colwyn bay fishing reports

we each had a doggy on maki strip nothing on lug. Report:fished 2 hours before and 3 after. then two pollock around the 5lb mark as soon as i was about to pack away a 8lb bull huss tugs the line i was reeling it in for 6 minutes! 3 doggies in half un hour! Report:Fished 2 up 2 down. Report:got here 2 hours before high(2pm) after not a single bite at mostyn n cudnt fail 11 whiting all decent size(all put back) and 1 other which a think was a small ling(eel like fish) which some1 later told me is rare round here very windy n got soaked 2 the bone from the waves crashing in but another good day here. but its been dead since conger kez caught a half pound mac on lug squid tipper at night we were made up as we were running out ov bait went from there after nothing last Friday to holy head break water see that forum for info. Anyway we have three tackle shops, Beachcaster, Barmouth Angling Centre (Church Street, 01341 280480) and now Viking tight lines, Report:Me and little Bro intended to fish Llandudno - but big match on so went to Colwyn bay - up at the Rhos end. no wind whatsoever, it was like an august evening, needless to say the fishing was hard, no bites at all in the first 2 hours, then half an hour after the turn a clonking bite on the mackeral bait which took me so much by surprise...i missed it. Report:Went colwyn bay 2 weeks ago TERRIBLE waves going over me head the fishing lasted an hour and a half in which there was nothing to show except a cold i was stood shivering in a bus shelter for most of it now c wat fairziff was talking about, Report:Forgot t mention in last report went fishing there a week befre that CRACKING day 3 plaice for me and my m8 and a nice cod for a lad who we were teaching Forecasts are available worldwide. Hooks were stripped of bait with 5-10 mins of casting (pesky Crabs) Not a touch all afternoon/evening on 2 rods. it was a brilliant night, and i will definitly be back! glad he did not blank as his first trip. Had good fresh bait and was expecting a decent night. I was well pleased because I was only really seeing if I could remember how to cast! JULY. There were about 20 rods out but it looked everyone was the same, just Rockling... Report:tried the high tide again same results as the other 4 times we fished crap crap an crap small whiting about the size of your hand why is it fishin so crap not had a doggy from the coast here for months think its time to put the rods on ebay and stick to the fresh water............. Report:we fished 2 hours before and 3 hours after it was very rough windy and cold we didn,t even have a knock waste of time there were others there when we turned up who also never caught they said they had 45 whiting the previous night i think he had been on the jamacan woodbines if you know what i mean anyway we will try again in two weeks as the mrs thinks im just off to the pub ha ha tight lines all. Report:fish the archeslast night got about 20 odd whiting all 10/12 inches. Something bigger next time? last hour upto high went dead just a couple of rattles,no takers. The only blot on the landscape was when I went for an hour at the opposite end of the prom ( for those who know the area, down by the arches). Remember that to practice any activity at sea like diving, windsurfing and fishing from a boat or underwater fishing should always be consulted with the official tide tables of the port of Colwyn Bay. Two rods each with a three hook scratching rig and I still blanked and everyone who I asked blanked also. Report:Loads off small whitening .. lost count at at 15 2 hook clipped down on size 1 hooks!! fished 1up 2 down blanked. Report: Fished the pier from about 2hrs before high water to 1 hour after. well happy so thats two to the misses none to me nice one ! very poor it will be a while before we go again the tide was 32.8 little waves .to hardly movement. Not a bite.Lug were coming out as pristeen as they went in. Address Last sold Price Occupier info; 1, Gwynant, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, LL29 9NJ: 30 Jul 2007 I hope some may find it useful. To catch whiting needed to tip lug with mackeral and fish VERY short snoods on booms anything else just resulted in a frantic bite but no fish. All of us plauged with tiny whiting and nothing but crabs. Plenty of other anglers, didn't see any fish caught either. Plently of whiting bites, some within seconds of the bait touching the bottom! With a mile of prom to chose from, they pick me to tangle with (good pun !! Report:Fished victoria pier for the first time today, very disapointing almost nothing being caught couple of lads after the mack managed to catch a couple. TonyC, Report:Decided with 2 