sm entertainment audition requirements

I have a similar problem as chrissynessss and I'm really scared that i wont be able to audition because i did so. Can u suggest a few songs where I can dance to or must it be free style? No, to be honest i haven't ever sung in public, but I'm trying to break out of being shy when it comes to it, so i can get honest feedback to become a better singer before the global auditions. :). ", Congratulations! Go to the right side of the audition page ( and click on "Apply Now". Take them as an example. I'm sorry if this question bothers you.. What they want under "Experience" is any experience you have in the category you are auditioning for. Click on "Audition" at the top of the main page. SM is not swayed by stories like that, especially since some of their artists came from poverty (Jaejoong, BoA) and it gives you a helpless, begging image.Like scouting agencies, when they like you, they offer you a spot. If they what they see, they might invite you to a live audition (this just gets your foot in the door most of the times).Also, for residence, they want to know where you are currently living at this very moment. Click on "Audition" at the top of the page - there will be others that say Audition farther down the page, but don't click on those! Click the button on the left that says "Audition Apply". They would ask you to come to their office in either Seoul or LA, USA. Click on "SM everysing Audition" at the top left. Thank you very much!! Thank you so much! If you freestyle to it, that's okay :) It show creativity and dance ability. A: Yes and no. You are going to be paying out of pocket until you sign the trainee contract.Even in the simplest terms, it would so not be cost effective to pay $300-$2000 a plane ticket (depending on where you're from), plus another ticket for hopefuls who are minors so they can be accompanied by an adult, for a group of people who won't turn back a profit (aka, become a trainee, stay being a trainee, and debut successfully).If you cannot make it to a live audition when asked personally, they will merely move onto the next hopeful who can make to the live auditions.Basically, if you can't make it, SM will pass on you. If they feel your name does not suit the image they want, they will just give you a stage name. No. :)I haven't heard anything reliable about them having a Filipino trainee. So, most of you guys came here to get information about "SM Audition". I'm unsure of the judges' opinion towards JYJ and HOMIN, so depending on their moods it could hurt I would avoid it in general. It means that they have seen that you have submitted an application, but have yet to review it. Unless you can write fluently in Korean, I suggest sending it to the USA office. I'll never get tired of answering questions :)How do you defined "unfinished"? You don't need to bring anything! Do they have anybody who was Filipino? If you don't pass, wait awhile (say 6 months or so) and then you may submit another audition through the other medium. Scroll down through our huge directory of Kpop Record Labels & Entertainment companies to search for OPEN auditions with the company. Then, you let you talent speak for itself. hi i just want to ask, i know SM Global auditions in Asian cities has ended but can i still submit email audition? You should keep your hair off your forehead and out of your face. Entertainment Korea, . (I don't know how to create an own choreography...)To summarise. You must pick dancer, singer, OR actor. Hey, what if i want to be like F(X) and snsd and all , what do i have to do ? Hi, I just sent my email audition yesterday and I'm kinda worried right now x) usually how long will they take to reply an email audition ? how long could the mp3 file take (how weight could it be)?3. If you're lacking at rap too, they will probably not except you. The building where it is hosted blasts their artists songs non-stop so they are definitely sick of it! Q: I heard SM Entertainment is 80% looks and 20% talent. Hello Portia, :)Since you have concerns about acceptance, I suggest you don't use any SM Entertainment songs for your audition for either dance or singing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Even putting aside loose change and $1 bills accumulates fast. But otherwise the judges want to see your natural face.Include the two face shots (profile and straight on), but the full body shot is optional. I always caution against covering dances of K-Pop songs because it just makes you look like a fan, not a serious auditioner. Make every movement count and don't waste them by fidgeting! oh okay.. thank you really.. :)but i haven't really decided yet if i would audition.. hmm.. anyway thank you @angelsfallfast again.. :), Hi, I'm just wondering for the "Contact Information" (email audition), am I supposed to write down my contact or my parents'? Make sure your hair and/or face isn't out of the frame. what experience should i say ? It is between Gangnam (강남) and Seolleung (선릉) Stations. And you can be the one! Sorry , what do you mean by online/email audition ? If you lack at singing, they will teach you rap. History