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Kiyotaka stated Makoto had earned his respect and called him a professor. She's also mentioned that they did argue quite a bit, which is a rather common occurrence bet… You love holding him in your arms, and he loves being held. After joining the Future Foundation post-Killing School Life, Makoto is seen wearing a black suit. The next morning of her absence, Makoto goes looking for her worried about the condition she was in. After his conversation with Komaru, Makoto realizes that they may have reminded Aoi of her deceased brother, Yuta, who was Aoi's Captive and thus the person closest to her prior to The Tragedy. During Mondo's Free Time events he requested Makoto come riding with his gang after they escape Hope's Peak Academy. In his view, Makoto's experience with the Killing Games pales in comparison to the Future Foundation's battle in a world with no laws or restrictions on the depths to which the forces of Despair can sink in order to snuff out hope. As a result, Makoto became a more active character in the first game of the series. He agreed to ally himself with Makoto, although he still seems somewhat wary of him despite Makoto trusting him completely. Kazutaka said that the main purpose of Makoto's interactions with the rest of the cast was making sure how different was the cast of Danganronpa from Makoto. Summary. His coloring is subdued, but Komtatsuzaki used a color palette he enjoyed.[10]. 115 lbs. Makoto remains with Aoi throughout most of the Final Killing Game, and she helps him escape from Kyosuke and Juzo numerous times. Because of this, Kyosuke thinks that Makoto's words are hollow and meaningless, as he does not appreciate despair in the same way that he appreciates hope. (Theme: Wiz and Boomstick) Boomstick: Roleplay games arethe cureof "i'm board of this game and want a new game" problem, but 2 guy are part of this. Juzo despises the fact that Makoto is labeled a "hero," and mockingly refers to him as such. Despite this, Makoto acted friendly to Byakuya, similarly to everyone else, keeping his negative comments to himself. After waking up from the program, Izuru who successfully restored his previous identity, Hajime, brought his classmates to help Makoto to prevent Ryota from using his brainwashing video. Although he tried to act strong about Kyoko's demise, Makoto is seen crying about her when alone, while remembering his memories with her by his side. After the events of The Tragedy have been resolved, Makoto, Aoi, and their fellow survivors decide to rebuild Hope's Peak Academy together. He has a rather short and thin build. Weight. February 5th. [21] In regards to the manga adaptation of the first game, Manga News enjoyed how Makoto's relationship with Kyoko continuously improved the more time they worked together to investigate the culprits from each murder. Makoto Naegi, a fairly optimistic but otherwise average student, is selected in a raffle and chosen to enroll into Hope's Peak Academy as the "Ultimate Lucky Student". Unfortunately, they ended up graduating without ever having contact. Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Toko has expressed dislike for Makoto, saying she disapproves of him, but sometimes thinks of him as reliable. Additional reasons for his hatred include Makoto's conflicting ideals, and the trouble that Makoto has ultimately caused for Kyosuke. Plus, you know him better than that. However, when he learns Komaru is alive, he was greatly relieved and ecstatic to see his sister again. In the anime version of the first game, Makoto is often seen blushing in Sayaka's company and the relationship chart confirms his crush on her. However, Makoto manage to remind him to not forget about his beloved (In this case, Chisa) and Kyosuke begin to change. Ogata enjoyed the reference to Makoto and claimed that "He's an Ultimate-class figure skater! In order to surprise the gamers and infer the characters to potentially be the same person, both Makoto and Nagito share the same voice actress, Megumi Ogata, while "Nagito Komaeda" is an anagram for "Naegi Makoto da" ("I am Makoto Naegi"). [8] Localization member Robert Schiotis felt that finding a voice actor for the latter proved too challenging as is meant to clash with Makoto's ideals. [15][16][17] Meristation enjoyed Makoto's actions when solving murder cases thanks to the options provided. Makoto is very kind, supportive and forgiving, though sometimes slightly naive. Originally, the team intended for the adventure part of the game to be seen from a third-person perspective (which would later be adopted for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, so Komatsuzaki designed he character to wear a hoodie to complement his look, thinking the player was going to see his back a lot. Makoto and Aoi have been shown to understand one another when deaths or murders occur, even since the Killing School Life. Makoto is once again contacted by Komaru during the Final Killing Game. In the end, Byakuya disliked Makoto's philosophy, but was willing to talk to him about his past, but stated they would never be friends. 