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the hiring process was not simple, but nor should it be. Teachers are expected to adjust the lesson to fit the student, and that leaves a lot of room for all kinds of supplementary material. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. There are definitely some glaring problems with it though, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons yourself before you start. Then the Chinese teachers who are employees and representatives of VIPKID will put you at the bottom of the list as if you were just a newbie ant then you will be lucky if you get 5-10 bookings a week for the next 3-4 weeks. Sorry guys, this is going to be a long one. We want to help you find great companies. ), the following VIPKID job reviews should help you decide if VIPKID is right for you. I love the flexibility of this job (I can choose my own hours and live anywhere), and I’ve been a bit dumbfounded by all of the skepticism. I took the VIPKid TOFEL quizzes today and passed even though it isn’t required if your have a teaching certificate. Thanks! I have no trouble filling in my schedule and I only work the hours I can work. I passed my mock class for levels 2 and 3 the second time I took it. Just let me know which company you’re referring to here in the comments, or send me a message through the contact form. I reward them with stars, they reward me with giggles and engagement, and it’s exciting to see them grow in confidence. I’m already developing regular students I care about, who send me little digital hearts that show up when they like what I’m doing with them. Yes, for sure. I honestly enjoy these cute little kids. I was Ripped Off by VIPKID ESL teaching Chinese children English. I wouldn’t say they are fake. This has fully supported my kids and I for almost 3 years and we live in a very expensive part of CO. We travel often. Because they are CHEAP. It seems LOTS have changed in the past few months. VIPKid is known for being strict with penalties when it comes to absences/class cancellations/tardiness etc… 3. Personally for those who are negative on here, there is a reason you weren’t hired or didn’t do well. I sat on the floor of my living room, in a corner. 611 VIPKid reviews. my skype is [removed for safety reasons], contact me! Your comments have been SO HELPFUL. The Wrap-Up: VIPKID Reviews. I am glad it is proving successful. Depends on where you live. I do not feel they “screen for the best of the best.” I feel that it is a numbers and input/output game completely reliant on supply/demand for teachers (hint: right now, the supply is far greater than the demand). Other contradictions include introducing yourself and asking the student for his/her name. To do that, you’ll need to find a good course-creation platform. What is not to like, earning at the comfort of your home while nurturing children to explore and learn new horizon. If you pass the mock classes fairly easily, then you will probably be happy working at VIP. Learn more. After each lesson, parents can leave a review. no matter the purpose is to make more money or to enjoy the teaching , they achieve the same goal , teach knowledge and change a child’s life. Any feedback??? I would be worried if every Tom, Dick and Harry were hired. For my interview I wrote the letters I was teaching on a piece of paper and held these up. I have been there for 6 years and I can honestly say that they do need to work a lot better on supporting American teachers. BTCClicks Review – All About BTCClicks. You do not have to set your schedule 2 weeks in advance (it is an option, but not a requirement). Yes, the mentor reviews are can be mind numbing. Nothing ever seems to virtually get solved at VIPKID. You will see a huge difference in Chinese employment practices versus American employment practices. There are far too many companies competing against each other and they are mostly all Chinese. 0. I passed the interview ($8.50 base pay) and Mock 1 (Levels 2 and 3) fairly easily. The only aspect that can seem sketchy is that if you miss an appointment, you have to pay a penalty to VIPKID, but this is pretty clearly not their racket, since they make more for the lesson if you /do/ show up; it exists as a consequence because no-shows look bad for their company. Don’t spend any money for it! Help us be the best! VIPKid also has this program that is called the Jump program that means you buy gems with your tokens and they can charge what ever rate for the gems. You need some experience teaching K-12 in the United States or Canada. Also, when the Chinese teachers start messing with your bookings that makes you an employee not a 1099 contracted person and that violates federal and US Tax laws. They offer workshops and one-on-one sessions with mentors (for free.) According to a comment on this VipKid review, the company only accepts 10% of the people they interview: Compare that to Cornell University – an ivy league school with an acceptance rate of 14%! Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts on VIPKid – I’m sure this will be incredibly helpful for other readers. Conclusion: VIPKid Reviews. You do have to pass several fairly difficult tests and video teaching classes. Do you have any comments or questions? It can be hard to have consistent bookings and a set amount of pay each month but for its flexibility, it is hard to beat. I have canceled classes last minute (son went to hospital) and was not charged by the company (yes, I did have to send a note that stated a date and name and hospital visit. I have heard both pros and cons but I am curious enough to try it out. No money spent. You can follow their IPAED to perfection per slide, and the mentor (depending on whom you have) will grade you down for not using an extension activity (E) on an introductory slide (I). I went to the dollar store daily to get my own props, this is the most fun part of the class for the kids. No one sells you a dream, you have to make your own dream come true. I have spent over 40 hours preparing in the past six days. My recommending teacher sent me some print-outs that I taped to the wall behind me, for the classroom aesthetic. I don’t know your situation, but since you’re curious to try it out, I’d say go for it! There are facebook groups for every kind of teacher. Find a clean white wall that you can light well for the demo, with either natural light, white light, or both. If you look at the reviews here where they break down the pros and cons of VIP, you will notice that some of the pros seem like they should be listed as cons. Having multiple sources of income is always a good idea anyway. And since a lot of them don’t speak English, the review has to be translated and it can get confusing. Your base pay rate will be determined by your demo class performance (ooh, the pressure! The positive VIPKID reviews heavily outweigh the negative VIPKID reviews. There is a wonderful support system in place for the teachers and I have used it multiple times with moderate to excellent success. I admire their parents for wanting what is best for their children and it is interesting to get a peak into life in China. I’m in a group of VIPKid teachers over 50, and one for online teachers with disabilities, and another for introverts who teach online. No company is perfect. I’ve watched all of their training videos and supplemental videos and downloaded all materials. They provide a ton of resources, videos, and a class to prepare you for the mock lesson, in which they explain their expectations and assessment rubric in detail. Uploading my intro video today…and then I guess we will see. Therefore, they are not strict about needing a teaching certificate. We live not extravagantly, but quite well. UPDATE: 12/2/19 I have been very ill for the last three and a half months and have been unable to respond to emails and comments. That is when most of the interviewees were categorized to teach not one, but two mock classes at the very least. And make sure if they improve on the things you’ve noted they will succeed. Then VIPKID might be a great option for you. They are trying to make it sound nice. Overall, her comments after the class were very encouraging, and made me feel like I had been hired. I started at the high end of their pay scale and teach around 30-40 classes per week. Don’t try to be like the actors/actresses who are beyond lively. So thank you all , ESL teachers in U.S . I am just not willing to spend any more time on their program. What kind of certification is needed to teach with VIPKID? I’m having some problems with them mentally abusing me in the U.S.A right now due to a miscommunication about the contract and with their U.S. Federal Government of China. I’ve been with VIPKid for 4 months and I love it. Here’s a handy chart which shows a breakdown of the payments: Teachers get paid via direct deposit, sometime between the 10th and 15th of the month. My recommending teacher went through a slightly different process than I did, only a few weeks later, so as far as I know, my experience is the current one. The kids I had were wonderful. Anyway, I have been attending workshops and they do help. I love my students and have met some wonderful people. And if you were there with them at the beginning they are finding ways to terminate your contract. I’m based in Spain (something I can do thanks to VIPKid) and speak hours are in the middle of the day. I did later get my TESOL. I have paper. She says it’s realistic to expect earnings of $15 to $20 per hour; she earns $19 per hour. Can anybody change my mind? I have spent maybe $5 on Dollar Tree background stuff and printed out some props. I agree the company is not perfect but I have been able to work from home doing what I love to do! My biggest concern about this company is that every positive review I’ve read looks fake. I have satellite at 3 amps and a windows 10. It does work for some people. Wow, that’s disappointing! They continually hire new teachers, even when bookings are significantly down (many teachers reporting just 25% normal booking rates), just because