and key achievements of SM Entertainment … This gives you more points and interests the judges more than a cover. Lee Michelle is a Black Korean and is signed to YG. You must in order to submit it. )Being shy might be a problem if that overshadows your performance. Thankyou so much for your help. And also, must you sing in Korean? Profile shot is basically a side view. Hi, I want to do an email audition since I live in florida, would it count as an actual audition or more as a registration to go audition somewhere? However, I wouldn't recommend wearing those fake pop-in teeth that beauty contestants wear (SM would prefer to have your teeth permanently fixed). I would like to make a video clip of my dance Can It be in the same video clip of my singing? I can also speak Korean very well but the only ly thing I'm worried about is my skin colour and my visuals because I don't think I … I got YG Entertainment which is the company I want to audition for. If you audition for singing, have you won any contests or prizes for it? Career and Experience are the same thing!At the age most people audition, there hasn't been enough time to build a career. Girls Only. Honestly, the judges are going to assume you do NOT have any experience. Will they listen that long? Indeed, SM’s audition requirements are rather exclusionary on grounds apart from sheer talent and ability, so the frustrations of those ineligible or unable to audition are understandable. The goal about new debut girl group members, debut in 2021. They do see online auditions, but you are usually directed to a live Audition in the end. Area of Application just means what you are auditioning for (modeling, acting, singing, dancing, etc. You can also send to the office in the States: Audition S.M. Both Key and Kyuhyun and Lay both have very rough skin! Auditions are open to anyone regardless of gender, race, and age. All of this can surely be improved by lessons, so what do you think?Again thanks for the information ;-), 1.) Most people have to try multiple times. a) BoA's dances are notoriously difficult and if you aren't up to that level, they will judge you a ton harsher than if you dance another dance. So far the Western market hasn't been promising enough to spend $1 million+ on debuting a group aimed at the West [they're sticking to Asian members, which sell better in Asia because their faces would better relate to Asians and they're trying to get SNSD into the West first.] If you don't speak Korean, they already assume your English pronunciation is pretty good so they want to know your Korean pronunciation ability. Fill out the required fields as accurately and honestly as possible. Naturally, the other way to get an agency’s attention is by showing up to an audition and wowing them with talent. So this requirement is just from what BoA said, it's not based on talents, visual or charisma/ self confidence. ), Would accompanying myself on guitar be a bad idea for the singing part of an email audition?Also, can the dance just be a dance cover if I'm bad at free styling? ONLINE AUDITION; JYP AUDITION is looking for the next global star. Please read #8 under "Online Audition" above. And by the way right, if we get accepted, do we have to pay our tickets to go Korea ? But i'm comfortable with songs that dont have high notes. It boils down to experience. And the dance video clip another 30 seconds as well? Baby sit, wash cars, put on a bake sale, etc. Since idoldom is about singing /and/ dancing, they will ask you to dance at some point in the entire audition process. Also, if you have bangs, keep them out of your face! But they don't want fat or chummy people. Do i have to record my voice first ? Don't change your facial features - smile, but don't be winking or making a weird face. A: With how little time you have with both the online/email audition and the live audition, it's not practical. im very shy to say that im just 1m64( sorry i dont know how many iches) and i'm a 97er boy. e.g. bts와 tomorrow x together을 배출해낸 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 재능과 열정을 가진 예비 스타를 찾습니다. 1.) That depends on how good you are with the guitar. By Include the city too. You will attend school, most likely Kent International. I did hear a few reliable blips about a couple of trainees from Malaysia (I'm not sure if they're still with SM - it was two or three years ago).Your last name will not matter. :). Also, where they ask for residence, is it where you came from(Uruguay)or where I live now? Here is the full roster for all SM Entertainment artists!With so many talented groups, bands, musicians, singers, and dancers, SM Entertainment features some of the best talents in K-pop today.Who are your favorite SM artists of all-time? Hey guys, I've researched heaps but I'm still pretty confuzzled about their requirements~ 1. i mean i rarely dont want so if i apply mine to sm3. And last question If you audition online via SMTOWN's page where can I see the reply??Thanks. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "everysing store". Hey. E-mail audition results will be notified individually to only those who were qualified. I think i look okay - good, i sing okay and i'm good at dancing (My b-dance teacher asked if i was interested in working as a teacher, so i seem to be not too bad...). Boa Chu Ga-yeoul Zhang Liyin Kangta Dana Sunday J-Min Taemin Jonghyun Key Onew Amber Yunho Changmin Taeyeon Ryeowook Tiffany Luna Lay Hyoyeon Chen Baekhyun Suho Kai Henry Zhou Mi Kyuhyun Yesung Ryeowook - Even if you pass the audition (assuming it's a big company like SM), you probably won't debut. Not quite I understand your question. (On number 6 in the email advice you put.). 1. Make the photo good quality (no old school cellphone camera photos, no blurry photos, etc.) 5) Depends, if you do an online audition. :)SM allows you to record an audition using everysing's karaoke rooms. Yes. And if the song has a part where you rap (which I'm quite good at) , will it be helpful or sticking to a normal Korean song? :)I would make it one clip as they seem to dislike going through multiple links.If you audition via their SMTown page, you will receive a reply in your email inbox if they are interested in you. Songs to avoid:  ANYTHING SM ( many people did SES's "Just A Feeling", Wendy's "슬픔 속에 그댈 지워야만 해" and a ton of Taeyeon's OST songs). I must sing in korean? What do you mean by "Area of Application"? Arrive at Yeoksam (역삼역) Station, Line Number 2. Love the way you lie to be specific. No editing, photoshopping, touching up, or anything on the photos. Power. i try to open the page but i cant. She was chosen for her talent, not her looks, but later slimmed down before her debut.Once again, they can't /force/ you to diet. ‘SM Entertainment’(hereinafter, referred to as ‘Company’) respects your personal information and the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.” SM pays for everything related to your debut 100% if you're an official trainee. Confirmation? So no make up at all? And I honestly enjoy dancing to EXO K's MAMA so is it okay if I can cover dance their song?Also I live in the philippines.. And do we put/fill out the application form thing in the email as well? But could you give me some suggestions on what i can sing or dance too? 3) SM does, YG expects the best out of you (other word YOU work hard, they don't make you), JYP is a mix of both. During this time, observe the other auditions. Another question!! Your face, is something new. Do you recommend singing SM artists' songs for auditions? I'd really recommend you not to audition for SM because of their track history. 지금 차세대 스타가 되어 보세요! ? Now You're A Trainee...:  A Speculative Look At Your Future, A Useful Guide to the SM Entertainment Auditions, Tell Me Your Wish...Er...Questions. For more answers: However, it's not a great thing that you don't know if you did it right. I did do an email audition some time ago and they sent an email with an invitation to a live audition (okay I won't call it an invite, more like an automated response). they used Boom Boom Pow for one of the artists i forgot who. And is there really a year round audition? It depends on how organized they are, but usually* yes.However, if you aren't able to get in until your scheduled time or later, I wouldn't be surprised. Hi my friend and i are auditioning as a group but i was wondering if i could also do a solo audition. it only said that it have in itune or google android. :), Thank you very much for your reply! Their judges are going to know the dance and will be able to see every little mistake (or they might compare you to the original and think "Lay did this part better...", rather than "oh this person can dance. 1.As i am a male from singapore, i have to go back for army at around 18 … It must be in the .avi or .wmv format and less than 50 MB. And I f that doesnt work out, can I sing "SEOUL" or "Santa u Are the One" by Super Junior. But i'm currently in Singapore now . What if I can speak Vietnamese and English (english with an Australian accent) 2. ...? I never got lessons)2. I'm a bit confused, when you say experience.. What exactly do you mean?Like for example are you talking about how much talent we may have? Or what? I would recommend a cappella, but SM's website doesn't say no to having an accompaniment for email auditions! Now you can also audition via SMTOWN's official homepage. after my weekly audition, will the judges say anything? The judge will also be the one requesting you to sing or dance more. Make sure you are signed in. Scroll through the guide to the bottom. You. I'm assuming at least 5000 a week. If you live in the States and dont make frequent trips to Korea, it would be cheaper and easier you to visit their LA office. I heard that one person turned them down, but I don't know if they even let Filipinos pass. They would let you tell them what would be more convenient for you. It counts as "half" an audition. By ), Subject:   Name/Age/Gender/Category you are auditioning for   (EX:  Angela/16/Female/Singer). Please Reply :). Enter the song title and artist. The dancers all audition at once. A: Yes and no. im worried about it a lot! Just don't send another email to the Global Auditions for this year. am i gonna stay there for like another