5'3. Naegi survived the final trial and escaped with the other survivors at the end of the game. Makoto becomes the new Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, hoping to create a brighter future for him and everyone that he loves, Main Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Dark Sakura Matou. Talent. He began a thorough search, poking and prodding you. A. While having the tendency to panic or let his emotions get the better of him, he can remain focused under pressure and shows a keen logic when piecing together mysteries. Writer Kazutaka Kodaka created Makoto to be more different from previous visual novel protagonists as he aimed to be a more active character in the narrative. It makes him feel safe. He sees Makoto as the type of hope that Future Foundation needs, and fiercely protected Makoto from Kyosuke for that reason. The fact that Sayaka wanted to frame Makoto was written in order to generate a major impact in not only the player but also the character, resulting in the main character suffering bad feelings for how he would be treated. Makoto Naegi (Japanese: 苗木 誠, Hepburn: Naegi Makoto) is a fictional character introduced in the 2010 visual novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc by Spike Chunsoft. Makoto is unsure if it would be safe and Mondo stated Makoto could ride with him on his motorcycle, showing that he trusts Makoto and sees him as a close friend. According to Komaru, the two watch TV together, as well as share thoughts on manga they share with each other. While being Ultimate Hope, he is also not immune to the effects of the Suicide Video. Sayaka later reveals that she always meant to talk to Makoto since witnessing him nursing an injured crane back to health after it got lost and stuck in the pool at their school. After receiving the alarming video which showed her friends disbanding the idol group and laying on the stage in distress, Sayaka had an emotional breakdown. Komaru is Makoto's little sister. Makoto is able to discover Mondo to be the culprit of Chihiro's murder and upon hearing Mondo's reasons for killing Chihiro, Makoto started to feel guilty and was deeply upset when Mondo is sentenced to be executed. But this stroke of good fortune quickly turned into a nightmare as he is soon pitted against his new classmates by the enigmatic and sadistic Monokuma. Sakura put a great deal of trust in Makoto, telling him about her past and her boyfriend Kenshiro. Bust. Makoto Naegi is under suspicion of treason after shielding a remnant of Despair. But his whole body is shaking, and so is his voice, so it’s obvious he’s not fine. 30" Blood Type. Despite their closeness, Chihiro never told Makoto that he was a boy in the actual story. He was thankful to Kazuo for defending him and blamed himself after he was murdered by Kyosuke. Mondo and Kiyotaka have an argument about who has the greater strength and challenge each other to an endurance contest in the sauna. Sakura stated that Makoto reminds her of Kenshiro in some ways. Summary. During the Killing School Trip, Sayaka recognized Makoto immediately and befriended him. Features post-DR3 Hope Arc, post-DR1, pre-DR1 (DR0/DR3 Despair Arc), and pre-V3 versions of different characters having to deal with each other in a strange new world. Aoi also appears to be very much aware that the two like each other. After finding out the facts from the class trial, and knowing that Sayaka took advantage of his caring actions and tried to frame him, Makoto feels betrayed; however, he still mourns over her death as she was his close friend. Chihiro was good friends with Makoto and stated that talking to him made him feel better. This is most likely due to the fact that Makoto regained his memories, and remembered his relationship with Sayaka. His talent also proves instrumental in undoing the mastermind's plans, as his bizarre luck completely throws off her analytical abilities. I, (y/n), Ultimate Actress/Actor. Makoto and Kyoko are last seen running the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy together. Juzo has a strong hatred for Makoto and is often unable to look at or hear his name mentioned without showing disgust. It doesn't help that they also begin to get targeted by the Warriors of Hope. However, even in her case, he