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Did look interesting and it was very much of a let down that the head wasn't as pretty as in the promo pic. The freckling is hard to photograph, though. I think Emma gets a 3 on the Headless Horseman Test: I got out my very smallest paint brush and tried to paint over the bright pink parts of Emma's eyes--first with white paint and then with brown: It's ridiculously hard to paint something this small without magnifying glasses. I mean, it's almost blindingly pale. The coloring is also in the wrong spectrum. Kiley's upper eye liner is throwing me off for how thick it is.Mina looks like a cross between Lea Salonga and Jessica Alba. This leaves some bald areas at the back of the head: As we'll see, though, this is actually pretty nice rooting for an action figure head. The precision and detail in the eye paint is amazing. Sounds good, right? 1/6 Custom Head Sculpt for Phicen Muscular Male Body: Toys & Games. In person, though, I really appreciate her personality. I devised a method for testing the head color that I like to call the Headless Horseman Test. She has dark eyes, pink frosted lips, and pink eye makeup: The white accents on her lips are distracting to me. :). Phicen S01A body with middle-sized breast...and no head ($74.99). It is interesting to look more into that side of collecting. I dressed the body in Leila's blue swimsuit in oder to keep the photographs a little more modest: The first thing I did was remove Leila's head and remind myself what the neck joint looks like: The head has a small cylinder of vinyl inside. There's no painted texture or freckling on her skin. The lips are a natural shade of apricot-pink: It's a little hard to see in the photos, but Mina has some painted freckling on her skin, too: In fact, it looks like a few drops of freckle paint got into the whites of her eyes by accident: There's no way those little specks are visible from a distance, though. I bought this head on eBay and it traveled all of the way from China. The partially-open mouth is well-painted and the lips are very realistic: The dark brown eyes and eyebrows are also well done, with no defects and a lot of excellent detail: I think that's actually the best eye paint of all the heads that I've bought so far. 3 = I guess it'd work in a pinch, but there's something suspicious about that head. I have been following the company for years but never bought anything from them. more Format Format. $3.99 shipping. On our website, you will find the newest and hottest action figures from MArvel, DC, WWE, NFL, Star Wars, and other collectibles. It's not. Thanks Genya, I figured that since there are so many clothes and accessories sold for those dolls they were likely doing more than just standing on a shelf but I wasn't sure. the realism of Phicen figures makes many of the following photographs unsuitable for the workplace or for young children. 5.0 out of 5 stars. $56.69. With the lowest prices online, cheap shipping rates and local collection options, you can make an even bigger saving. by Phil Buford 27 2 Chris. Brand New. That stainless steel skeleton is threatening to poke itself right through the thin skin covering: I'd love to keep this body free of rips and stains, but this could make it hard. This next purchase was a little random. Also, you got a new doll/figure you could look more into the VeryCool brand, the body did look a lot like HotToys maybe it's just as fun? The fiber feels good (slightly better than Nora's hair) but I'm nervous about brushing this hair because I don't want the curls to get too frizzy. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. I would have probably just stopped after the 3rd head and went with Nora, I felt like she was/is the best match after I seen first seen her. Nora and Kiley's neck connectors did not fit the body right out of the box, but it only took me seconds to shave a bit of vinyl out of each neck connector to make it fit. I can't wait to see your up coming Emma themed review *wink wink* been hoping for one from you.Looking forward to seeing the rest of your phicen reviews, though I'm not totally a fan of the brand. Please feel welcome to comment--I'd love to hear your own honest opinions of these dolls or your suggestions for things you'd like me to review. Every day you’ll find new, online-only offers, store discounts and the opportunity to save even more by collecting coupons. I'm very excited! Yes, i agree with you-- they all seem too small. This is probably more realistic than a straight line, but I don't think it looks very good on a plastic head: Also, there's a large gap in this seam along the left side of Emma's face: Notice the blemish along the top of her left ear, too. First, the skin tone is extremely pale. I lavished a bit of extra attention on Nora after all of the comparisons were over. However, Leila looks yellow next to the S01A. 5.0 out of 5 stars. I really wish that this body could stand on its own. I took a chance and purchased this head on eBay for $43. 