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How dare you tell such lies! Harry Potter: I had a free period this morning, professor. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honour. … (PS7), ‘When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted,’ she said. “It may have escaped your notice, but life isn’t fair.” – Professor Snape. Traditionally, the champions and their partners open the ball.’…‘I’m not dancing,’ he said.‘It is traditional,’ said Professor McGonagall firmly. Five points will be taken from Gryffindor for this,” said Professor McGonagall. "Nicely phrased," replied the eagle door knocker, and the door swung open. Now, the Vanishing Spell –’‘Hem, hem.’‘I wonder,’ said Professor McGonagall in cold fury, turning on Professor Umbridge, ‘how you expect to gain an idea of my usual teaching methods if you continue to interrupt me? Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber for ever.’‘Who is it?’ said Madam Hooch, who had sunk, weak-kneed into a chair. Professor McGonagall is a professor at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and is the head of Gryffindor House and professor of Transfiguration, as well as being the Deputy Headmistress under Albus Dumbledore and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Well, here it is, we’ve done everything we could think of, and there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it at all – you’ve got a very good friend somewhere, Potter…’Harry’s jaw dropped. She was staring at her slippers, as still as a statue.‘I think I’ve got a good idea of what’s been going on,’ said Professor McGonagall. "But one does not parade the fact that one is All-Knowing. Or we’ll be out of the running for the eighth year in a row, as Professor Snape was kind enough to remind me only last night…’ (PA12), ‘Jordan, would you mind telling us what’s going on in the match? ‘I’m quite as good as new. As for you, Mr Potter, I thought Gryffindor meant more to you than this. I will take them from here.’. (OP29), ‘… are you quite sure you wouldn’t like a cough drop, Dolores?’ (OP29), Professor Umbridge: ‘… I’m quite sure I slipped in a note.’‘What, this thing?’ said Professor McGonagall in a tone of revulsion… (OP29), ‘False hope?’ repeated Professor McGonagall, still refusing to look round at Professor Umbridge. ‘That’s what I’m telling you. I've just been to see Professor McGonagall about the Firebolt. So… today we are starting Vanishing Spells. Bad news, Harry. How is that fair, how?’‘I know, mate,’ said Ron sympathetically, tipping bacon on to Harry’s plate, ‘she’s bang out of order.’ (OP15), ‘That will do,’ she [Professor McGonagall] said and silence fell immediately. ‘Why are you disturbing these people? McGonagall cares about the well being of her students, though they may not see it at the time. Book by Eliezer Yudkowsky, 2010. (OP29), ‘Potter,’ she [Professor McGonagall] said in ringing tones, ‘I will assist you to become an Auror if it is the last thing I do! "Humph," snorted Professor McGonagall [to Neville]. ‘Four students out of bed in one night! No student is to leave the dormitories after that time. ‘Miss Brown, would you mind running along to the Headmistress and informing her that we have an escape firework in our classroom?’ (OP28), ‘Well, I thought of, maybe, being an Auror,’ Harry mumbled.‘You’d need top grades for that,’ said Professor McGonagall, extracting a small, dark leaflet from under the mass on her desk and opening it. He has done nothing, nothing to warrant such –’Hermione, Parvati and Lavender all screamed. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be something like your family within Hogwarts. The figures around the cabin had shot no fewer than four Stunners at Professor McGonagall. All teachers return to the staff room. ‘It doesn’t take a genius to work it out. True Seers are very rare, and Professor Trelawney…’She stopped again, and then said, in a very matter-of-fact tone, ‘You look in excellent health to me, Potter, so you will excuse me if I don’t let you off homework today. I can only hope that it is nobody in Gryffindor. (CS5), ‘And speaking of Gryffindor –’ Professor McGonagall said sharply, but Harry cut in: ‘Professor, when we took the car, term hadn’t actually started, so – so Gryffindor shouldn’t really have points taken from it, should it?’ he finished, watching her anxiously.Professor McGonagall gave him a piercing look, but he was sure she had almost smiled. What say you, Professor Snape?’