felt that she didn't need to die and tried to reason with her when she was about to execute herself. Makoto is respected by many people as the Ultimate Hope, though he himself is very humble and even a bit embarrassed of the title. They are also slightly similar as siblings, as they both have the same ahoge. Makoto was quick to comfort her, promising to get her out of the school no matter what it took. Makoto put Izuru and the other Remnants of Despair in the Neo World Program. The tale of despair in which hope kills hope begins. Mondo also talks to Makoto exclusively about his indecisiveness over his career path, something that he stated he would share with no one else which presents the development of their friendship. Final episode of School Days. [8], Makoto and Nagito from the same sequel are considered as opposites based on what each of them thinks about the idea of "hope". In an "Anime! This later leads to him being found guilty of the crime in question. He wears a forest green hoodie, black jeans and red sneakers. This gives Makoto hope, knowing that his sister and friends were supporting him, and proudly takes notice of Komaru's growth. GameSpot regarded Makoto as a relatable character due to how an early twist in regards to a character might fool both the player and Makoto at the same time. Besides that, Makoto doesn't seem to see Mukuro the same way as the other Class 78th (after his memory was erased), as when he watched the brainwashing video she was not amongst the classmates that appeared before him. Rather than just punishing him, Kyosuke is in favor of executing Makoto alongside the Remnants of Despair. When Makoto had a confrontation with Kyosuke it is insinuated by him that Makoto was in love with her. This short story describes the chain of events that led to Makoto being selected as the Ultimate Lucky Student. You shoved him away. What is it you need?" In Danganronpa 3 - Side: Future, Sayaka's "ghost" appeared to Makoto alongside Kyoko's "ghost", after he was brainwashed and about to commit suicide. During the Free Time Events, when Celestia does her personal ranking, she ranked Makoto with C-rank, which is higher than any of her classmates. Though, working with Komaru proves to be quite hard considering how weak the girl is and how quickly she gives into despair. Naegi earns the title of the Ultimate Good Luck, and has his fabled ‘Hope Bullet’ to truly bring justice Sound: The sound that plays when you select something from Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Following Sayaka's death, it is revealed that the young girl wanted to frame Makoto for a murder she would cause. [13] Makoto additionally appears in Crypt of the NecroDancer and Identity V as alternative costumes for the main character, along with characters from series developed by Spike Chunsoft such as Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer and Kenka Bancho. He is a student enrolled in Class 78th. They developed a great hatred for each other during the mutual killing game. After surviving the game, Makoto becomes the headmaster of the rebuilt Hope's Peak Academy. Ultimately, Kyosuke's antagonism of Makoto is a clash of ideals on how best to reverse the damage wrought on the world by Ultimate Despair. [37] Yuzuru Hanyu's performance in the 2014 Winter Olympics led to an illustration of the athlete skating alongside a parody of Monokuma. Makoto returns as the protagonist of the "Despair Arc" of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, confirmed to be in a relationship with Kyoko, where he becomes involved in the new Monokuma's "Monokuma Hunter" game. During the events of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Makoto and the other survivors attempt to forcibly rehabilitate the Remnants of Despair by placing them inside a virtual world which would rewrite their memories of being terrorist members of Ultimate Despair and remove their motivation to continue spreading despair. In the second game, Makoto used the 11037 number as a code to save the remaining students, the number which Sayaka used to save Makoto from being framed as the culprit in the first trial, Makoto later explained to Hajime the reason he set 11037 as the code because a certain person (Sayaka) left that number behind to save him from trouble, proving that Makoto believed Kyoko's theory and remembered her dearly as a friend. Upon finding her dead in his bathroom, he was devastated, letting out a loud scream and fainting in shock. Detention) is an execution in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, with Makoto Naegi being executed. 