others to give the old colwyn end of the bay a go. Mackrel wasn't doing us much good. Whether you tackle a lake, reservoir or head to the coast, North Wales has a plethora of exciting fishing destinations, all set in stunning scenery. Forecast This forecast is based on the GFS model. Whiting taking chunks of sandeel early on but as the water depth increased lug and mackerel took over as the fishes favourite. It was pretty slow going, but it's better to catch small fish than none! Learnt a few tips too.Nice one lads looking forward to the next trip. Telephone 01690 760248. Like last week, fishing seems to be slowing down a lot now, we’ve still been hearing reports about the odd cod and ray here and there, along with of course plenty of dogfish, pouting, whiting and boot straps (small conger eel). Report:Went out around 4.30 this morning from the bay around a mile or so, fish from the start, mackerel was the target fish but ended up with seven different species, mackerel, herring, gurnard, whiting, dab, sand ell, and the weaver fish, kept a dozen mackerel and the herring, a lovely day with flat calm seas. Occasional one stripped by crabs. Lots of good knocks. Report:I have found that fishing this venue from late November produces better sized Whiting and the odd bonus Codling.A cople of baby squid on a 2/0 or 3/0 double pennel rig has worked well for me.Alternatively Mackeral and Lug have done well with the whiting and Dabs close in fishing the bottom end of the promenade or the top end (opposite the pub) for a better chance of the Codling. 4 doggies and 4 whiting. I'll give it a miss until late September now. - until tonight. I had no knocks at all in 3 hours (2 up + 1 down). United Kingdom / Wales / North Wales / Conwy Add a Fishing Report. 2 pin whitein & one about a 3/4 lb. went down to 1's on two hook flappper to connect with shedsful of pin whiting. Report:second trip in two week on a good tide and the same outcome load of sh*t* why is the fishing around this coast so bad . so i did one in case people thought the bells were me with a noddy bell on my rod ;-]. tite lines.... Report:Planned on fishing the pier at Llandudno but the gates were locked!! … Very mild,steady breeze which dropped off completely for a while then some heavy showers later on. will defo try it again though. Report:A bonnie enough nights fishing on the prom between rhos an the bay fished 2 up 2 down a cold night with very slight easterly breeze caught a dozen whiting with 3 good yins out of that to take hame for the frying pan for tnights dinner braw. Report:Fished old colwyn two hours to high, lots of people catching lots of mackerel, nice sunny day best Mackie fishing from the beach for a long time, tight lines everyone. Roll on next year ....!? Report:fished 2 hours up 1down very quiet 1 tiny very tiny whiting for hotshot al 1 dogfish for me, Report:will got 6 pin whiting and a dogfish i caught 6 whiting all just after high tide..... will 1 moon 0. im on the north shore 2moz so fingers crossed it fishes better than the bay. bait came back striped to the hook lost one small one just as i got it to the prom wall Gutted !! He died of a heart attack on … 01:00 lobbed in, baited two hooks, top 1 with lug/mac, bottom with sandeel/mac. 12.3M views. 5 15 Wednesday 27 6 0 Thursday 28 6.30 7 0 J. L. PARRY-EVANS. I saw no one else catch either. Webcams You can view all wind and weather webcams nearby Colwyn Bay on the above map. Warning .. anglers on the prom!". No mackerel about. I was only casting around 30 yards but even then at times I was past the fish. - maybe.... Report:me and hotshot al fished 2hours up 1down must of had at least 20 whiting which were keepers we only kept 6 for a mate 2good dabs and only one dog and plenty of small whiting a good night, Report:a busy night was had by me and hotshot al whiting from first to last cast 2hours up 1 down 10 to a dozen keepers between us with 20 or more returned and a dozen or so dogs good night. Upload your best active weather photos and videos or watch them in our new searchable gallery. we are trying liverpool hopefully on boxing day and hope we will have a better days fishing. Between us we caught about 15 Whiting (6 over 10 inches), 4 codling (3 over 10 inches), a dab about 8 inches and 2 five-bearded rockling. Lots of rods out, but only pin whiting caught! so anyone thinking of trying the arches at colwyn bay, DONT BOTHER..... Report:fished along the prom not far off arches.7 of us set up and cast out waiting for the was impossible as the waves and weed made bite detection hard to spot.we fished for 3 hrs and packed up drenched and freezing.spoke to a couple of lads and they said it is fishing very poor! Got 1 codling about 25cm (threw back) and Nadz caught a 2.5 foot plank of wood. Off to Caim/Penmon 8th July for the day, already Excited I will have a big day catching. 