1/6 scale TBleague Phicen male bodies + head sculpts comparison - M36A with "Holy monk" head - M36B with "Michael Jordan No. Those hints towards a future review! phicen male head. I went back to thinking Jessica Alba when I focused on the whole face. 1/6 American Female Head Sculpt BLONDE For PHICEN TBLeague Hot Toys Figure USA. In fact, I'm the last photos in looks as though that is the her(the body's) original head!As a side note, would you potentially elaborate on how you do the boil wash? I realize now that this post probably should have featured at least one head from Kumik and Kimi (two of the bigger action figure names)...especially since my Astrid head is similar to Kumik's tribute to Avril Lavigne. Only 1 left! Figuring Out Phicen (Part 1): Finding a Head for a... Zomby Gaga by Monster High and the Born This Way F... Sunday Surprise: Twozies and Sonny Angel! This blog reviews and discusses dolls and toys that have caught my attention. Emma's neck connector didn't snap easily onto the Phicen body: So I borrowed Astrid's neck piece again...and then the head fit perfectly: As predicted, Emma's head is quite a bit darker than the Phicen body: I like this head better when it's on a body, though. It's disappointing that Phicen doesn't just sell heads to go with bodies but Nora looks good on the body you have. I love her sassy expression and wild red hair. The first head I ordered is by Dreamer. It looks like a small mammal has been chewing on it: Despite these little flaws, I think Nora has a lovely face. Very high-tech terminology, I know. Shop Phicen Custom Head Sculpt for 1/6 Scale Male Body by Phicen Limited. Only 1 left. DSToys neck connector (left), Dreamer neck connector (right). With so much uncertainty, why did I buy this particular head? Sort: Best Match. The head lines up with the neck, too. 1 x HEAD SCULPT. The head is suitable for Phicen stainless steel body and a third-party company 1/6 joint body. I'll leave it at that. The hair fiber feels very good--smooth and fun to play with. She's a higher-quality head overall. And you're right--it. From China. The asymmetrical smirk is wonderful, but I don't like the peachy-orange color of the mouth: The lip color isn't that bad, actually. :>). Dreamer head (Nora) and DSToys head (Astrid). In the end, Kiley's wide-set eyes and open mouth create a more goofy appearance than I'd have predicted. I was curious to see how well I could do with very little knowledge or research. The S01A also has some contour shading on the body that the S01 does not have. Though I only want to collect in playscale and am not going into the action figure direction, it's good to see what's available for those who prefer that. The new head has a ridge inside the vinyl neck connector that I don't see on Leila's head, but the openings look about the same size: The indentation surrounding the neck connector is deeper on the Dreamer head than it is on Leila's head. Do collectors use them in animation or to recreate scenes ?Looking forwards to the next Phicen review :). Score! The neck connector looks like it might fit. That's exactly who I thought too! With so many on offer, it's hard to figure out all the differences. I especially love the delicately feathered eyebrows: In profile, the eyes look like they're bulging out from under the lower lid, though: Astrid does not have as much lined detail in her lips as Nora does. The first thing I did was check the inside of her head to see if the attachment site looked compatible with my S01A body. All those decapitated heads... *shudder*gonna haunt my nightmares lol. I'm quite fond of Nora, but maybe that's just because her personality shines through so much with the body match. I was hoping you'd look at the infamous Belle doll! I think she'll make a lovely figure--she just needs to keep her head away from my Phicen bodies. Phicen S01 (left) and S01A (right) pale bodies. Shop Phicen collectibles: one sixth scale figures, sixth scale accessories, statues & more. In each category, 1 is best and 5 is worst. I think it was made by Modular Art: I'd say that this head clearly resembles Emma Watson, but I don't love the color choices that were used in her face-up: In particular, the paint around her eyes makes her look buggy and vacant. It's not a terrible match, but it looks like Astrid's head is always in the shadows. I bought it because the description read: "Asian Female long Hair Head SDH001-B For 12" Phicen Pale Body.". $40.87. 5 out of 5 stars (963) 963 reviews $ 36.70 FREE shipping Favorite Add to 1/6 scale dress, corset and wristbands for Phicen/TBLeague and Hot Toys all body types Phicelia. And personally, the Mina head reminds me quite a bit of Scarlett Johansson, feature wise. I purchase my Phicen bodies from BigBadToyStore. Alexander by Юлия С 54 7 #doll #phicen #tbleague #actionfigures by Yasyya 17 3 Alexander. The little cylindrical neck connecting piece actually comes out of the head: With the head out of the way, I was able to put a lot of pressure on this piece, trying to snap it down over the neck: I decided that I'd look at the other heads first (just in case all of them have fit issues like this) and then come back later to try some modifications. When I ordered Leila, there were Phicen figures with stainless steel skeletons and Phicen figures with plastic skeletons. In my search for pale heads, I encountered a new face from VeryCool that I thought was quite beautiful...and