcard | News | Weather | Feedback | Search | About | What's New, Location: Glasgow Guide / Glasgow Information / Glasgow Street Names That Changed, A list of Glasgow street names which were subject to change prior to the 1940s, Page 1: A-F    Page 2: G-L    Page 3: N-Z. Description. Found this online may help us when doing past/present pics..... DUKE STREET, opened 1794, is named for the Duke of Montrose, whose lodging overlooked it. End. NEW NAME. The local councillors, community council and Royal Mail amongst others are consulted on the proposed street name. google_ad_slot = "5682111373"; About 1844 the name of this street was altered to Minto Street, but it soon reverted to its old title. Mair Street (Plantation), after John Mair, a former proprietor of this estate. //-->, Great Wellington Street, Paisley Road Toll. Canon Street Stirling Square Mason Street Balmanno Street Great Hamilton Street Canning Street Jail Square Princes Street Main Street (West of Hope Street) Graeme Street Or what about those streets etc that have had a name change like St George's Place. google_ad_width = 468; //--> google_ad_client = "pub-8512019970747605"; google_ad_width = 160; Maryhill Road, NW. Now coming at you with 95% more significance, 1% less salt and virtually fat free! Glasgow Hotels: book cheap hotels in Glasgow online now, oldglasgowpubs.co.uk. All material in the site Glasgow Guide is copyright of the Glasgow Guide Organisation. Factual information derived form the 1937/38 Post Office Directory and based on initial work by Douglas Brown. 1891. Topics merged - check the links at the top of the thread to see if the street still exists. google_ad_client = "pub-8512019970747605"; google_ad_width = 160; Home; Login; Album list. Well, as far as I'm concerned, and I speak as a confirmed diner-out in The Renfield Arms. var ans_timestamp = (new Date()).getTime(); Lost Glasgow - This a real street name, near an old... | Facebook google_ad_height = 600; , , Images | Games | Maps | Pubs | Clubs | Food | Places | Shops | Hotels | Info+. Glasgow Guide: Glasgow Info: Glasgow Streets that have Changed Names. It is 47 Marlborough Street, Glasgow. Poor working-class immigrants, most of them from Ireland or the Highlands, were crammed into the squalid, crowded central area of City Parish, converted for quick cash from the apartments of the middle classes who had sold up and moved out west. 1960s. The following list of gangs was published in the Glasgow Evening Times in February 2006 as identified by Strathclyde Police with the accompanying map.. Albert Road,Langside: Tantallon Road,S1: Albert Road,Pollokshields: Albert Drive,S1: Albert Street,Govan: Orkney Street SW1: Albert Street,Highburgh … HI there Some of my relatives in the early censuses 1881 and 1891 have the addresses Hunters close, and Dardanelles close, Dockhead Street Port-Glasgow. Thomas Annan's Powerful Photographs of 'The Old Closes and … DUKE STREET, opened 1794, is named for the Duke of Montrose, whose lodging overlooked it. An Old View Of St Enoch Subway Station Glasgow 873 views An Old View Of St Enoch Subway Station Glasgow Argyle Street, Glasgow, postcard view, c. 1900 726 views Argyle Street, Glasgow… All rights reserved.Glasgow Hotels: book cheap hotels in Glasgow online now,