2hrs up 2hrs down, not a bite. good fun on a light rod single hook. Report:Fished the pier from low to high water and a few hours after, nothing caught, no bites probably due to the seal hanging round. Report:fished 2hrs up 2 high 1 hr down me and tim had a good night tim had 20 whiting 1 good dog i got a crab lol same bait same spot diffrent hooks tim was on size 4 i was on size 2/0 makes the diffrence now i know . Report:fished colwyn bay on the 21/4/06 got nothing untill high water friend of mine caught a little shanny then about half an hour later i caught a nice plaice not sure what weight it was. might try there next week when the tide is higher hope for a bass...tight lines peeps : ). Told that nets were being set down by the headland - there were buoys in the water - but no way of telling whether they were pots. The son of a Methodist minister and academic, he grew up in Pentir, Gwynedd, and was educated at Rydal school, Colwyn Bay. result: very little. Rhos was shirt-off weather and most welcome. fished low/ to high keen eh. . Talking to Ray at the tackle shop on the pier it seemed everybody else was struggling too. Residents and Property Prices Browse residents of LL29. Report:fished the arches great night 6 pin whiting,2 pin codling,12 doggies and a 8 pound bull huss. 1 55 Friday 22 2 15 Saturday 23. Big warning we picked up fresh lug from rhos point shop my friend nipped his cig before going into the shop on leaving he was approached by a council warden to fine him �75.00 yes �75.00 pounds for littering he had videoed him from his GREEN PEUGOT parked near bye so be aware Thinking of giving up on the prom for a few months. High tide was to be at 11-15 pm, we started fishing at approx 8-45 pm. Report:Well was with my hubby for the fist time it was great . Report:fished the bay last night with bodie&doyle (big kev & sven)met up at the arches at 22.45 as planned.I was then told only noddies fish down here so we moved.First stop was the rave capitol of colwyn. Report:Went back for another bash tonight and turned out to be a good one. Report:Fished down by the Arches for a few hours, 2 hrs up, 1hr down. ... Llandudno Road, Colwyn Bay, Clwyd, LL28 4EX: 12 Apr 2016 £72,000 ... Menai Angling - Fishing and Angling Equipment. I commenced 2hrs before high and only lasted 1hr. I chucked big chunks of the stuff out in desperation and after an hour had to pack up threw exhaustion. 3 hook flapers and size 1 hook worked well and caught the fish. 1 up 1 down. A few of the other people about all stated that they had the same luck as us, plenty of small stuff. Report:Fished Colwyn Bay prom 1 hr before to 2 hrs after high. Bite detection almost impossible. ==> was the slowest ive seen the bay fish, didnt get a knock until the tide ebbed, then had 9 whiting, 7 of which were keepers, i lost a good size dogfish right at the ledge too. Report:bad night at otterspool on fri /night so on sat went to colwyn bay not a sniff or bite tryed everything of my 30 years of fishing not a bite last night so add to eat the bait very windy never mind always nexted weekend hay, gizmo. set me gear up then the fun started. Report:went to old colwyn prom near the arches the water had been going out for about half an hour so i had about an hour left caught 11 whiting all about 3/4 pound and a few dab's about 1 pound had a good time Finished for half hour with feathers, still nothing. Report:Fished the prom near the arches this morning after going to Ray's sale at the pier and baggin a new boat rod for a tenner. Report:Fished from the car, it was throwing it down, at the far end of the road. set 3 rods up with whole squid stuffed with maky{thinking big bass or nothing},casting out at various distances , straight into the dogfish, had 9 over 3 hours, all around the 3lb mark,enjoyed myself. Report:For the second weekend running the Cayley prom was my choice for a few hours fishing. At this moment the current water temperature in Colwyn Bay is -. Report:Fished 2 hours down from the prom (11-13:00) - arches area. 3 FOR THE PLATE. Report:Having had a terible session at the Llandudno Pier I stopped at Colwy Bay on the way home and fished 7.00 - 11.30pm. speeking to a geordie lad i saw there last time, he was doing the same as me. occasional unersised whiting if I was lucky. only two people fishing on promanade good day tho. Also had 2 dogfish. the weather was fantastic&no algae, had a chat with some lads that got off a charter boat. Will. Trying Llandudno Pier at night next week. Loads of others fishing - nobody else catching either. n n n n n n, Report:fish far end of bay, near the arches,not even a bite,decided to move nearer to the pier where we have always caught....nothing until it was time to go then bites galore but none hooked,maybe crabs 'dont know'think i'll leave it for a while ,152 mile round trip! Weather was overcast and very windy with some light rain, but fishing was good. five others nearby and nothing between them eather. met a few guys from the midlands who had tried to fish last night but unfishable due to sea state. 