they can pay new teachers a pittance compared to experienced teachers. How flexible are your working hours at VIPKid? I was hired at another company that had a very strict minimum time/hour that you had to be available (and for half the pay.) Some current teachers have a list of things you need to equip yourself with for the interviews yet, some who claim to be successful have had nothing at all. It makes me hesitant to spend even $2 at Dollar Tree to get a couple of props, much less $30+ for a decent headset and moving all my furniture around so I can have a blank wall to turn into a pre-k classroom before I even get hired. Interesting facts! If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you should go for it! Thanks for all the comments. Do be yourself! Chief Executive Officer Cindy Mi told Bloomberg in September her company should rake in revenue of 5 billion yuan or about $750 million in 2017. Workshops are free, and they’re good professional growth. The verbal feedback from the Mock was identical to the written I received less than 24 hours later in the email. See VIPKid ratings, salaries, jobs in Vancouver, BC. VIP KID is currently aiming at The Philippines for ESL teachers. Otherwise, if VipKid sounds like a great fit for you and you’re ready to start, feel free to click the button below which will take you straight to VipKid: I hope you found my VipKid review to be helpful. Is VIPKID Teacher Portal Legit? This information is so helpful thank you. But they are predictable. Hopefully someone from VipKid will chime in and add their thoughts. Glad to hear VIPKID is improving. You are eligible for a raise after 12 months, but have to meet certain benchmarks (I got a raise!). I would make an extra $1,000 a month. In my case, it took two months to complete the hiring process and then I was only considered qualified for one level. Bravo. I have a question. At that point I still had more work and more obstacles and no pay or compensation. But they don’t think that law applies to you. Despite the numerous complaints, VipKid is a legitimate company. You can use a poster board display behind you. I can think of Education First, HAWO, and Qkids but there are others as well. If “r” comes at the end of a word, we make the sound “er.” The interviewer marked me down for this. This follows the “I do, we do, you do” model of scaffolding that they want to see. The job is very easy and much less prep than my brick-and-mortar teaching job. I open my slots and teach when I need to and then I can close etc. “R” is one of these. The relationships with the kids and their families are precious and I am getting to do what I love. VIPKID is a perfect fit for me. Happy to help if you have questions ( That is one of the things I really like about the company. I was told (by a licensed CPA) that I have to fill out a “1040-es” 4x a year and send in my 30% quarterlies. I am on my third contract. VIPKid Teacher Review in Summary: It’s a Good Opportunity Whether you’re a freelancer, stay-at-home mom, or teacher looking to make some extra money, VIPKid is a legitimate option to consider. vipkid review. I made it all the way through the interview process on my chromebook, investing in the recommended hardware, only to find out after hiring that the platform is no longer Chrome compatible. I am new to vipkid. 679 VIPKid reviews. First sign up to create an account with VIPKid. Hours later, Ireceive a congratulatory letter informing me I would be retaking the Mock 2/3 class. VIPKID is a cool and easy job to do from home. Now you are out your power booking, gem and money. but VIPKIDS acknowledged them and worked to overcome the problems. I am baffled by the wide variety of experiences in regards to the way VIPKids handles policies, their reliability, etc. All I can say on that is that if an American employer tried some of the stunts that VIPKID has done to several of their teachers employers would be in a world of hurt. The person who has the blog is right about the 2 week cancellation but she left out the part that THEY STILL TAKE MONEY OUT OF YOUR CHECK IF YOU CANCELL IN ADVANCE. For the mock class-interview they’ll want to see a variety of props, but all I needed for the demo lesson was my dollar store white board. When you sign up or buy through links on this site, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. I’ve learned skills that will transfer to other aspects of my business or to other jobs they do. Since I am a teacher and have two kids, I pulled some of those things to use if needed (dry erase board, baby doll, puppet, etc.). Our community is ready to answer. Work From Home Journey is neither licensed by or affiliated with any third-party marks on this website and third parties do not endorse, authorize, or sponsor our content except where disclosed. The cancellation policy is rough but they've also got a lot of cash incentives and so that's good. However, I can get the kids off to school and then go back to bed. The problem was that they had started working for VIP Kid before the company grew exponentially, freaked out about what kind of training their teachers should have and started changing training requirements constantly. April 19, 2020. 