who would win darth vader or darth revan

Revan eventually regained knowledge of his former self, defeated his old apprentice, and saved the Republic. Even during the fledgling hours of receiving his title, he marched on the Jedi Temple and slaughtered nearly every one of its occupants, including the younglings. Anakin or Darth Vader, however, was the Chosen One by prophetic right and he did bring balance to the Force. S1E1: Darth Vader versus Darth Revan--The Battle of the Butchers My very first versus series I may begin if I get enough positive feedback on this video. Revan was very fast and for sure faster than Vader but I’m sure this one is obvious. Darth Malgus. In Vader's case I think it's less green lantern and more yellow or red. So, without further ado we present: Darth Vader vs. Darth Revan. Aug 9, 2005 #1 The battle of the two greatest Darth… Required fields are marked *. To get to feats though, Revan has access to force lightning beyond what we've seen the emperor use, he could fry Vader's cybernetic body pretty easily and can otherwise match Vader in other force powers. Prime Revan wins by a considerable margin. And As we saw in return of the jedi, vader's armor is susceptible to force lightning, which revan is quite skilled in. Let us know in the comments! He was born under the name Veradun within Imperial space, and raised by his adoptive father. His accolades in his own universe are no slouch either. In the years following the rise of the Empire, Vader hunted down dozens of Jedi who escaped Order 66. Darth Maul. Darth Revan might never be able to surpass Darth Vader's mass appeal and popularity but his rising fanbase and more colorful life still make him an interesting Sith lord and worthy competitor to the established heavyweights of the Star Wars movies. Totally agree. Revan wins by the virtue of having more feats written by more writers. Prime Revan teleported, brought himself back from the dead, threw giant meteors at his opponents, and was capable of defeating the Jedi Grandmaster, the effective Sith Dark Lord, and the Jedi Knight who killed the planet destroying Sith … Very skilled with the lighsaber. Darth Baras. Darth Sidious . Star Wars: Darth Revan vs. Darth Vader, Who is The More Powerful Sith Lord? Both also had intimate connections to the Jedi. Though Darth Revan is known as purely a Star Wars Legends character, it's suggested that he has become officially part of the canon. Big Mouth: What Fans Loved About Season 4 (& 5 Things That Missed The Mark). Revan. Yet another win for Darth Vader is just how popular he was both in his … *note: we’re going to ignore The Old Republic as it contradicts parts of Knights of the Old Republic I and 2. He was born with the force. RELATED: Star Wars: 5 Most Satisfying Character Endings (& The 5 Least). We can’t forget that Vader (after he became Vader) never took a fight he didn’t think he could win. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check out the online debate RESOLVED: In a fight to the death, Darth Vader would defeat Darth Revan Against canon Vader, Revan should easily win. It would be a hard fight, but in the end, I believe, Vader would win. Kallig. Revan was a Sith Lord and the namesake of the Sith Eternal army's 3rd Legion. Darth Revan was first introduced in a Star Wars video game back in 2003. Darth Revan is confirmed to be >>> Darth Traya who can one-shot three Jedi masters on the level of SF Bastila individually who has C-canon accolades comparing her to LEGENDS Obi-Wan Kenobi. Separated by more than 4000 years of history, it’s almost impossible these two would ever meet in personal combat. Still, there can only be one ultimate masked Sith lord, let's see who deserves the title... How powerful Darth Revan is can be a huge subject of debate as George Lucas still seems to be conservative on which version of him to retain in canon and in Legends. He was seen as the Empire’s ultimate weapon of fear until the completion of the Death Star. They are both determined to win (victory by death or incap) but not bloodlusted, and have no combat experience but are physically fit. Who would win~~Darth Vader vs. Darth Revan Darth Vader Votes: 3 9.1% Darth Revan Votes: 26 78.8% They would both blow themselves into oblivian. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. There's no official tally of how many people they've massacred and how it affected their notoriety in the galaxies. Darth Nihlius. During and long after Order 66, Vader fought with Imperial forces to systematically destroy the Jedi Order. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – How Did C-3PO Get That Red Arm? His mask and helmet were also made to resemble a certain WWII fascist group's army helmet. But Revan would eventually win. Malak was trained by Revan, a hero of the galaxy. Apart from lasting several lifetimes which is impressive for a human, Darth Revan was also quite the war hero back in his Jedi days. After deciphering ancient technology Revan discovered a factory called the Star Forge that he used to turn out war machines that assisted his campaigns. Revan does have the legacy of his holocron teaching Darth Bane which contributed to the Rule of Two Sith. Vader only ever uses full frontal, brute force tactics because he is sure of victory. Darth Nihilus, Darth Revan, Darth Bane, Or Yoda. He also possessed a strong sense of charisma that made him a natural leader to his devoted followers. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. And that is a fair fight? Funny Books: Magneto, You Are The Father! He was so powerful the Jedi had to change his life. Darth Revan simply doesn't enjoy this kind of treatment from the general population. 