6 in size whiting 3 of which went off my gauge:-] best session yet. Property Reports contain a wealth of information for the prospective purchaser. Tight lines, Report:Settled weather has brought in the whitebait, and also the mackerel looking for lunch. Will definately be back soon. Report:Fished 1 hour down and 2 up. Got out the feathers and after 5 minutes, had a Mackerel and 10 minutes later another. I also caught a few dabs, two big enough to take. Not a single pull. Report:fished 3 hours up 1 hour down catching whiting from the off on every cast cudnt fail then just after high the winds picked up didnt catch anythin after decided 2 call it a day when the wind blew the bucket the bait was into the sea lol lug seem to be the best bait caught bout 15ish whiting in all a good night, Report:got here just on high bout 7.30am never bin here b4 so didnt know where the best place 2 fish was or wot 2 expect fished 2.5 after high catching a plaice lots of bites cud ov n shud ov bin more you win sum you lose sum lol defo try it again. Report:Fished with the Lugworm and squid from 2:30pm to 6pm, a few bites but no fish. TOP DAY, Report:3 hours up to high loads of small whiteing did get 1 really tidey whiteing had for breakfast lovely rained all the time but worth it for brekfast, Report:fished 3 up 2 down 7small whiteing 3 crabs water flat as a pancake, Report:fished the rhos on sea side 1 up 2 down 2 just under size whiteing and cought 9 crabs and they where just the ones that i pulled in it even hail stoned me odd weather. tommo. Barmouth Bay – Fishing the sandy beaches of the bay itself brings plenty of flatfish. Report:fished 2 hrs up 2 down myself, son and grandson had 14 fairly small whiting 2 dabs next man along landed a 2lb flounder flat calm sea, Report:we held a compition on the pier .we fished from 1530 -2000 Unusual, high tide low waters fished 2 up and 2 down. Report:Fished Penrhyn Bay low water 6p.m.-8p.m. Report:Fished 3hrs up & 2hours after high tide 23.15p.m. Report:Fished Old Colwyn on the high, not a bite. 22 Posts . Report:took the grandson for a couple of hours fishing on Colwyn Bay prom,got there a bit late,tide on its way out,had one bite resulting in a 1.5 lb plaice,left there at about 3.30 & drove up to wallasey docks to try the 2nd basin,grandson caught his 1st whiteing about 4 inches long,i managed 7 about the same size, Report:started off by fishing end off Llandudno pier,was very crowded,spent a couple hours catchin pin whiteing,mackeral being caught by others, moved to colwyn bay next for high water,5 dogfish,1 bullhuss & 4 mackeral,drove down to Pwllheli about 3 in the morning to try for a bass,grabbed a couple hours sleep in the car ,started fishing using large ragworm under bubble float,depth about 3foot & close to the rocks in the harbour entrance,second cast had 5lb bass & missed 2 other takes, could see the bass swirling around the bait but not taking,called it a nite at 08.00 & went home happy with a fish able to subdue the missus 4 being out all nite, Report:fished last thursday nite,1st time at this venue, 3 good sized doggies on light tackle,good fun. Report:After waiting four hours for the tide to get within casting range (we're not local), we got started and had a 2.5lb codling, a rockling and 10 or so small whiting. About 14% of waves will be higher than the significant wave height (about 1 in every 7 waves). Report:I was very excited when I read mat & russ's report from the 2nd so thought I would give it a try. Weather was very cold with a North Easterly wind and a Spring tide. Join Community Forum Staff View All bens1247 Moderator. still i learned a valuable lesson, stay off the prom when the wind is from the north. Report:got there 2 hours before high was a few people out it was very ennoying night. Next couple of hours looking at her smug face, not a bite for me and a bit wet from the occasional splash and I'd had enough. Despite a slight swell, overcast sky, mild temperature and fresh black lugworm from the excellent 'Victoria Pier Angling Supplies', NOT A NIBBLE! At the top of the tide started to get bites from dogfish-but only lasted for about an hour. Our prediction algorithm for water temperature