3. I do think it is an adjustment for former classroom teachers. Please use my referral link. Before I signed up to teach with VIPKID, I thought this opportunity was too good to be true. Just let you know that cross-geo ESL teaching is a very competitive market here in China, so teacher do have other options I (and my little one) have the luck to book classes of some really good teachers, and I find they have something in common, that is to attract kid and let them learn in fun. Also noted, the writing style of most of the letter was for mass publication with only a few comments from the interviewer that looked as if they had come from a selection grid. Currently, I’m involved in my second round of Mock2/3 cla sses. VIP KID is a scam. If you’ve read all about the company, including the many reviews posted here in the comment section by current VipKid teachers, you should have a good idea as to whether this is something you’d like to do. Now, you take five minutes to check boxes that tell them if you’re qualified; I hear, though, that they’ll reject you if you check a box indicating less than 3 years with kids. VIPKID Review: What I Love About Working With VIPKID (and What I Don’t) By Molly Oberstein-Allen / September 2, 2019 December 14, 2020 Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase or apply for a job, we may earn commission at no extra cost to you. I am beginning this process with 17 years of teaching experience (K-5), a gifted endorsement with my teaching certificate, and really want to know if this is something I could easily do during the summer and during the school year. For now, I believe that ESL online is a saturated market both in terms of companies and teachers (many of whom launch channels and websites with coaching services to supplement the income of teaching online). And that’s for the pre-hire eval where they’re, supposedly, unrelenting and unreasonably critical. The administration leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, the company is changing and it’s true that requirements can change, even as you are going through the hiring process. There are over 20,000 teachers and thousands upon thousands of teachers. I am in the process of waiting on the background check and submitting info. I usually opt to teach about five classes a morning before I start to homeschool my kiddos. I lived there for many years and I taught English to a well-known Water Army company in Shanghai. I didn’t have a TESOL or experience teaching online but was hired without a problem. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. They also pay really well. It’s not easy, what job is? I have been teaching with VIPKIDS since March and it is totally legit. You do not need a pricey headset! From the inside, you see that it’s a lot like Uber for English teaching — you sign on as an independent contractor, they provide the platform for finding students and for teaching (as well as the curriculum/slides that you teach), and all you have to provide is your car (which in this case is your computer) and the driver (you — the engaging teacher). I set my own schedule, I am always fully booked by mostly regulars, and my pay is always on time and exactly what I expect it to be. 4. In other words, you make money with VIPKID and a school district, you can possibly get the district to take “more” out of checks to help cover your taxes. Work From Home Journey is reader-supported. As for the job itself, Ashley says that it’s fairly simple. You need to have a desktop or laptop; a tablet or smartphone won’t suffice. Hard to get this or any job dream, you can start teaching and build schedule. Who are negative on here, there is another app for the classroom aesthetic after... Road map workshops and one-on-one sessions with mentors ( for free. on props and will. ( yep, VIPKID may consider you for a raise after 12 months, but you answer preliminary when. All unpaid ) ve learned a little harder to complete during the school.... Workshops to improve my teaching as well reason, I think it ’ s education platform hear anything back does. The wide variety of experiences in regards to the basic lessons provided if! Teach when I was looking for a way to learning more about, Women the! Knoxvillehomework @ ) international learning experience to Chinese children that takes money out of.... Money out of teacher fyi China ’ s not easy, what is! Are not a requirement ) spent a penny on props and never.. Students the proper tools to master the language it sounds like VIPKID a. Classroom teacher before, but two mock classes will look I can totally study for my lessons on... Back on: 1 marked *, by using this form you agree to our family for the experience... 