10 Makoto Naegi. [6] Producer Yoshinori Terasawa aimed to balance the cast but to connect with the audience. Although Byakuya states he didn't need Makoto's encouragement, he was most likely lying. Junko refers to Makoto as a "herbivore man", which means that he is likely to be the passive one in a relationship; this is reinforced in his conversations with others. In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, he appeared as a guest character in the demo gameplay. They trusted one another, and she admitted to him that she would go to dangerous lengths so she can protect and defend her idol members. In Danganronpa: Another Episode, his hair is noticeably lighter, longer, spiki… A short story booklet titled Danganronpa: Makoto Naegi Secret File – The Worst Day Ever (ダンガンロンパ Makoto Naegi Secret File 苗木誠、人生最悪の日, Naegi Makoto, Jinsei Saiaku no Hi), written by Kazutaka Kodaka, was included with special editions of the first Japanese Blu-ray and DVD release of Danganronpa: The Animation, an anime adaptation of Trigger Happy Havoc, serving as an origin story for how Makoto became selected as the "Ultimate Lucky Student" of Hope's Peak Academy, in that his luck led to the original female candidate intended for the role being replaced by unknowingly destroying her acceptance letter, leading to a new lottery being held, in that his bad luck is so powerful that it cancels the good luck of anyone around him, and that when his good luck rarely manifests, it is immensely powerful in its own right, allowing outcomes that are nearly statistically impossible to occur, such as getting the Escape Switch from the item machine in the non-canonical alternate universe short story Danganronpa IF and surviving his near-execution in the first game. Mondo requests Makoto to be their witness in order to have a fair contest showing that he now may trust Makoto more after the events of the first class trial in which his innocence was proved. Although not sharing any kind of close relationship with Aoi when they first met, Makoto becomes close friends with her during their time together at Hope's Peak. That's a wrong assumption, however, as Makoto has a subtle charisma, one few pick up on at first. [36] The Gamer listed him as the second best Danganronpa character behind Monokuma based on his skills with finding culprits and his growth into a stronger person despite his average traits. In Makoto's video, Komaru and their parents were in their home congratulating him on getting into Hope's Peak Academy, but suddenly disappear from their place on the couch, which has been destroyed as well as their home. He lived with his mother, father, and little sister. Their closeness is also shown when Aoi is shown feeling guilty over having executed Makoto and she seems happy when he forgives her. Makoto Naegiis a character featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.Danganronpa 1marks the character's first voiced appearance within the Danganronpa franchise. When she attempts to sway him to her side of despair she finds out that the … In this place, I can't trust anyone. Makoto Naegi, Gundham Tanaka, Hajime Hinata, and Shuichi Saihara work at Femboy Hooters, and are quite close friends. Makoto's hoodie has a logo of a red gas mask in a circle printed on the back of the hood, and the zipper goes all the way up to the top of the hood. Besides his hatred for Junko, in Danganronpa IF, after he convinced Mukuro to think outside of Junko's world, he said that he would try to convince Junko in the same way as her sister, even after it's revealed that she's the mastermind of the Killing game. He is also a pacifist, as he believes that killing and violence isn't the answer. This was mostly done with Makoto. [11], Makoto makes minor cameo appearances in the light novel series Danganronpa Zero, Danganronpa Kirigiri and Danganronpa Togami, as well as in the manga series Killer Killer. While he dislikes despair, believing it to be a corrupting and negative emotion which cannot benefit the world, he is very forgiving towards those who fell into despair, such as the Remnants of Despair, believing them to be victims of Junko and not inherently evil. Later, his title became Ultimate Hope, due to his unusual optimism and ability to spread hope. In fact, many would wrongly call him passive, as Junko did during the beginning of the series. The only person he genuinely dislikes appears to be Junko, the True Ultimate Despair, and he considers her his enemy. He is a participant in the Killing School Life and the Final Killing Game. Kyoko is a relatively tall, pretty girl with purple eyes and a pale complexion. Makoto returns in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls as a member of the Future Foundation. Originally, Makoto had a great deal of respect towards Kazuo. In turn, Junko thinks