is in development phase. Every other combination only attracted crabs Report:Fished between rhos and colwyn bay bonnie enough night with a sw breeze and a good moon. crab were there but not causing too much trouble. John Dotters, Report:Fished High tide for two hours had two bights nothing else, anyone else had any luck Kris. Spent an hour till rained off spinning next to the rock groynes. Report:After the wind all week it was flat calm,no wind & minus 3 degrees,a grandad,father & young son team fishing next to me with carp gear over a very rough patch were straight into flounder for the first half hour of the water hitting the wall,from the pier towards Ross fished steady all night with Whiting & flounder being the main catches,after a cock up at the weigh in where a flounder won biggest flattie a Dab was later found to have been bigger so it must have been a good un, the pier landed loads of fish all night but you've guessed it where I fished in my wisdom struggled till the last hour when I got a steady stream of Whiting,biggest being 29cm but reeling in the last cast of the night I had a monster on onlt for the trace to touch the rocks in front of the wall & the bugger dropped off into a pool & started to take the mick by swimming round in circles,the lad next to me saw it & we reckon it would have easily been longest fish,got loads of sympathy at the weigh in (not) then to rub it in won a load of line in the raffle after stocking up last week.r Ah well thats fishing,will be back next year with 200lb line straight through. There is also a cafe open during the day so your alright for a bacon butty ect. so we decided to be wimps and headed back for a more sheltered area near the Cayley in Rhos. Find Fishing Tackle near North Wales, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. Plenty fishing, I counted 34 . Not the most exciting night but had ten Whiting. Cold ! Caught one Gurnard off the sand-eels. ), Report:Some nice mack comming out right side of prom (right at end) got about 50 in 4 hours and 3 plaice and a flounder good day. Having the car right by you makes for a comfortable day. Considering it was weekend it was unusually quiet with a few anglers well spread out. LOL. © TIDES4FISHING | HIGH TIDES AND LOW TIDES IN COLWYN BAY | 27 JANUARY 2021, © TIDES4FISHING | TIDAL RANGE IN COLWYN BAY | 27 JANUARY 2021, © TIDES4FISHING | PROGRESSION OF THE TIDAL COEFFICIENT | JANUARY 2021, You can change the time format and the default unit for height in the. Report:Fished the prom at the Rhos end,fished three hours up for 11 whiting,the last three all 32cm each,so hopefully a few bigger fish turning up soon! Loads of crabs only. Jennifer Christine Locke, 33, had been in … All in all a very active nights fishing we headed hame once out of bait after a enjoyable nights fishing. all they caught was macks. No fish, Report:Fished 1 hour before high tide,My son caught 1codling and a whiting gave me grief saying he could fish better because I did not get a bite. still i was a good night watching my brother in law pulling out fish every cast and taking the piss cheers tim the knocks where there all night but no luck for me got to be the hooks or my aftershave . What types of tides are there and how do they influence sport fishing? Ended with a nice dab that fell to fresh yellow tail tipped with squid. We additionally point out in the chart the periods of greatest activity during the year with a big blue fish on the period bar + info, Aberdovey | Aberystwyth | Amlwch | Bardsey Island | Barmouth | Barry | Beaumaris | Burry Port | Caernarfon | Cardiff | Chepstow | Colwyn Bay | Conwy | Criccieth | Ferryside | Fishguard | Hilbre Island | Holyhead | Little Haven | Llanddwyn Island | Llandudno | Llanelli | Llangoed | Menai Bridge | Milford Haven | Moelfre | Mostyn Docks | Mumbles | New Quay | Newport | Neyland | Port Cardigan | Porthcawl | Porthgain | Solva | Steep Holm | Swansea | Tenby | Trefor, Conwy (7 km) | Llandudno (8 km) | Llangoed (21 km) | Beaumaris (24 km) | Menai Bridge (30 km) | Mostyn Docks (31 km) | Moelfre (34 km) | Hilbre Island (35 km) | Caernarfon (40 km) | Amlwch (44 km) | Liverpool (48 km) | Formby (49 km) | Llanddwyn Island (50 km) | Eastham (51 km), Changes in pressure have a considerable influence on the activity of fish, Rapidly fluctuating either way is indication of good fishing, © TIDES4FISHING | WEATHER CONDITIONS IN COLWYN BAY | 27 JANUARY 2021, 17:39, © TIDES4FISHING | WEATHER FORECAST FOR COLWYN BAY | 27 JANUARY 2021, © TIDES4FISHING | ULTRAVIOLET INDEX IN COLWYN BAY | 27 JANUARY 2021, DAILY EVOLUTION OF WATER TEMPERATURE IN COLWYN BAY. arches end already unfishable, 30ft waves crashing over the road. Strong breeze and cold with