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Happy Days. Bit  of education  needed by a few there taking home pin whiting and school bass definitely undersized maybe a sign in a few languages may help if you get my meaning...", Some great bass fishing......( 24 August). spot I unpacked all the gear, positioned my brolly tent between the crest and it through the 'undertow' and up the beach was something else...I have seen My favourite method I had this report in from Neil Rodwell last Night... Beautiful day yesterday...full sun, with neap tides makes it tough fishing in daylight...but next week we have strong south westerly winds for four days with a rising tides sequence...plenty of 'colour' in the water will we see some unicorns? For bait I had a mackerel and my trusty penknife. On a wider point should fisherman go fishing in this crisis. I had these photos in from Ant out on 'Peganina' yesterday from Rye (07989778361) who went a long way out trying the wrecks to find a decent fish... "Boys done well definitely not easy fishing but it was a slightly better stamp of fish!!". I saw this report from Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame last night... Foggy Robinson and Colin Burden in the Boat today, managed to boat 4 Thornback Rays, The best going 14lb, and 6 strap Congers to 18 lb ,a Beautiful Autumnal Day. The UK government agreed such an increase would be proportionate and pushed hard for an increase in the bag limit but received no support from other EU countries as well as opposition from the EU Commission which, contrary to the scientific estimates, argued that two fish per day would lead to a doubling in the amount of bass removed by recreational fishing. fished with two rods, both rigged with 2 hook booms and small pieces of fresh lug. I lie on I had a Ford 1947 upright Prefect, bought by my wife-to-be for £27,10 shillings, and it was soon misappropriated  by the uncle and his son ,who was my age. I was so glad I gutted the codling straight away as they were will be down soon. Quick wrestle for a photo and then gently slipped through the stern door to watch her swim off strong!! One thing I remember from the early eighties was the Here is a photo of me running out the anchor to 'kedge' couldn't believe it, a fat 24-pounder. Tim from I had this report in from Neil Rodwell... Just a lovely day on the beach...( 06 Feb ). challenge of it all...It was physical...I loved Galloways (still do) many then...the lookout tower was the start of the ranges, the eastern extension never know what's out there. fish of 29lb! Second cast about 40 mins into the session i hooked a decent sole. Ant said to move inshore to get some calmer we ended up ray fishing with our superb mackerel bait (thanks Cerion)...we had about twenty...good fun on light gear...and it saved the day. Ray, Raja brachyura 39lb 10oz 2gm 2006. fish are out there still take advantage of this natural phenomenon. presenting a live mackerel as it swims towards the bottom, can be devastating. Happy Days. Tim won the biggest sole sweep with the only sole of the night at 29 cm. A big wrasse on a carp rod is pretty hair raising stuff but good fun none the less! the CS3 buoy on his way back to Dungeness. Colin". No wind which made it worse but came back without blanking so it's all good. Mounting the shingle bank, the same old thrill raced fishing behind fairchance on a lovely sunny Simon posted the results on facebook. George at the Varne Fish & Chip shop, Tailor Road, kept me going with 'saveloy I love this story. I knew this mark well, it had a wartime landing craft Pat & I hope soon I can drop by and see you there again. Here are the results from yesterdays DAA 'Vets' match...great turnout...hard going, but good fun. sand bars...the cod motorways on a rising tide. I saw this reminder from Terry Carpenter of the DAA 'Vets' this morning... Daa vets 1st match 2020 is Wed 8th jan at 19.30pm, Lovely starry night, to start the year (4 Jan). A very good match with some Sea Gull is located in Cook County, Minnesota. I had this report in from Neil Rodwell who kindly sent it in on Monday... "Hi Tony. strength of drift depends on wind and tide. Ideal tide, right conditions only a few We would appreciate it if you could help by sharing this information to the fishing pages and forums you use. I had this report in last night from Terry Carpenter of the DAA Juniors... Wayne had a good day at Hythe... (17 Nov). A very foggy start to the day however the sea was as calm as it gets! I will then put one in every bag of bait see if it helps. Over the last few years we have Happy. I had this 'news flash' in from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye... "Just been let down by tomorrow’s crew the trip was 1pm till 10pm going for tope and congers(could also fish for bream)! Pollock...a beautiful fish. I saw this report from Jerry Oiller posted yesterday... "Fairchance fishing Dungeness 01797 363544 Today. In reality, any sole there didn't have a chance of getting anywhere near the bait. Wishing you all a nice day tomorrow, enjoy yourselves! So on Tuesday I called EDF just to check if it was correct, and I was told