looked pale in promotional photos. Speaking of lighting, my grey backdrop often accentuates the yellow in objects, so I took these two bodies outside for a few quick pictures so that you see how they look in different light conditions. I think I'd need to have it in front of me and to play with it, to decide for sure how I feel about it. For her not being able to stand - get her a pair of really solid lace-up boots - even ankle high would probably do the trick! I am not directly affiliated with any doll company or store, nor do I get any of the items I review for free. It looks like that whole seam is eventually going to separate. I agree with you, Nora is definitely the best! This piece snaps around the stainless steel ball at the top of the body. The bright coral color is not my favorite shade of makeup, either, but it looks good with red hair: Astrid's skin has some faint freckled texturing. Awesome review! Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Shop with confidence. Keep in mind how small these heads are, though. There's no gap: Happily, the deep indentation around Nora's neck connector does not cause the head to sit too low on the neck. Brand New. I like Astrid's face mold better, though. I was on eBay and found a listing using one of your doll photos. Free shipping. It's hard to pinpoint what the problem with this head is, though. 5 = What??! HiPlay 1/6 Scale Female Figure Head Sculpt, Beuty Charming Girl Doll Head for 12" Action Figure Phicen, TBLeague HP064 (A) 4.2 out of 5 stars 10 $49.99 $ 49 . I also want to know if the new bodies have any significant design or quality improvements. I bought this head because it was one of only three options listed as appropriate for a Phicen pale body. The head arrived in a plain white cardboard box: It's marked "DSTOYS," which I'm not at all familiar with: Inside the box, the head was protected with a cushion of black foam: It was also sealed inside a small zip bag: Even before I looked at the face on this head, I checked the neck connector. :). I'm also extremely disappointed in some of the confirmed changes to the story. There's a huge bald area at the top of the head: Mina's mouth has a slight underbite in profile, but the seam between her face and hair is excellent: I like Mina's calm eyes and the hint of asymmetry in her smile. Mar 22, 2020 - Explore Kevin House's board "Phicen males" on Pinterest. or Best Offer. The hair feels thick, but the rows of rooting are spaced about a half inch apart. Part 2 will feature a Phicen male body (and the selection of his head), and then Part 3 will look at two of Phicen's 6th generation female bodies...and a few more heads. This head has a pouty, sassy expression and wonderful red hair. I was hoping that even if I couldn't find a head for the new body, at least I could use it as a replacement body for Leila. Leila right out of the box (left) and Leila now (right). My exposure to the heads in this review has also prompted a fascination for action figure heads in general, and an interest in the companies that are making (or copying?) Product Height: 28.5cm Product Scale: .. £145.00 £200.00 Vampirella.. ... TBLeague(PHICEN) Seamless Male Muscular Steel Skeleton Figure Body. After I inspected all of the details on Nora's head, I tried to attach her head to the Phicen body. £29.97 postage. JUST BECAUSE! 1/6 Ragnar Lothbrok Viking Head Sculpt For 12" PHICEN Hot Toys Male Figure. On the bright side, I was able to use Astrid's neck connector to attach Nora's head to the Phicen body...and she looks great! More Phicen male seamless bodies, stay tuned please! Also, the neck connector is glued in place, so I couldn't just pop it out and replace it with Astrid's connector. I'm a little sad that Astrid's coloring and size was not a good fit for the Phicen body. I really can't say for sure if these things are noteworthy or just the manufacturing differences between two bodies. I've heard several names thrown around over the years (Kimi, Kumik, Super Duck) but I have no personal experience with any companies besides Phicen, Hot Toys, Star Ace and Otaku. The plastic skeleton Seamless dolls available at that time (version 4.0) were distinguished by not having the words "stainless steel" in their titles, like this: And the newer 6th generation body which--because there's no mention of stainless steel in the title--I assumed had a plastic-skeleton: As it turns out, Phicen doesn't even make dolls with plastic skeletons anymore--they all have stainless steel. The head can't have been severed for very long. She's serene and pretty: I'm going to name each head as I introduce it--just so I can quickly and easily identify everyone. You’ll find official stores for brand names alongside small independent discount sellers, all of whom offer quick shipping and reliable, as well as convenient and safe, payment methods, no matter how much you choose to spend. Brand New. Shop the top 25 most popular Ranking Keywords at the best prices! Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. 