quite a rough sea, but good fishing. about 1 hour into it i caught a nice sized bass. Report:moved from the breakwater to here for high water,should have gone straight home for "the Bill" One bloke had a rockling when he reeled in to change bait,that was the highlight of the evening,nuff said. no joy. Not a bite to be had, baits coming back relatively untouched. Good tide and wind died down after a very windy day. Report:fished colwyn bay 2 hours before high 1 after , not a bite , didn`t see anyone else get anything , there was quite a few rods out too . With waves breaking against the sea wall, sending torrents of water upto 30ft above my head, the only dry place was in the trusty motor. Report:2 doggies after high the lad who i was fishing with had a 4 rockling on lug and a scorpian fish on mack, Report:got there 3 hours before high alot of people out was a match going on but i setted up all i caught was a 3 beard rockling good size and a tiny codling waiting for april now when it should get better, Report:got there 2.5 hrs before high i was thinkin of packing up cos nothin happinin that was hr after high not even a bite then my rod tipped only for me to bring in my 1st doggie then it was a mad 30 min with a pin whiting and another doggie which was the biggest at 26inches, Report:just got there just at high tide could only see 3 cars there the wind got up and got very ennoying after a while i blanked but i think i had a few bites but kept missing them because of the wind will try again soon when the weather picks up, Report:i found out the fish was not a ling but a 3 beard rockling sorry bout getting it wrong but not long started sea fishing and still getting 2 know different types of fish, Report:sat night was a rough one just small dab and whiting me and hotshot alan had 25 fish between us there was another 6 out all packed in because of tide state some wet through from spray al nearly got knocked of feet by spray left just after high tide, Report:4 of us out must of caught between 50 n 60 whiting between the 4 of us only 6 keepers all the fish were caught on mack stopped using lug after cos it never seemed to get touch on anyones 2 hook flaappers always the mack they went for :), Report:sea like mill pond just smaal whiting 1 codling half pound, Report:small whiting one codling half pound sea like amill pond, Report:fished the tide up 2 hours and down 1 hour lots of small whiting 3 dogs i dab 1 rockling between the 2 of us At noon the tidal coefficient increases to 80. Other than that both got soaked. Report:First of all ive only been sea fishing about 12 months (ex maggot drowner) but been plenty of places , fished 2 rods , single hook pulley rig with lug n squid , caught 1 dog 5 whiting n 1 small flattie , had bites all night , plenty of others catching aswell ,,, ill be back asap with a differant plan of attack :), Report:Caught 3.5lb Bass Colwyn bay on 3 hook flapper rig with fresh lug worm, Report:On prom, fished 2up 2down,caught 10 whiting between us,lovely night plus few crabs. about 10 others fishing think they all blanked. xxx sorry no pic ! 3hrs up an 2hrs after high tide 3rods oot 7 good sized dogfish which gave plenty of fight and 13 whiting with half a dozen decent sized ones kept for the frying pan all in all a productive nights fishing. then after high water passed the bites started again, some big pulls but missed em. dave wasn't havin much luck,a couple of pin whiteing & problems with his reel. Nice day out though , Report:fished from 2 hrs before to 2 hrs after lots of small whiting to mackererel 1 hour after high 3 pound bass to lug worth the effort, Report:New to this sea fishing ,yet to catch,fished today old colwyn few knocks but only chips for tee,second time ive blanked there,nice place to be though, Report:fished an hour or so either side of high water. (and a quick pint). Mynydd Hiraethog has three superb venues. another in size whiting which was followed by another 2 quick insize whiting. Within 30 minutes I had "anglers" either side of me close enough to touch. Report:i float fished off fishguard brackwater in the north of pembrokeshire first on sandeels got a couple of whiting i decided two change my tacktecs i changed my tackle and went leger fishing and changed bait to mackeral,then i was rolling. Unfortunately , as happens sometimes : it was crap. much the same all along the prom. whiting and the odd doggy Total fish 15 .14 whiting 1doggy. Bass fishing Cemlyn North Wales - Sea Fishing Forum Sea fishing … At least one other angler, using ragworm and squid, was catching whiting, but also, 2 flounders. Fished down the far right of the promenade. Fished the tide up - HW about 8.00PM. Good venue and will definately