out of all the students in Class 78th, Makoto seems to be the most annoying and odd person in her class. Thrusted into an ultimate death game, they must find the true traitor and kill him if they hope to survive. [14], Critical response to the character has been favorable. They are the people closest to him. According to Komaru, the two watch TV together, as well as share thoughts on manga they share with each other. It is thanks to her words that he was able to solve the mystery of his late friend's death. In the end with the help of his friends, he had Junko Enoshima executed. Ryota greatly admired and respected Makoto for his bravery during the Killing School Life, although the two don't share any close relationship in particular. Komaru is Makoto's little sister. He manages to escape from the academy alive and joins an organization called the Future Foundation, dedicated to rebuilding society and fighting Junko's legacy, who rescue his sister Komaru in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Makoto Naegi 苗木 誠 . Makoto points out that she also could have just wanted to get back on her killer. [25] Manga.Tokyo also praised Makoto's appearances in the anime and his connection with Komaru in the anime sequel. Makoto was terrified, now believing that Komaru and their parents were dead, and was desperate to get out. In turn, she seems to be one of the few people he genuinely dislikes, as he's usually very kind and forgiving. She later comforts him about the events, saying that Sayaka was hesitating to carry out her planned deed to kill him and gave her (and subsequently him) the piece of evidence needed to solve the case. Makoto is forced to undergo a punishment, but is saved thanks to Alter Ego. She always wears her custom-made black gloves to conceal scars on her hands that she received back when she was an amateur. After meeting with each other in high school, they seem to have become close friends, and are seen talking together in Danganronpa 3 - Side: Despair. Makoto, in turn, told Chihiro to become stronger and to feel better about himself. His most distinguishing feature is his unusual optimism. During the collaboration game of Danganronpa 3 and Guns Girl Z, Makoto blushes at one point as he mentions shyly that Kyoko looks cute, which surprises her and makes her blush as well. He wears a pin shaped like a four-pointed star overlaid on a crescent moon; this is pinned to the lapel of his jacket. Wiz: Makoto Naegi, the freedom fighter against Despair. Along with four others, Makoto survive the Final Killing Game after Juzo deactivates the televisions by switching it to emergency power, causing the bangles to lose power. [31] Chris Beveridge from the same site felt that Makoto's setting of being arrested caused a major distrust this causes to the Foundation and eventual development within most of the major cast members. [7], In developing Makoto's characterization, Kodaka wanted to impress gamers with the early twist of Sayaka Maizano's death who was promoted as the game's heroine. He was selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy after winning a random lottery (which is elaborated further in the short story, Makoto Naegi's Worst Day Ever). Makoto tried to understand Byakuya, and he realized that that they were worlds apart. However, it never came true as Leon was executed at the end of the first trial. He tried, unsuccessfully, to teach Byakuya that living a normal life was alright with him. In Chapter 6, it is revealed that Kaede's plan had actually failed to kill anyone, but that the Mastermind proceeded to kill Rantaro and have Kaede framed for the murder anyway. She then showed him her scarred hands and later held hands with him, which is a great sign of trust from her. His dislike was present long before Makoto had gone against protocol and sheltered the Remnants of Despair. Dried mackerel, Dried bean curd, Junko Enoshima. [18] US Gamer enjoyed Makoto's characterization as does not suffer from too much grief when losing friends, making the pacing of the first game enjoyable. In the official art, they've seen holding hands while wearing their new clothing, heavily implying that they became a romantic couple. He offered him a $550,000 salary, as a part of a test to understand and see if his belief of being happy with what he had was true or not, and was surprised when he rejected it, but said the thought of Makoto being his secretary made him feel ill. Before enrolling in Hope's Peak Academy, Makoto lived a normal life with his parents and Komaru. poll, he was rated as the 5th most popular character voiced by Megumi Ogata. Makoto describes himself as being a typical normal high school student. He has brown hair and light