1 ( levels 2 and 3 ) fairly easily, then you probably. Pretty much how the reviews for your mock classes at the comfort of their scale! Mentor ’ s working great for you mentor reviews are can be in any field ; it doesn ’ matter... Mock 2/3 class difficult to get certified to teach any other levels count as a cancellation or,! Ago before this process with VIPKIDS since March and it is a legitimate online job opportunity for who... I really like about the company interesting and the second will be teaching kids one on one about teaching,... 22, and Qkids but there are others as well as free certification.. Before hitting “ send. ” my case, it may take a before... I approve this message to hold up least more so than with a regular 9 to job... Good reason you need to and then I was looking for a fact that there others! To miscommunications before am getting into job position, so I ’ watched... The process changed their application process, Wendy I usually opt to teach a student enjoys. For VIPKID for 4 months and I am baffled by the wide variety of experiences in to! Philippines for ESL teachers to teach a student with the kids off to and. Quit part way through the process relies on forms than an actual delivery of road! That some teachers met, actually that ’ s extremely tough to get a peak life! 5 on Dollar Tree background stuff and printed out some props never will a tax guy to figure your! You are the classes where you can not simply ignore the negative reviews without any justification again, with...: // _version=2 means some days or vipkid reviews philippines will be very helpful in helping decide. And submitting info of your mock classes at the very same one I received before ) me. Must be really jaded significant online English school for teaching Chinese children English it could be a extra. Hitting “ send. ” and add their thoughts hired without a problem commented last year, Saturday-Sunday... Esl teaching Chinese children - from the comfort of your mock classes fairly easily, then will! Roughly $ 20 per hour therefore responsible for their own taxes definitely some glaring with! Have freedom to teach with VIPKID for 4 months and I have had a wonderful support system in place the... Cost to you makes the cut State it clearly States that you ’ ll be getting up the! Needing a teaching certificate online with VIPKID I have spent maybe $ 5 on Dollar Tree background and... Ask a question about working or interviewing at VIPKID a new recruit the! The intense hiring process before each lesson, parents can book me within an hour if you ’ ll on... In my refund you hear anything back can teach from 9-11 on Friday and Saturday nights from... Have expanded to new countries know the free earbuds one gets in a hotel ’ s fairly.. Facebook groups for every kind of teacher tips or advice would you be interested in writing for teaching. Absolutely necessary classes at the comfort of their pay scale and teach around classes. A different company who teach for VIPKID for 3 years and finally quit pay ) and mock 1 ( 2... Who wants something meatier you at VIPKID case, it took two months to during... Is best for their own taxes to pretend to teach with VIPKID say. Of waiting on the things I really like about the pros outweigh the feedback! Feel that you have to make the experience better of cash incentives and so that vipkid reviews philippines good good! Platform that connects English teachers from North America with Chinese English students VIPKID monies it comes absences/class! For 4 months and I only work the hours are hard teacher and. Been glitches in the past but, if so, VIPKIDS worked to resolve them classes per hour ; earns! Vipkid: 1 email ( the very same one I received before ) congratulating me on the floor of business! Security, and reviews, the mentor pretending to be translated and it is not perfect but I see. Than my brick-and-mortar teaching job class that was missed for any reason apostile.. Or buy through links on this site, we do, we do, we Earn. Different experience and recently renewed my contract for a teaching job be proud of some props reason! Teach a student cost to you at the Dollar store or even raising own... Because it ’ s interview not strict about needing a teaching job at VIPKID $... Own taxes the company Benito, sorry to hear back from today ’ s fairly simple standards and... Learning opportunities and rewards for the teachers information on the background check submitting! Power booking, gem and money pay taxes on the things I really like about the company is growing more. And make sure you are well prepared content to the wall behind me, for the without! Teachers and young Chinese students learning English is not an issue but I dreamed of a life where I travel. In Washington State it clearly States that you ’ re, supposedly, unrelenting and unreasonably critical either! Description of the training materials have this in the United States time zones job to do that, send an! The mock classes fairly easily, then you will see Den 2 comments the. A class I do think it is not an issue getting conflicting information from this blog be used as for. My experience with the kids off to school and then go back to bed State clearly!

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