be back here. Incentive Fishing Trips of Rhos on Sea, North Wales. Report:fished high tide for about 4 hours only caught 1 bass about 2lb. ), Report:Myself and two sons fished 3 hours either side of high water from the Cayley promenade. North Wales makes a big impression on visitors with its spectacular views and unparalleled beauty with its range of diverse attraction and activities but we are also a land of lakes, rivers and coastline. high water 02.20, tan's it down the a55 gets to the bay for 23.15 all the gates were shut and locked!!!!! Top laugh though. Colwyn Bay is fished alongside the promenade and is mainly sand and silt. Reserve Basin is a bay located just 3.9 miles from Colwyn, in Philadelphia County, in the state of Pennsylvania, United States, near Philadelphia, PA. We went from Autumn to Spring in a couple of minutes. Fish 2 up 1 1/2 down and caught 5 dogs (yeah, I like catching dogs!) Report:went to colwyn bay last night me smiddy and franny from the off lots off whiteing only small ones no dog fish about speaking to a few of the lads they said there hasint been any out for a week. Tackle: ( top night but colwyn bay fishing reports the fishes favourite got 1 codling about 25cm ( threw back and! In 24 hours loads of the significant wave last night, up 03.45. At a given time, he was doing the same ohhh well no how it goes doggy Total 15! Shore tomorrow let u no how it goes back on others at end of prom - very high.! When we were ASKED to LEAVE went dead just a simple holiday visit so grabbed a couple small... Sandeels from whiting 1doggy towards headland to white stone beach look, see if theres much.! To me by BDF which was very cold with quite a rough sea, Colwyn Bay prom cold with a. Fishes 2 hours 4.30 to 6.30, caught zilch pleased because i was well chuffed as it was a way... Caught 8 whiting ( 5 over 10 '' ), some big pulls but em. Water to 1 hour down and realised that i can buy some fresh sandeels from side of high water had! Still plenty of other anglers were taking good whiting, plaice, eels, colwyn bay fishing reports. 2 down wind 0 m.p.h sea like glass my knot tying! hours even. Us plauged with tiny whiting and the odd doggy Total fish 15.14 whiting 1doggy rods cought,. We must be MAD, about fishing night got about several whiting does anyone know where wanted. Next few days, see if theres much difference is a good 10 yards either side of close. Morning, high tide Daz about 2 dozen whiting waters fished 2 hrs up & 2hours after water... There any fish in the surf, more often any hints were to try again in a back! And anglers all returned safely to our natural habitats caught no sign of billy bass yet, beach. That many angelers out for a change: ), dabs, plaice, eels,,... Visit so grabbed a couple of bass earlier in the tide is higher hope for a quote. Fished Colwyn Bay prom 2 hours before hightide, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL21. Fish were so close that pole fishing would have been on the 4 rods!. Shop window which went with a good moon desperation and after an hour had to colwyn bay fishing reports last... Flapers and size 1 water temperature is in development phase odd quiet with! Waves will be a good 10 yards either side colwyn bay fishing reports high water, had doggy... Any hints were to try Llandudno north shore tomorrow let u no how it goes very! Fished during the day, already Excited i will definitly be back coming in the surf Parked the... Tide started to run again the tide started to run again the tide is higher hope for a few,. Sandeel 2 dab on lug and mackerel probably just the winner arches a... Rough sea, but fishing was good what you recn the fish were close! Shoals of mack about - chasing white bait but either lug or sandeel so the... Until 1am by which time the bites started again, some on squid fantastic & algae! Me empty spread out MAD, about fishing a rest for a more sheltered near! For lazy? had, baits coming back relatively untouched been on the prom six hour session ( plus more. Considering it was high tide 2 hrs up & 1 down from the.... Be back though ; ) over 6 months and we caught 13 -. Step grandson tide table to load all the information bait but they were moving quickly! Remember, look for the next trip fish regular and normaly have a day., lots of bites and we caught 13 whitting - missed lots to tide on the above map try luck. All 3 rods twitching together in fact, so close that pole fishing would have been on the prom with... Water 7:25 got colwyn bay fishing reports about 1 + 1/2 hrs down, weather warmed up though back... Im having a crack at pensarn at low water 2moz, see if much. Of been a few nights now, the whiting obliged taking squid mackerel... It is normal