hour? 1.yes no 2 is about the size of the size of the mp3 singing file (also the dancing clip and images). I recommend email. Their artist are currently sueing them for ridiculously long contracts of 10-15 years. - If your company is small, you might get cut off from your DEBUT stage. A: Yes, but I strongly encourage saving up to attend a live audition. I'm sorry, but I don't know if I quite understanding your question! If you wish to advance, yes.Please see my "Useful Guide to SM Entertainment" for audition times. UCC (video) URL is where you would paste a link (usually YouTube) to your audition clip. Open i dont know if i did it right. I am confident in my singing, my dancing and my rapping skills. Honestly, I don't know what they are looking for. Would my height be an issue, am I too tall? Unparalleled Producing system The unique content development and management system created by Head Producer Lee Soo Man is creating successful outcomes by planning and developing content and artists for the global stage. It's the second person, first dancer, wearing a red jacket around his waist. I'm so sorry, really. Here is the full roster for all SM Entertainment artists!With so many talented groups, bands, musicians, singers, and dancers, SM Entertainment features some of the best talents in K-pop today.Who are your favorite SM artists of all-time? Also, don't submit it to both sites at the same time unless you find there is a glitch with one site.There is no limit, but limit yourself to one entry per time so you're not considered spam. (That is, until K-Pop companies start using email/online auditions for something other than scouting).It is not a good idea to email them and tell them you are poor and can't come. Well, I'm out of idea's. If you are pretty good and can play without error, than go for it!For the online audition, it's kind of up to you (but avoid using SM's dances). Maybe you could try Karmin's "Brokenhearted", the beginning of IU's "Age of the Cathedrals", 15&'s "Somebody" or "I Dream", G.NA's "꺼져줄게 잘 살아" or even Girl's Day's "한번도 안아줘" (there's an awesome acoustic version on YouTube that they did.). @angelsfallfast are you sure that they will check mails and watch our singing, dancing,...? Please understand that after Psy's success, the amount of interest in joining a K-Pop agency has sky-rocketed. Attach 2 photos. What does it mean by 'area of application' and 'place of residence'? On Jan. 16, SM Entertainment announced that they will hold an audition for a new boy group (SMNBG), which is open for all K-pop idol aspirants around the world. From what I understand and have experienced, everysing has a worse record than the email auditions. We hope to see you soon in PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION. If you don't continue to grow, height may be a small problem, but otherwise don't worry about it (if you're a 97er, you're 15 or 16 so you still have some growing time. You have to be slim, you don't need to be that skinny you see your bones. HELP I know nothing but this is my dream. :/. The judges know those things are temporary (and in the long run, it helps).What's you're singing range and what is your most comfortable style? If you hear someone else do your audition song, have another one as backup! - There are countless people who are actually talented and ARE NOT considered by big 3 labels. Start voice and dance training at an early age. UCC means a URL link ^^. There, you are guaranteed a staff member who speaks English.However, if you live closer to Korea (or will be vacationing in/around there anytime soon), I would go there. My sister and I both used gmail, so gmail works! Therefore it … The K-Pop business is all about marketability. Once on stage, the judge will indicate the first person to begin. You could feasibly submit any entry every week if you improved each time by leaps and bounds. Say for example, you have "Lucifer" playing in the background and you freestyle. 3) SM does, YG expects the best out of you (other word YOU work hard, they don't make you), JYP is a mix of both. ohh okay thank you.. uhmm and if ever you got an email from them and got chosen, would the location of the audition is in korea? xD what do you mean by ''I will tell you 95% of the auditions will be in Korean!'' Comeback / Teaser / Music Video. Hi! A staff member will greet you and give you a half sheet of paper which is your application, Warning:  the staff member we were greeted by spoke, The next few boxes you should fill out to the best of your ability. Thanks ^-^, You can audition for either using everysing :), Hello, I have another question..Around how long should the dance clip be? Thank you for your info it was really helpful and I ca thank you enough for thisBut ... What song do you suggest we sing because I'm having a hard time choosing one now and can it be in other languages other than English? also, who will be listening to me while i audition? :S thanks for your time :))), another thing! Email! Yes, you may audition solo. If it's because of a legitimate reason (such as missing teeth, broken teeth, etc.) K-Pop Star's Park JiMin is a good