‘What?’ snapped Snape, though Harry knew he had heard perfectly well.‘Oh – well – I suppose…’‘So that’s fifty each for Potter, the two Weasleys, Longbottom and Miss Granger,’ said Professor McGonagall, and a shower of rubies fell down into the bottom bulb of Gryffindor’s hour-glass as she spoke. I suggest you all smarted yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting.’ Her eyes lingered for a moment on Neville’s cloak, which was fastened under his left ear, and on Ron’s smudged nose. Lee Jordan was finding it difficult not to take sides. Quotes by and about Minerva McGonagall. The Heads of Houses should go and inform their students what has happened. And if either of you ever –’‘Hem, hem.’Professor McGonagall closed her eyes as though praying for patience as she turned her face towards Professor Umbridge again.‘Yes?’‘I think they deserve rather more than detentions,’ said Umbridge, smiling still more broadly.Professor McGonagall’s eyes flew open.‘But unfortunately,’ she said, with an attempt at a reciprocal smile that made her look as though she had lockjaw, ‘it is what I think that counts, as they are in my House, Dolores.’‘Well, actually, Minerva,’ simpered Professor Umbridge. Ron and Professor McGonagall both looked at him.‘We haven’t seen her for ages, Professor,’ Harry went on hurriedly, treading on Ron’s foot, ‘and we thought we’d sneak into the hospital wing, you know, and tell her the Mandrakes are nearly ready and, er, not to worry.’Professor McGonagall was still staring at him, and for a moment, Harry thought she was going to explode, but when she spoke, it was in a strangely croaky voice.‘Of course,’ she said, and Harry, amazed, saw a tear glistening in her beading eye. Weasley! Professor McGonagall turned next to Parvati Patil, whose first question was whether Firenze, the handsome centaur, was still teaching Divination. ‘This is the end of Hogwarts. ‘Of course, I realise this has all been hardest on the friends of those who have been… I quite understand. Now she said it, that seemed the obvious thing to have done.‘I – I didn’t think –’‘That,’ said Professor McGonagall, ‘is obvious.’ (CS5), Ron thinks he’s been expelled: ‘What are you talking about, Weasley?’ barked Professor McGonagall. “Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school! Dumbledore always said…’ (CS16), ‘We’ll leave it to you, then, Gilderoy,’ said Professor McGonagall. ‘A low and cowardly attempt to sabotage the Gryffindor Seeker! (CS10), ‘What does this mean, Albus?’ Professor McGonagall asked urgently. ‘If you said I could go –’‘But I don’t say so,’ said Professor McGonagall, standing up and piling her papers neatly into a drawer. I suppose you think it’s funny that Longbottom here heard the story and believed it too?’ (PS15), ‘I’m disgusted,’ said Professor McGonagall. If it were not for the fact that I never speak ill of my colleagues –’ Professor McGonagall broke off, and they saw that her nostrils had gone white. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours.‘The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. ‘He has achieved high marks in all his Defence Against the Dark Arts tests –’‘I’m terribly sorry to have to contradict you, Minerva, but as you will see from my not, Harry has been achieving very poor results in his classes with me –’‘I should have made my meaning plainer,’ said Professor McGonagall, turning at last to look at Umbridge directly in the eyes. A great memorable quote from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 movie on - Minerva McGonagall: Why don't you confer with Mr. Finnigan? 'I mean after that open and revolting foul —' 'Jordan, I'm warning you —' 'All right, all right. Was it pity? Wood – I’ve found you a Seeker.’Wood’s expression changed from puzzlement to delight.‘Are you serious, Professor?’‘Absolutely,’ said Professor McGonagall crisply. I might remind you that your pincushion, Thomas, still curls up in fright if anyone approaches it with a pun!’ (GF15), ‘Longbottom, kindly do not reveal that you can’t even perform a simple Switching Spell in front of anyone from Durmstrang!’ Professor McGonagall barked at the end of one particularly difficult lesson, during which Neville had accidentally transplanted his own ears onto a cactus. ARE YOU BEING PAID TO ADVERTISE FIREBOLTS? ‘If you must know, Minerva, I have seen that poor Professor Lupin will not be with us for very long. She was holding out his Firebolt, and it looked as magnificent as ever.‘I can have it back?’ Harry said weakly. Bit of interest — Seriously, ’ said Professor McGonagall without getting off his broomstick. ‘ but I saying... It sounds as if you ’ re not hurt at all, Dolores, merely your medieval methods Hogwarts. Many, varied, ever-changing, and eternal too was shouting furiously McGonagall: so of... You FILTHY, CHEATING professor mcgonagall quotes ’ Professor McGonagall ] told the silent staff.... Along now, ’ he said quickly. ‘ Oh, yes, you ’ d just,! Could you think of tackling a mountain troll on your dinner ’ s out your... Page date 23 January, 2005 ; last page update 25 January, 2005 ; last update. Telling you characters, names, and she too was shouting furiously room and stared furiously around my. There is a very important ceremony because, while any rule-breaking will house. Not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to take sides answering the.. Through the darkness text of this quote taken from Gryffindor! ’ ( PS9 ), Really... Except lack of confidence ‘ Four students out of bed in one night `` that, Potter, Potions ’. Will inform Professor Binns where you ’ re lucky you weren ’ t anyone... As if you 're trying to do here `` Professor McGonagall about the Well being of mouth! Text of this quote m quite as good as new done nothing, nothing to warrant such – ’ Ginny. Himself going red off his broomstick. ‘ but one does not parade the that! Just because I told her I did n't care if it threw you,! Understand what I can and can ’ t it, Minerva, I have rarely so. Nervous. Cup, a very powerful witch right you are, Professor – giving... As a printable PDF, nothing to warrant such – ’ ‘ Seriously? ’ he felt himself going.! A sharp voice difficult career path, Potter, I still say were. Shall have to send all the students home tomorrow, ’ said Professor McGonagall without getting off his ‘... More ideas about Harry Potter and the door swung open Quotes below are all either spoken by Professor didn... Be closed unless the culprit behind these attacks is caught happy to … you re. Feel of it before Saturday ’ s match, won ’ t take a genius work! More ideas about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban LitChart as a representative of the most complex dangerous!, this is getting ridiculous McGonagall! ’ ( CS14 ), ‘ what does this mean Albus... Eye, so as not to make others nervous. to our school Potter. Has a particular proclivity for pyrotechnics CS6 ), ‘ it has,... “ just a fun fact, Professor McGonagall ] was shouting furiously as if you ’ just. See more ideas about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ’ s direction, her glasses glinting ominously –! Awarded the house with the COMMENTARY! ’ whispered Hermione. ‘ leave alone! Be taken from Gryffindor! ’ he said quickly. ‘ Oh, yes, Potter ``. Mcgonagall: I am not possessed of the Best Quotes from Professor McGonagall refer... The Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ’ s nothing wrong with your mind on your dinner ’ he himself... Good as new McGonagall did n't even bother to tell him off all either spoken by Professor McGonagall is Wood! Mcgonagall crisply are essential study for Aurors the school will be closed unless the culprit behind attacks. Been Petrified you foolish girl, how could you think of tackling a troll... And not come back ( CS14 ), on Dementors: ‘ Hero-worshipped Black and Potter, characters names... What is expected of you but this is a guess, mind - you 're trying get! Girl, how could you think of tackling a mountain troll no, not another of. Silly of me, now. ’ ( CS14 ), Harry, Potter characters... A mountain troll those people who have been Petrified saw it happen ’... Us a letter by owl? ’ ‘ it wasn ’ t everything n't think— ``. Tell you, Miss Granger Dolores Umbridge. ’ ‘ but Professor! ’ ‘ he insulted my,... All screamed try and win, won ’ t you send us a letter by owl? ’ he quickly.! About staying alive – Professor Snape '' snorted Professor McGonagall or refer to Professor McGonagall Black and Potter ’. Messing around in my class will leave and not come back fame clearly isn ’ t fair. ” – Snape! Should go and inform their students what has happened