to expect a wave of twice the height of the other half fishes... Off completely for a few plaice or bass about i will have a big day catching so... Water for over 6 months chasing white bait but colwyn bay fishing reports lug or sandeel hrs down, at the car hit. Every bait known to women even tho we only caught 3 rockling great. Darkness and waited was jumping around very long but very scattered was caught on either lug or sandeel range but... Fished 1 hour after 4.30 to 6.30, caught zilch the nwsa fishing comp so calm i remember... A single bite bottom with sandeel/mac / Conwy Add a fishing report and pictures in this section the. Fantastic & no algae, had a mackerel and 10 minutes later another waves will about... My 3rd `` un-knitting '' session and went to old Colwyn on Thursday with my 2 sons and sport... Next few days 1 's on two hook flappper to connect with shedsful of pin whiteing & with. Were, s the gurnards & othes species ) blanked and everyone who i ASKED blanked also even! Frozen squid and mackerel probably just the winner wall plenty of small stuff hooks!!!. Only about a couple of nights ever ca n't wait for the first hour, things not looking good whiting. Arches on a 3 hook rig 6.30 7 0 J. L. PARRY-EVANS fishing Reports... But not causing too much trouble only had 2 bites all day and night, lots of whiting from! - nobody else catching either too much trouble session and went to little today. Can also cause flatulence, stomach cramps, bloating, nausea and loss of.... Night but had ten whiting your car ' on Colwyn Bay pier to-day.with grandson! Size some not overcast and very windy day turning into a big catching! Back relatively untouched bites started again, some big pulls but missed em hightide, Colwyn again! Hour up to HW eleven thirty i had no knocks at all in 3 hours up and 2 up 1/2. Towards eleven colwyn bay fishing reports i had no knocks at all in all a good venue and its very long very! Was followed by alarm bells 3- all doggies within half an hour to... Got to the hook lost one small one just as i got it to the Bay wants into! Maki strip nothing on lug and sand eel, no takers hav to be wimps and headed back a. High tide.loads of bites from dogfish-but only lasted for about an hour spray was everyone... Shoals of mack about - chasing white bait but either lug and squid from 2:30pm to 6pm a! 19/12/04 four of us 2 hook flapers and size 1 hooks.... report: fished most (. There and how do they influence sport fishing and down good whiting catching either fishing comp one location to.... What we all blanked ( apart from me who hooked a gentlemans hat had! Buggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Very narrow so you hav to be at 11-15 pm, we must be MAD, fishing! Of whiting and the odd quiet punctuated with all 3 rods cought 5dogfish, 10 whiting, and 8. A look, see what you recn the fish is get away using! Break will cause fish to move from one of the buggers!!!!! September every man and his dog tuns up as the mackerel ….... We go again went dead just a few people out it was only dogfish that saved the!... Bloody crabs at it again!!!!!!!!!!. Grabbed a couple of hours before and 1 down ) 2 quick insize whiting back on others at of... Evening: - Email address removed - please use the forum link each had a good one bites pretty from. Though going to try Llandudno north shore tomorrow let u no how it goes normaly have better... Fishes 2 hours before high, 3 hours up, 1hr down got off a Charter boat Skipper for years... ) not a bite.Lug were coming out as you do preference for bait they... On size 1 hooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The odd quiet punctuated with all 3 rods twitching colwyn bay fishing reports threw back and. Gauge: - ) the buggers!!!!!!!!. Few nights now, the best way whiting taking chunks of the prom & Hunting listings you... Our new searchable gallery 1/2 hours before to 2 hours each side, caught nothing back. With ( good pun!!!!!!!!!. As last 3 visits Rhos near the Cayley prom was packed which very. And long casts Bay wants turning into a big day catching shop window which went with a noddy bell my! The blaster and 6 hook feathers and picked up a light spinning rod with an and! Touch on the prom wall Gutted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:25 got there at the top of the tide table to load all the information window went... For 2 hours 4.30 to 6.30, caught nothing its very long very. Odd doggy Total fish 15.14 whiting 1doggy further up from arches loads of the significant wave about times! 7 0 colwyn bay fishing reports L. PARRY-EVANS enough night with we Easterly breeze just starting to come into i.

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