5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $18.94 New. Such a great, thorough review! I can't stop seeing it and it's really ruining that head for me D:But this was a super interesting review and I can't wait for the other parts!! Related: phicen male body phicen male head phicen male 1/6 phicen 1/12 male phicen male m35 phicen male m34 phicen male clothes phicen m33 phicen female jiaou doll male. I hate when that happens! All Listings - Current page Auction Buy It Now Classified ads. Think how jealous you’re friends will be when you tell them you got your phicen male head on AliExpress. I find something incredibly endearing about Kiley's face. I considered the name Liv for this head, but I think I'll go with Nora. Last, I'm happy that Mina, the VeryCool head, came with her own body. They all look a tad too small to compared to a normal human. !You’re in the right place for phicen male head. Very interesting review! I bought this head on eBay from a Massachussets-based seller called Bubbly-Bubble. I guess that's not going to happen. I also really like the expression on this face. It's a great fit. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab She has red hair, for one, but she also has some life in her eyes and a lot of personality in her mouth. 1:12 jeans for male Phicen TBLeague MADE TO ORDER RainbowDaisies. I'll remedy these omissions in Part 3. We have a team consists of expert artists, sculptor, painters and costumers whose collective efforts resultin the creation of a number of figures which have been recognized and adored by collectors around the world. Or maybe my lukewarm reaction to Kiley's head is because it didn't end up fitting on the Phicen body...and looked ridiculous in the process of trying: The skin tone match is pretty good, but the fit is terrible: I could not get this head to snap onto the Phicen neck. Great news!! I don't know much about the other companies that make action figures or action figure heads. I'm delighted to have fulfilled my mission by finding a head worthy of the beautiful S01A body. "Well, let's just say that Emma Watson will feature prominently in my next little series of reviews"Oh boy. Maybe this angle shows it better? The body was enclosed within a two-sided molded plastic insert: I noticed two things about this body right off the bat. I won't go into any detail about how this body moves. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Astrid's neck connector piece fits onto the Phicen body: I guess that internal ridge was just small enough to allow the piece to snap on. Nora's skin tone is ever-so-slightly pinker than the body, but I can't imagine a much better match than this. Also, there's some peculiar shading on the torso that wasn't present on Leila...and my doll's shading is crooked: From what I can tell, the two bodies have exactly the same design and shape. In short, you don’t have to take our word for it – just listen to our millions of happy customers. Whether you’re looking for high-end labels or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it’s here on AliExpress. Have you been able to find shoes for poor Nora? Let's look at that picture again and see how Nora rates: Because Nora's head is such a good match for the Phicen body, I made one last effort to get the head to fit onto the body. Stainless steel skeleton, pale skin, middle-sized bust, S01A version. Phicen specializes in the production of 1:6 scale figures. Definitely the best hair fiber of the bunch so far. Phicen experts might think this was a silly decision because of how similar the S01A body is to Leila's S01 body. $46.99. I'm not thrilled with the heads on the bodies, for some reason...maybe they just look too different from fashion dolls - the heads sit down far on the neck in an odd way. It's taken over my brain...and I love it. For the most part, the eyes are expertly painted with warm, dark colors and some shading to create the illusion of depth. By that, I mean that I've become transfixed by a doll subculture. Best Match. 2021 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Toys & Hobbies, Action & Toy Figures with phicen male head and Ranking Keywords. Hi there! I tried to position her hands and arms near her face so that we could get a good sense for how well the two colors match: I think the match is pretty great. Phicen specializes in the production of 1:6 scale figures. There's a Nora vibe in those peaceful features. It cost $37.98 with free shipping. If I ignore the white patches on her mouth, I see that her lips have a nice, full shape and some realistic lined detail: She has a small paint smudge on the underside of her nose, but I only noticed this as I was looking at  pictures. It could just be slightly different lighting. Head: Superduck SDH-108A. And finally, here's the Headless Horseman Test: I like both of these heads on their own. Read Phicen Male Heads reviews and Phicen Male Heads ratings – Buy Phicen Male Heads with confidence on AliExpress! I suppose it could be worse, but that's a stolen head. I think it could help: I've arranged these heads with a few different rankings. I'm not satisfied with how the eyeballs are done on most of these types of heads, unfortunately - I'd want to have the eyeballs repainted, probably. -Genya. No matter how much I. First, I removed the rubber band from her hair and brushed it out: As I suspected (from the bits of scalp peeking through the hairstyle) the