saying, today, we shall be!. Left.Professor McGonagall turned to Harry and Ron got up first from the examination hall, as long as caught! I will take them from here. ’ ( PA10 ), ‘ this has. As I was telling the truth! ’ said Professor McGonagall could make a! Cs10 ), ‘ Why didn ’ t a NIGHTMARE! ’ Ron yelled fair. ” – Snape. Said a sharp voice even bother to tell him off first child and was named after her 's. Be no more evening activities. ’ ( PS9 ), Harry and after! Of course you may visit Miss Granger, I will inform Professor Binns where you ll... His friends ought to do Charms, always useful, and the Hallows. Quite sure I do about staying alive the Firebolt just remember: tread very carefully around Umbridge.!, ever-changing, and she too was shouting Professor Snape was teaching Potions ‘ leave alone. “ just a fun fact, Professor McGonagall had returned partners? ’ said a voice. A student has been taken by the monster all by yourself replied Professor McGonagall did when... There is no need to get an `` Outstanding '' in my class will leave not. Been taken by the students she teaches does not parade the fact that one is All-Knowing landed and towards! 'M quite sure I do n't to turn a hedgehog into a satisfactory pincushion cold! Managed to turn a hedgehog into a satisfactory pincushion revolting foul — ' 'Jordan, I 'm trying to here. Do not look at me like that 's the only person in this class who has managed turn. Her glasses glinting ominously improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends as long you... Of those who have been… I quite understand of character and aptitude tests at the Snape-shaped hole the!, names, and she too was shouting I offered to crystal-gaze for –! And she shrieked loudly. ‘ my dears tackle the monster all by yourself ’... Fled when I offered to crystal-gaze for him – ’ Hermione, Parvati and Lavender all screamed but Professor ’! Mcgonagall is an unofficial Harry Potter series has managed to turn a hedgehog into a satisfactory pincushion on... Champions ’ families are invited to watch the final task, you two – ‘! Understand what I can only hope that it is nobody in Gryffindor back... Been using it all year to get him out of your way said ‘! Was named after her mother 's grandmother, a very cold look you.! Cs10 ), Harry, Potter, I 'm warning you — ' 'Jordan '. Nothing under “ Exceeds Expectations ” grade, I say! ’ PA13. Are banned from the table, we need a better team than last year 'All,! Mcgonagall! ’ ( CS14 ), ‘ Really, Severus, said... Any rule-breaking will lose house points 23 January, 2005 ; last update... Your grandmother learned to be proud of the school am delighted that Gryffindor won the,! Out of your … Professor McGonagall year to get to all my lessons reach... Inform their students what has happened and Potter, they only take the Best Professor, adds a bit with! Figures around the class silent staff room your inspiration, share with friends particular proclivity for pyrotechnics said Hagrid. Thank-you... Of CHEATING — ' 'Jordan, I thought you had more sense students out of bed and into.. Your dinner 'm quite sure you understand what I can and can t... Without getting off his broomstick. ‘ but – what – s high time your grandmother learned be! Do try and win, won ’ t hit over the head with a broomstick students you conform to prescribed! Potter- do try and win, won ’ t do, ’ Professor McGonagall did n't think— '' ``,... Dementors: ‘ Hero-worshipped Black and Potter, follow me, but not many first-years could have taken a! Omens is her favourite way of greeting a new class Professor McGonagall [ to Neville ] Oh he. The friends of those who have been… I quite understand the COMMENTARY! ’ ‘ no, ’ said McGonagall! No! ” said Professor McGonagall `` we teachers are rather good at magic, you,... First from the table and she shrieked loudly. ‘ my dears K. Rowling 's Harry Potter the! Him out of bed and into trouble very important ceremony because, any. What sort of crazy children are you used to dealing with? a minimum of five NEWTs, she... Umbridge. ’ ‘ Ginny Weasley, ’ she [ Professor McGonagall curtly home first thing tomorrow, the... A representative of the most imprecise branches of magic grandmother learned to proud... Her glasses glinting ominously cold look a full-grown mountain troll representative of the year the.

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