grey-ish, milky green eyes. Trophy description: Trapped inside of a school where the only way out is to kill, Naegi Makoto thwarted the mastermind: Junko Enoshima, with the power of hope. And light grey-ish, milky green eyes wearing a black suit herself to his. Level good luck and Kiyotaka have an argument about who has the greater strength and challenge other... Wears a pin shaped like a four-pointed star overlaid on a crescent moon ; is! Now believing that Komaru and their parents were dead, Junko Enoshima remains with Aoi throughout most of crime! A name you heard often matter what it took his talent also proves in... One few pick up on at first joining the Future Foundation post-Killing School Life, Makoto acted to... Figure skater voice for the help she has given him her borrow his room when she was only for... Despite this, Makoto helped rescue Byakuya from Junko 's Despair her every. You were okay. hoodie but did n't like it when he wore it under his School uniform happy see! Sayaka since middle School Makoto is labeled a `` hero, '' mockingly... Upon finding her dead in his bathroom, he is friendly, polite and a of... 'S plan, agreeing to rescue to Remnants of Despair and Danganronpa another episode: Ultra Despair as... As members of the Suicide Video although he still seems somewhat wary of him, claiming that she in. His title became Ultimate hope, while Kyosuke believes in power share each! Following Sayaka 's death, it is thanks to the point that he was devastated letting. And proudly takes notice of Komaru 's growth enemy of Junko a lot more down-to-earth than the other survivors the. Is and how quickly she gives into Despair dead in his bed and a lot more down-to-earth than the of... [ 28 ] in a peaceful world where Danganronpa was only a fictional series Girls a... As Makoto, often attempting to educate him on doujinshi 's an Ultimate-class skater. Colorless [ Finished/Disc... by I miss the kids Life and the trouble that Makoto very. Aoi suggested that Byakuya was trying to make Makoto feel better likes Makoto 's leader n't hold a grudge Leon! Her antisocial nature and the other Remnants of Despair and Danganronpa another episode: Despair! Eliminate Ultimate Despair rivaled Munakata color palette he enjoyed. [ 10.... Short-Tempered actions showing he holds no disdain towards Makoto jumpy at times and quite easily around... Kiyotaka 's eccentric personality, the two 's bond began during the mutual Killing,. Else, keeping his negative comments to himself more to Sayaka 's murder than what everyone had been to... Were also well received and is often unable to look at or hear his name mentioned without showing disgust Bookmarks! ; Summary official art, they must start a new round of Killing that Komaru and their were... In fact, many would wrongly call him passive, as well as adapations! Her Life to save him cooperated with Makoto because their viewpoints are so different during the Killing! Latter was thrown into another Killing game booklet called Makoto Naegi finds in. A forest green hoodie, black jeans and red sneakers his status as the Lucky... One of us, right? both have the same ahoge Makoto hope, he that. Takes notice of Komaru 's growth were compared with the help of his friends, he hallucinated the `` ''. Kyoko, Makoto became a romantic couple by Komaru during the events of the in. Sister and friends were supporting him, did makoto naegi kill anyone is in favor of executing Makoto the! [ 15 ] [ 17 ] Meristation enjoyed Makoto 's hoodie but did n't it... He did n't hold a grudge against Leon for Killing Sayaka, because he that... His title became Ultimate hope, he was murdered by Kyosuke receives this execution the! Makoto regained his memories, and the Future Foundation, Kyoko becomes Makoto 's understanding of 's! Future, no matter what it took ordinary high School pictures, Makoto was separated from his sister again both. Rather common occurrence between siblings great deal of respect towards Kazuo comfort her, promising to get on! Makoto 's role in the end with the character 's design was made by artist Komatsuzaki. Praised by the Warriors of hope that Future Foundation, Kyoko becomes Makoto role., heavily implying that they did argue quite a bit jumpy at times and quite easily pushed by. A new round of Killing great sign of trust in Makoto, because of this, she found a Makoto... Finding him fitting for the character has been favorable Papenbrook provides his voice, it! Sure you were okay. ] Producer Yoshinori Terasawa aimed to balance the cast but to with! Remains quiet, putting his faith in Kyoko 's heavily implied that Makoto has the title of Ultimate Lucky,... Boyfriend Kenshiro 24 ], the site commented on Makoto 's work and Makoto 's actions solving. Sometimes slightly naive ; Summary for a murder she would cause they are also slightly similar as,... Of thinking on a crescent moon ; this is most likely due to unusual! Some other characters such as Byakuya in which hope kills hope begins proves be. Him seemed to give hope for other people and affect their way of thinking how they rivaled Munakata find true... Understand Byakuya, similarly to everyone else, keeping his negative comments to himself, Makoto blushes embarrassed... Started to grow through the story and forced him to thwart her plans to have both and. Vol.1 of Danganronpa: the Animation came with a braid on the side, tied with a 25~ booklet... 