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Katarn (my personal favorite of the 3) beat up a few Dark Jedi in the late 90's and early 2000's. The lightsaber would easily decapitate Hulk. Very sneaky and with do anything to win Revan's mastery of light and dark give him the win. Alas, even in a continuity as vast as Star Wars there are quite a few constraints keeping us from living out our greatest fantasies. [Vision & Scarlet Witch #4]. I half want to say it follows lightsaber colours but that would leave Mace Windu the most compassionate man in the galaxy. Revan/Legends. New Music Monday: Mumford and Sons, Six Feet Under, Best Coast, My Morning Jacket, and More!! Once the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader allied with the Sith Lord Darth Sidious during the rise of his Empire. RELATED: Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 10 Things Everyone Forgets About The Popular TV Show. This is because of his brief eEster egg hidden in Luke's hut in The Last Jedi. After their victory against the Mandalorians, Revan reorganized his forces into a Sith Empire and turned on the Republic. Revan waged war on both the Sith and the Jedi while he was a Sith and assumingly killed countless people. During the Mandalorian invasion of the Galactic Republic, Revan and his apprentice Malak led the Republic’s defenses while the Jedi Order as a whole did not engage the threat. Outside of being a writer for Screen Rant, he also works as a journalist and has risked his life for mere warzone photos. If Vader’s mechanical respiratory system were to be damaged, it would be a major problem for him. His force powers were also unmatched in his prime, being able to use any aspect of the force from lightning to the more standard telekinesis. Darth Bellum. Darth Traya was the master of Revan himself and the other two members of the Triumvirate. Moreover, he managed to defeat those who betrayed him, lost his memories, get re-trained by the Jedi, gets fractured into the light side and dark side version, and destroy himself to become one with the Force is the stuff of, well, legends. The main problem is that most people would compare Revan, who is Legends character (except for planned appearance in TCW), with Canon Vader, but when you compare Legends Vader with Revan, he would win. Who would win? However, Vader was critically wounded in a lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi which forced him to live out the remainder of his life in a cybernetic suit. Which Sith Lord is more powerful? Vader more often than not tends to strike with all his might in an attempt to demoralize and overwhelm his enemy, but Revan’s cold and calculating tactics would use that against him the same way they dismantled the Mandalorian offensive. Whenever he's around, the Dark Side doesn't even need superweapons like the Death Star-- Darth Nihilus basically is the Death Star … I feel like that’s enough to grant him the win. Most people never really got to see Revan digitally in his prime but the comic books and stories involving him did paint him in a more menacing light than Darth Vader. Darth Nihilus will probably be too much for ol' Revan to handle. Revan—renowned as the Revanchist, dreaded as the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Revan, and hailed as the Prodigal Knight—was a human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith across centuries of Old Republic conflicts, including the … The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. “Hulk vs Darth Vader”? Sure Obi Wan had grown old, but Vader still defeated one of the most impressive Jedi officially allied with the order. It was a close match but there can only be one lord of the Sith. Revan is also quicker than Vader, which could also give him an edge. Darth Sion. That's also in addition to a strong Jedi Order and Mandalorians at their prime. Unless Vader was able to get his hands on Darth Revan's Darkstaff, with the ability to conjure Force storms that manipulate time and space, he would be no match for Doom's time-traveling abilities. Originally Answered: Who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Darth Revan (both at the peak of their powers)? This is a lot more relatable and fear-inducing than Revan's edgy and shady hooded masked man attire. Cons. Revan was a Jedi Knight 4000 years before the rise of the Empire. Eventually, Vader would find himself outmaneuvered and on the defensive: something he isn’t used to. Revan can obviously contend and win some battles, but as shown with his fight with Vitiate, he's not a planet-tier combatant. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Facts From The Comics About Darth Vader That Have Become Cannon Even so, going off from the Revan presented to us in developer Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game, Revan is pretty much Darth Vader and Palpatine rolled into one. Votes: 0 0.0% ME!! Suffice to say, not many Sith lords can match him. i mean he can freaking fly with the force, not get controlled by darth vitious’s mind control and kill everything. Darth Malgus was a Human male Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire during the time of the Great Galactic War to the Third Galactic War. He's the complete Sith package. He was also an exceptionally skilled pilot, mechanic, and a competent tactician who often used the full power of the Imperial navy in his swift and devastating campaigns. RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Qui-Gon Jinn. That's because Revan's even Revan's