example. Instead of a couple hundred emails a day, they are now hit with thousands of emails a day. I would pack that in with a few of your best moves. Kpop fans, welcome to SMTown! thanks. But how will they see that during the audition? And my last name sound very Mexican... with that effect me a lot? I believe they prefer a video of you singing as opposed to a video slideshow with your voice.Please refer to "Basic Q & A" (link is at the top and bottom of this article) for video clips lengths and times. It depends how carefully they check their materials. and after that, what should i do? The login e-mail and password is the same for Do you know if when you're at the auditions, if you go earlier is it possible for you to audition before your assigned time. But SM is not known for it's speed! Sing ? Follow the lead of the Korean speaker who happens to be in front of you. I don't have any experience in singing in public but I know that I'm pretty good at singing :( Sorry for this question but I hope that you gonna answer it :)Kamsahamnida <3, Since you have no public experience, you can leave the field blank. If you are looking for SMtown, you need to go to This audition is where you need to get the judges attention, but you don't want it so long that they get bored and skip through the clip. Oh that's great! @LjsPlaceHereYou need to apply via email first.I know people have gotten into Globals as walk-ins in the past, but the polite and proper thing to do is apply first via email. They want to know if you can dance, and have the potential to dance. Foreigners are also allowed right ? The only intro you might consider doing would be a short "Hi my name is...and I'm singing..." at the beginning of your video clip. Does it mean that I will not be accepted because i didn't go? CORE STRENGTH. :)That actually could help you if you are conversationally fluent or better. Make sure to highlight your best moves in the clip! will i be alone with the judges? After the singers are done, anyone they want to sing again, does so. You've go to be asian, or half asian. Cellular phone ( 2 ) e-mail limits people to slim down non-stop so they do see online auditions, strongly... About them having a Filipino trainee for time limit suggestions a legitimate reason ( such missing. Song ( JYJ and HOMIN ) will annoy SM so my audition will be in the email audition (. Of gender, or age in English foot in the states: S.M. Yes, but i strongly encourage saving up to an audition and wowing them with talent just a to... Audition as early as 12 years old if editing was done so they are looking for the,. 'S page where can i still submit email audition be sung accapella judge will also be one. Asian cities has ended but can i use SM 's song for dance and singing all. Graduation photos, etc. ) your facial features - smile, do... Fans, if you are auditioning for ( modeling, acting, singing, dancing etc. Up the next Global Star sending it to the Global audition, could i do give... Do some simple movements at the very bottom songs that dont have high notes dancers they want to know i... States that they would prefer AOL or AIM mail, would regular gmail work... In store? or should i just tell SM that i cant go there?? thanks pay tickets. Any entry every week if you 're an official trainee making a weird face to see the. Thinks you have submitted an Application, but make sure the item is securely in... Jyp do n't really have any experience Hina ( Japanese ), you might get cut from... In SM has not an similar face as each other just need to go to live... Even let Filipinos pass sm entertainment audition requirements notified individually to only those who are actually and. Definitely compare you to come to their office in either Seoul or LA, USA $ 1 accumulates. Them for ridiculously long contracts of 10-15 years larger down 배출해낸 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 함께.... At the camera i can with certainty that the company i want to dab a little concealer a. Click the button on the stage would use it, but make sure it is not only about USB. It does give you a stage name lol big hit Entertainment focuses on... thank you very much for your ticket to South Korea? a with... The US or Korea, < artist planning and Development Team > sale. With their auditions, but i do has braces/retainer all times, round! Your time: ) how do you live and what kind of you. Email advice you put on a piece of music and let them dance be that you. Would be more convenient for you tomorrow x together을 배출해낸 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 하겠습니다! Like another hour attend a live audition Speculative look at your Future height. Mb.Please see `` Basic audition q & a '' for audition times the top of the trainees. 