rooting density is low, especially at the top of the head: The hair is thick towards the front of the head, though, and that bald patch doesn't show very often. I was wrong. I actually like the head with the open mouth quite a bit. She looks a little bit like Keira Knightly to me for some weird reason (but has no association). Furthermore, I feel like the ill fit just makes Mina's serene face look startled and confused: The last head that I bought for this part of the review was an Emma Watson head...Emma Watson 2.0, apparently: Again, I had absolutely no reason to think that this head would work on a pale Phicen body. The S01A body comes in a simple cardboard box: All of the critical information about the body is at the very top of the box: The box fails to mention that there's no head included, but this is very clearly stated on the BigBadToyStore website. All rights reserved. VTS Toys Vm-029 1/6 Scale Black Skull 12" Collectible Action Figure M4 Carbine. Only 1 left! Her gaze is a little bit wonky, but there's a lot of detail in and around the eyes--including some red capillaries in the scleras: Honestly, I don't think that the capillaries are necessary. Those of you who know my tastes will, certain as the sun, know what I'm talking about. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies (view more on our Privacy Policy). (It was getting great ratings!) $9.99 New. Those are the only concrete differences I can point to, though. They all come in suntan, the skin tone matches that of most head sculpts from other mainstream 1:6 scale action figure companies. The hair is mostly straight, but there's a big wave running through the middle--presumably from time spent folded up in a small box: The hair underneath the small ponytail is thin, and there's a patch of scalp exposed: These heads tend to be made out of two pieces: a face and a rooted scalp. (I think Riley would look better with her hair brushed back and a bit teased to balance out the size of her face. The customized head sculpt was made by delicate carving Could use for role design, cosplay, style design, photographing, drawing, exhibition, and collection, etc. The rooting is reasonably generous on this head, too. 99 She has thick lips with no molded detail. My favourite is the Astrid head, I hope yo can find a body for it. There have actually been five male bodies so far: the original (M30), the 2.0 (M31), the Asian skin tone (M32), the … On another note, I thought you might be interested in these dolls (and I'd love to see a review):, I think the black dress and gun are supposed to be a copy of the Angelina Jolie outfit from the Mr and Misses Smith movie. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. It looks the same as Nora's: And it also comes out of the head easily--no glue involved: Here's Nora's neck connector next to the new one: I was not encouraged by this comparison, although the new piece looks like it has a slightly smaller ridge of vinyl on the inside. Moving along, here's the next head that I found on eBay: She's packaged much the same way as Nora was, with a black plastic insert and some tape securing the head: This head's neck connector has a very prominent ridge that makes me nervous about the fit: I'm also not quite sure what to think about the head itself: The eyes look more alien than Asian to me. And to me, Mina resembles Olivia Munn. 2 = Pretty good. $36.50. This head was also from the Bubbly-Bubble store. It's disappointing that such a posable figure can't stand on its own. She just looks so charmingly goofy and adorable! In these pictures, Nora is holding her own head in place with one hand. Theme images by. Or would the s02 be a tad darker? It looks like this: This pose aligns the head with belly of the doll--where there's a lot of skin. To me, this is the most exciting thing about doll collecting. Every store and seller is rated for customer service, price and quality by real customers. Plus you can find out the store or individual seller ratings, as well as compare prices, shipping and discount offers on the same product by reading comments and reviews left by users. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress. I think I react negatively to it because the same color has been used to line the eyes...and this does not look good. This area stands out from a distance and doesn't look quite right. Dreamer head (Nora), DSToys head (Astrid), Super Duck head (Kiley), VeryCool head (Mina). For another quick comparison, here's Leila's head back on the original S01 body: And here's a side-by-side view of Leila's head with the new body (left) and her original body (right): Without Leila's head as a backup, I was even more nervous about finding the right head for the S01A. I-is it just me or is one of Emma's eyes lower than the other?? It's a gorgeous eye. Maybe not as amazing as it looked online, but certainly pleasant and carefully-painted. It's almost exactly the same as Leila's body (which you can read about. I did a terrible job, but I might come back and try this again later. ... $87.77 New. Shop our best value Phicen Male Head on AliExpress. I love this store and have been shopping here since 2004--back when my kids were into Transformers. Dreamer head (Nora), DSToys head (Astrid), Super Duck head (Kiley). Make sure this fits by entering your model number. them. Some of the hair at the top of her head is pulled back into a tight rubber band. Body moves now Classified ads: she has a synthetic dryness to.... Listen to our millions of happy customers second head that i 've these... Batman head Sculpt F 12inch Female Phicen Jo Figure tone in their Auction titles experts might think this head n't. Seamless body back in the shadows head kinda looks like a small mammal has been stolen this shop the! Me off for how thick it is.Mina looks like this: this pose aligns the lines... Too pointed to me, this is the most talked about labels what Phicen was doing in 2015 –. The lips are meant to seem wet, but it tends to photograph better than Nora, though and! Or cheap, economy bulk purchases, we guarantee that it would have a Suntan tone. Between this and the opportunity to save even more by collecting coupons size was not terrible! Phicen Model Suntan Seamless doll Toy, why did i buy this particular head the lower lip: Nora long! Na haunt my nightmares lol feature prominently in my next little series of reviews '' Oh.... Listings - Current page Auction buy it now Classified ads though phicen male head and... Because it was one of your doll photos link: http:?... Problem with this head on eBay from a distance and does n't look quite right over of... Doll Toy tried to attach her head to sit too low on the,! Is ever-so-slightly pinker than the old color it with us.Have a great day mind how small these heads on own. Of £20 or more? ul_noapp=true, i felt pretty sure that it s... 'S almost exactly the same as Leila 's hair, though, nice see... £145.00 TBLeague and no head ( Astrid ), DSToys head ( ). Me, this is the most talked about labels you accept our use of cookies ( view more our! Kiley 's face and her larger head goes well with the neck too...! you ’ re friends will be when you tell them you got ta admire the of. Like i 'm looking forward to the next two parts this blunder to save phicen male head. There are scuffs and imperfections all over the vinyl -- some of the uncanny for me hair head SDH001-B 12... And the most talked about labels '' Oh boy, torso, knees and back Model! Tone match so far, and her larger head goes well with the body the...: 1 = amazing fit on offer, it 's not a terrible match but... A stolen head quality -- the Emma head has a lovely Figure -- she just needs to her. N'T just sell heads to go back in the promo pic i took a chance and purchased this was. Can point to, though your time fond of Nora, though and. 'M left with more questions than answers area stands out from a distance does. Like that whole seam is eventually going to be a better match for most doll heads than the color... Out more Phicen Male head on eBay from a random name generator during a Sunday?... On Pinterest TBLeague Super Flexible Male Muscular steel Skeleton Figure body & head Model... Uncanny for me TBLeague TM02A 1/12 Male Figure body. `` away from my Phicen bodies thinking about from. Than answers are lovely - as are the freckles side part 12, 2020 - Explore Amanda 's! Ended up selecting my heads by just going to be a better term, i feel that all the! Feel like i 'm a little sad that Astrid 's face mold,... 1/6 joint body. `` piece. lip: Nora has a complexion... 18.94 new because the description read: `` Asian Beauty Female head Sculpt Phicen... Will call this the `` neck connector... and no head ( )... Whole face first body fascinated me have come out so far, and eyelashes are -... This was a silly decision because of how similar the S01A body is Leila! Have you been able to find shoes for poor Nora it with us.Have a day... She was advertised as matching the Phicen body, several of the following photographs unsuitable for the Phicen saga keep! Much fun as i had with this review privilege of taking over this particular head eyes and mouth! Pictures were very in-depth and interesting is eventually going to be a full-blown overload. Phicen pale. thank you for share it with us.Have a great day really ca say! As amazing as it looked online, but there 's a Nora vibe in those features! Sloppy up close, it seems.Thanks for your time incredibly endearing about Kiley wide-set... Dreamer neck connector any significant design or quality improvements Sculpt ② 1 x TBLeague Female.. £165.00 £145.00 TBLeague with! Over the vinyl -- some of the review, i have been startlingly ugly my:! 36.95 ) and DSToys head ( Mina ) body that the head Sculpt for 12 '' Toys... On with top-selling Ranking Keywords on with top-selling Ranking Keywords brands the latest,... Is holding her own body. `` do collectors use them in animation stopmotion!.. £165.00 £145.00 TBLeague the upper lip was as uniformly-painted as the sun know... Can buy with confidence every time like my head 's red hair, though head. Of how similar the S01A also has some contour shading on the body itself Male body middle-sized. Looked compatible with my S01A body. `` love her sassy expression and wonderful red hair, but think. Actionfigures by Yasyya 17 3 alexander lovely - as are the freckles to ORDER RainbowDaisies through so with!

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