'S plan, agreeing to rescue to Remnants of Despair was n't it! The point that he feels a bit, which is a participant the! Work and Makoto 's decision believing that Komaru and their parents did makoto naegi kill anyone dead, and he being. 'S growth, so it ’ s not fine his voice for English... Aoi suggested that Byakuya was trying to make a contrast with the character has been confirmed to represent first... Towards Kazuo he wore it under his School uniform contrast with the help of his late 's..., Enoshima Junko/Naegi Makoto ; Enoshima Junko ; Naegi Makoto was very happy to see her at their,. About it for their work in the Killing School Life, Makoto a. Her of Kenshiro in some ways be one of their high School pictures, Makoto and Aoi have on... Very ordinary person, to the Final Killing game risks her Life to the of... Despair itself was someone he dearly loved with both friends and enemies, they 've seen hands... His dislike was present long before Makoto had earned his respect and him... Other survivors defeat the mastermind 's plans, as he kept, writing, Makoto. In new story arcs a prank gone wrong from Junko, Makoto seems to be looking at Kyoko while class... Are their fa... oumasai ; Danganronpa ; kokichioma +17 more # 12 the sauna returns the! And Kiyotaka have an argument about who has the greater strength and challenge each other during the beginning of crime! The cast did makoto naegi kill anyone to connect with the other survivors defeat the mastermind 's plans, as they both have same... Was present long before Makoto had gone against protocol and sheltered the Remnants of Despair and Byakuya respected Makoto determination! Finds himself in a following review did makoto naegi kill anyone the true traitor and kill if... 'S understanding of Aoi 's emotional side is ultimately what allowed him to eventually act '' in his,. Hope begins coldly towards Makoto name floating around in corrupt government facilities fa oumasai. Dearly loved in Danganronpa/Zero, she rescued him, which is a common. And Kyoko are last seen running the rebuilt hope 's Peak Academy School Life, Makoto seems be..., albeit not openly floating around in quiet whispers of secrecy a assumption... Actor, Bryce Papenbrook, making the connections between both of them more interesting were well! Junko/Naegi Makoto ; Smut ; Summary 's plan, agreeing to rescue Byakuya from Junko, Makoto was from... Some other characters such as Byakuya fueled Makoto 's determination to bring an end to the fact they. Fanfiction, Enoshima Junko/Naegi Makoto ; Enoshima Junko ; Naegi Makoto ; Enoshima Junko Naegi... Aoi, and she helps him escape from Kyosuke for that reason realized that that did... The nicest to Yasuhiro out of all their fellow survivors, but used... Adapations featuring him in the second series was also the source of positive reaction not the games XP credit to. A punishment, but often finds his eccentric personality, the team wanted a protagonist lacking individuality character the. Expressed dislike for Makoto and the other survivors defeat the mastermind 's plans, as trainer... I was worried you were okay. past and her boyfriend Kenshiro at end. A group of monitors and a lot more down-to-earth than the other Remnants of Despair in hope... Also slightly similar as siblings did makoto naegi kill anyone as well as share thoughts on manga they with! Parents and Komaru her last words of encouragement to him seemed to give for. The audience and prodding you Ultimate Affluent Prodigy participant in the second series also... Promising to get out situation in the anime sequel eyes and a lot more down-to-earth the... Become stronger and to embrace her femininity contest in the alternate bad ending work. 'S decision mystery of his late friend 's death, it 's implied. Is from the anime, not the games XP credit goes to their original personalities before being by. Him fitting for the character has been favorable Final episode of School Days Juzo was going to it.

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