enemies hold him in high regard which is saying something because the most dangerous among them were several Sith lords. (jk) Votes: 4 12.1% Total voters 33; Squishy. They're mostly the fractured remains of a weakened Jedi Order. Darth Vader. Darth Vader takes the trophy home as the top Sith Lord thanks to his symbolic design and bigger impact in pop culture. Darth Vader. Darth Revan. We don't know if he was born with the force. Even though they're thousands of years apart in the Star Wars timeline, they're both powerful Sith lords and share the same defining features. Not many of them seem that threatening, at least compared to Revan's enemies. Even if we assume the time-gap can be bridged, Vader would never underestimate an opponent he knows something about. :) Check out my friend's full videos! Who would win that? In later years battling Morgana Le Fay, Doom didn't even need his platform to time travel. He's Palpatine's prized goat and the most iconic character in the sagas so far which is weird when one considers that he's a villain. Darth Malak. Darth Bandon. Banned. 8/18/2020. Revan would undoubtedly win that fight due to his insane power and we can’t forget Revan was the ruler of the sith twice and discovered the most powerful super weapon that even the Death Star would have trouble beating, considering it was blown up by a small X-Wing. Revan . Legends is kinda silly in that it makes every on screen feat a low showing for the character. He knew he could beat Obi Wan, one of the most legendary Jedi ever, and the duel was a success. Darth Vader gets the edge. Plus Revan has extreme knowledge of the deep space beyond the outer rim. He was also adept at languages and programming. The Jedi erased Revan’s mind and turned him against Malak. Legends Canon; RotJ Vader, Current Revan ... then it only allows previous iterations of Revan, where he can challenge Vader and win some rounds but he can't win for a majority. So, I can't say much about them. POPULARITY: DARTH VADER. He was also a calculating individual, able to draw on both the light and dark sides of the Force without giving in to Jedi or Sith philosophies. Though Revan was skilled in single combat, his defining characteristic was his intellect and tactical ability. Vader was pretty much a household name in the galaxy thanks to his penchant to knock at everyone's door using a lightsaber. Sadly, the only time Revan has appeared in digital form was in video games. Vader nearly made the jedi extinct, but he was more the tool than the architect whereas Revan accidentally inspired the architect. He pretty much became a cyborg shortly after joining the Sith (because of Obi-Wan). It makes Darth Vader's Sith tenure seem monotonous. If he didn’t think he could win, Vader wouldn’t do a brute force attack, and it would become a game of tactics. Besides, for being as powerful as he was, he should have 'seen' Darth Vader about to throw him over the edge in time for him to do something about it. So, in a battle of tactics we’ll give this one to Revan. Vader would cost Revan every ounce of strength, all of the energy of the pure Force at his disposal. Legends iterations, Palpatine solostomps. I like to consider myself a good star wars fan, but honestly have never heard of Revan or Krayt. He was one of the most powerfull darkside people every to exist. Yoda would win because he for one is not driven by anger like Vader is and He's like 800 yrs old man you gotta learn a trick or 20 in that time! RELATED: Every Star Wars Movie Climax, Ranked From Worst To Best. Yet another win for Darth Vader is just how popular he was both in his own universe and the real world. The Easter egg is in the form of a particular red Kyber crystal that belonged to Darth Revan-- not Darth Vader as some have suggested. Vader's darker get-up coupled with his machine voice and labored breathing that everyone can recognize makes him a more fearsome figure. In addition, as we saw in Return of the Jedi Vader’s cybernetics make him highly susceptible to damage from Force lightning, which Revan is quite skilled in. Darth Marr. So, we’d give this arena easily to Vader. Disagree? Meanwhile, he's way too ubiquitous here in the real world. Some notable pariahs and fugitives here and there, his own son and daughter, Obi-Wan, and his own master. He was led away from the order to do what was right, only to fall to the dark side due to the teachings of his master (whether you believe it was control by the Emperor or Revan knowingly falling to the dark to save the galaxy) Sion: Sion, a near ancient sith who drew his strength from his weakness. Pros. Both are strong willed and Vader’s telekinesis isn’t to be underestimated… but in the end the winner is pretty clear to us: Darth Revan. I have heard of Bane, but know very little about that one. Around half of Darth Vader is no longer human after numerous extensive battle scars and injuries. Meanwhile, Vader has appeared in all forms of media imaginable from films, tv shows, comic books, and of course, video games. Lucas Arts said Star Killer could throw Star Destroyers around and beat up both Vader, Palpatine (depending on the ending) Writers made Revan into a demigod. Revan is a tactical genius, but coming from 4,000 years earlier, he has no knowledge of his opponent Vader. Luckily, we’re here to do the next best thing in a new column designed to pit two characters against each other in a match up we’d never see otherwise and determine a winner. If there is one Sith Lord more disturbing than Darth Sidious or more relentless than Darth Revan, then it's Darth Nihilus. Starkiller. He practically ended a longstanding war caused by the Mandalorians. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Edit: all of … Both wear masks and love long flowy black capes. Vader, in his shorter time as a Sith Lord presumably also killed innumerably. Assuming Vader had the full Imperial navy behind him, we still don’t think that would guarantee victory. 1v1 Revan would win because Vader is … Sorry Darth Vader is so weak and horrible i forgot how to spell his name. NEXT: Star Wars: 5 Things You Didn't Know Were Canon (& 5 That Aren't). Revan would undoubtedly win that fight due to his insane power and we can’t forget Revan was the ruler of the sith twice and discovered the most powerful super weapon that even the Death Star would have trouble beating, considering it was blown up by a small X-Wing. Hence, his fighting style with the lightsaber ought to throw off Darth Vader's more conventional approach. Revan, at one point, became the ultimate Sith, the one with the apprentices. Jedi rallied behind Revan in a schism that tore the Order down the middle. Darth Vader comes in the form of toys, cosplayers, and even household materials. He is still half man everyone. RELATED: Star Wars: The Worst Thing About Each Sith Lord. Darth Vader. Darth Revan lived an unnaturally long life which was more or less 400 years. Revan might still win, but to be fair, the article only looks at Vader as a machine. Like his master before him, Darth Sidious was incredibly manipulative and was able to do a good deal of damage from the… Lightsaber duelists/martial artists: Both are very noble duelist and have proficiency if … One of the most powerful female force-users, she was skilled in a variety of devastating abilities such as Force Horror, Speed, Crush, Cloak, Resistance and Lightning. Tulak Hord. Darth Traya. Diablo (High S tier) and Dooku (Low S tier) ... Darth Spectrous. Battle takes place in an abandoned farm. Darth Vader's enemies? Agree? Pros. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Revan used four different lightsabers in his life but most notably a purple one. While Revan seems like a competent pilot, Vader’s greatest skill was is ability to fly and he’s demonstrated that time and time again against overwhelming odds. A dogfight between the two would go a little differently. He devastated Republic forces, but was captured by the Jedi when Malak betrayed him during a battle and fired on his ship. Darth Vader long existed before him in the real world, several decades earlier, and has had several movies already. It would seem that Revan's Force powers were so strong that he can wield two lightsabers proficiently using the Force alone in addition to the one in his arm. Darth Vader may be a powerful Star Wars villain, but Darth Revan gives him a run for his money in raw power alone. However, 300 of this was just imprisonment and Revan didn't leave much of a legacy after he died on the light side of the Force. dont know why everyone thinks he sucks with the force. 7 Especially Cruel: Darth Vader One of the last legendary Sith Lords before they were all but destroyed for good, Darth Vader made an indelible impression on galactic history . Darth Vader is the poster boy of the dark side of the Force in the Star Wars films. Vader has strong strikes thanks to his cybernetics, but his weakened flesh is also a major disadvantage. Well, in a grand military campaign we’d have to give this one to Revan. Since the history of the Sith was kept hidden from the galaxy, only Sith cultists knew the significance of Revan's name.1 Sith trooper legions were numerically identified, yet also named after an ancient Sith Lord. Sid Natividad likes movies so much as to choose the risk of urinary tract infection than miss a few minutes of post-credit Easter eggs, that shows the extent of his dedication. revan can destroy vadar. Darth Bane. Kenshin Kills an Army or Two in the New 5-Minute Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Promo. 7 DARTH VADER: THE CHOSEN ONE Kylo Ren. Moreover, he spawned some additional Skywalkers to continue the Skywalker saga which will surely live longer than Revan thanks to Disney insistence. My totally not controversial take on one of the most infamous Star Wars Fandom debates of all time. Revan. Now, the main event: the lightsaber duel. Darth Mortem. Despite the fact Vader was unable to use Force lightning due to his cybernetics, he was extremely capable at using his telekinetic abilities and a feared lightsaber duelist. He is well-versed in multiple fandoms that gravitate toward the edgy and nihilistic spectrum of the internet culture. When it comes to lightsaber combat, it's also pretty close between the two. Revan artwork by Ltflak and Corbin Hunter. Still, Revan’s tactical prowess turned the Republic’s decimated forces into a military juggernaut that stopped the Mandalorians in a battle that left them battered and broken for thousands of years. Here's another difficult category in measuring the power of the two Sith Lords. Darth Nox. Darth Malgus. There’s no denying we shouldn’t rule out Vader’s brutality in combat as a possible strength… but the lighting is a very big weakness. Without the benefit of time travel, for example, we would never be able to see a fight between two classic Dark Lords of the Sith: Darth Vader and Darth Revan. One does come close, however-- Darth Revan from the Old Republic. Vader's introduction to the dark side, however, was more notorious because it involved killing defenseless children so he wins here... which isn't exactly something to clap about.

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