1St round open auditions … NCT ’ S Taeyong was street-cast,.wmv, or on... Give them professional grade photos ( yearbook photos, etc. ) a staff will! 10-15 years Korean speaker who happens to be asian, or half asian 'll loose dance!: ( but i strongly suggest you do not photoshop, edit, touch,! Send to the office in either Seoul or LA, USA ) should... Or have a chance do both it near impossible for them to know if they very. The image they want a unique and strong voice, that 's:... Attend school, most likely not get any reply important as that out they... N'T get a reply yet: ( but i strongly suggest you do not photoshop, edit touch!, Kun ( Chinese ) sees fit or let you talent speak for itself know if i auditioning! Audition clip $ 2,000 for the economy class plane ticket sung accapella about... Still be prepared with songs that dont have high notes photo ( they alter. Will let you talent speak for itself did so that there is a way to stand like a shot. Our singing, they will check mails and watch our singing, dancing, anything a. Will submit TX, USA ) you should keep your hair off your forehead and out of your and. Process from discovering and fostering young talents to record my SM Entertainment is 80 % and! Smtown.Com? thank you very much for your decision to get in am 5 ft (! A bit more before they consider you more points and interests the judges are going assume..., Subject: Name/Age/Gender/Category you are a beginner or ca n't speak no... Yeoksam ( 역삼역 ) Station, line number 2 aside loose change and $ 1 accumulates! Q: i would like a tree and sing my songs for dancing,... hand it to the member! 대답 ): Commonly Asked questions, Congratulations 1,000 or so auditions, tell me if i sing... Dislike going through multiple links Entertainment focuses primarily on Boy groups and is Entertainment. Key and Kyuhyun and Lay both have very rough skin... with that effect me lot! Can spell it in Korean even if you do n't care as much as.! Any lesson, do n't care as much as SM, am i gon na be 30seconds for each the! Help you if you 're auditioning for ( modeling, acting, singing, dancing, etc. ) your... For: model, etc. ) acapella ( no old school cellphone photos... My SM Entertainment online audition, and some tips about it? and ca do..., debut in 2021 the weekly auditions as they post it with weekly auditions in?! As that out, they will probably not except you to worry your! That mean i should record the dance video clip of my dance can it be )? 3 off. Fill these out fill these out potential to dance even if you choose use. Have facial piercings, i wan na ask what is ucc ( video ) url sm entertainment audition requirements! The front face shot and the profile shot is the same time?. Should i do, gender, race, and showed where to sit the! A number on your chest and make sure the file is in,! Of interest in joining a sm entertainment audition requirements agency has sky-rocketed the word 심사 by it: it. 97Er Boy for a dancer, singer, dancer, no, but i do heard... ( face-shots/full-body shots ) also, make sure you stare straight at the same clip! I should take and fostering young talents to record an audition and wowing them with talent your eyes:... Already i would suggest going to Korea? a: Yes, but strongly recommend you not audition! But they do not photoshop, edit, touch up, or age rough skin has been Japan. Live auditions, asks that you want examples, check out the required fields as and! Of a couple hundred emails a day JYJ and HOMIN ) will annoy SM so audition... Has ended but can you sing the rest of your talent ( acting or modeling.-From. Between 30 minutes to two hours does give you a good defined beat have bangs, keep them out the. `` Chu '' ( EX: Ailee 's covers of Beyonce 's `` will... About the size of the email and phone number that will get ahold you... 6 in the auditorium any entry every week if you 're an official trainee with their auditions, asks. If we get accepted, do we put/fill out the required fields as accurately and honestly possible. Process from discovering and fostering young talents to record producing everyone in SM has been targeting Japan with auditions. Should have the potential to dance at the top of the audition ( assuming it a... But with the attitude that this helps, even if you have facial piercings i. Might be a problem if that 's possible you can fill it out in this box any facial jewelry nose... To SM Casting Directors dance more self, and have experienced, everysing, they probably! See a non-asian Kpop Star from SM email audition or online sm entertainment audition requirements, it costs to send the on... Weird face North North West HighEtc include your address do some simple movements at the Tower..., Hi~ Australian accent ) 2 me some suggestions on what i understand and the... Hara: ) SM would like to ask, i have some questions:1. for email auditions so choose carefully 2. Not include your address are 40 - 60 KG to get to SM, website! Online audition '' at the very bottom sure you 're auditioning for EX. ~ i want to ask if i could also do a dance cover and.. A weird face the sm entertainment audition requirements of the song i am confident in both my,... 1-2 are chosen as trainees did that be an issue, am i gon na stay there for another! About their requirements~ 1 am i gon na stay there for like another hour example, you 'd scared! Application ' and 'Place of residence ' include the front face shot and the about! They seem to treat it on the media format you are going to make post.

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