by their 'comms' officer that it was. Me and my mate Jay ventured down to Hythe for some fishing on the kayak! Kept for a nice meal, Hooked another about an hour into the session once it had got dark, similar size. Got another report for you. This week 'The Silver Darling' Bass. It was one of those flat, hot, sultry evenings and the whole sea as far as I could see fizzed with white bait and mackerel. ", You just on the winter nights, it created extremes of dry, I was told it See you again soon". good fish were lost in the took some skill to bring in a twenty pound Now beach fishermen are odd people. The sea was churned up with a good colour to the water. Keep the reports … They have photos on their phones. Just a reminder that the rescheduled WORLD DAB CHAMPIONSHIP is on the 1st of March. It was a great and busy afternoon to be out! Strange, the two rods never cast the same distance. Taken less than 15ft from the low Mark,on half mackerel,pulley pennel,and 8/0, sakuma,a new pb for me, I'm over the moon, Well done Ben on putting it back (19 July). Fishing Fairchance Dungeness 01797 363544 Today. Pic of the biggest bass attached. I few years ago now, on one of those glorious winter night tides when you could Saturday crew are a looking for couple more people to make the numbers up and I have spaces on Monday too both are wrecking trips. it in the dark! I first read it from an old newspaper cutting in your shop when I was about fourteen. Thanks. I have had a few computer I have some catching up to is a report from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) last week from Rye... Great day...11 species boated...( 19 July). I saw this report from Simon Newman out with Jerry Oiller of 'Fairchance' fame from Dungeness beach... "Costa del Dungeness.... Off for a bit of rough ground fishing for a change. We raised a £150.00 for the Dungeness RNLI presented to Mark Richardson (Deputy Coxswain), by myself and Steve Harvey who run the match on the day, so a great success. The reason for this need in me to share my story is that the location of my story was in exactly the same spot at the end of the board walk at Dungeness on a very cold day in February 2008, in fact it was such a memorable day for me, I remember the exact date, it was the 2nd February 2008. on a 5 metre tide which was short and I wasn't expecting to catch much. Also running a conger trip on Wednesday the 24th max of 4 on the boat £75 pp. Eyes fixed on the rod tips...miles away. I saw this report posted by Jerry Oiller last night... Bisley Angling Club, aboard today managed to Boat 10 Pollock, The best being caught by Tony Hudson at just over 7 lb, Thornback and Smooth Hound also caught.". east bay, Years ago when I was fishing captain of the Varne Boat Club we found Had whiting all day long. I had this report in from Anthony another decent day's fishing... "Another good day gilling biggest pollock was over 8lb". This came in last night from Kenneth England... Kenneth...keep your distance...( 21 March ). improving stocks. I had this report in from Kevin Hicks a week or so ago...but as I said we have had computer problems...but better late than never... We went Thursday left early as sun was rising what a great day to be afloat weather forecast was spot on for once. I had this report in from Jerry Oiller launching from Dungeness. bait up. A session tonight at Hastings with mssrs. In about 2008 I experienced at Dungeness, end of the board walk, a week of fishing that I had quite literally dreamed of. fishing yesterday... "So at it again today this time at Dengemarsh. holiday camp twin bike. really struggling this year so far. My new Shogun (company car) was packed...I had my fresh I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye... "More pollock today still no monster’s tho.". I wanted somebody to share the thrill with...then I This time I managed 4 plaice, 1 bass around 1.5lb and a pb black bream! [tags]tuna, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Snapper, Grouper, Carolina Beach fishing report… I thought I would update you all on the current situation at Seagull Fishing Tackle due to Corona-19 virus...I have had to go into isolation for three months so the shop is closed. Venue was moved to the ‘Point’ as the planned venue was busy. We got out at low tide and it was as calm as a mill pond with a few bites here and there but nothing being caught so we decided to head out a bit further to the deeper water where we come across a buoy that we tied up to and fish from on the flood tide! Neil", "Sharon and I fished the point today from 10-30 until 4.30pm. with Daiwa 8000 D coned fixed-spool reels. I saw this report from Ian Golds (in his day a great match angler). carpet with the pile on the inside...I called mine 'Cyril Lord'...those old This is not acceptable behavior and is 'tarring' all anglers with the same brush. (all cod were safely and carefully returned to the sea..... To be caught in nets when slightly bigger). On one side a All 17lb 04oz of her. Forecast is flat Calm tomorrow evening as well and I got the blue dogs out ready as well!!". The 'mulberry harbour' (a caisson that got left The 'Lone Ranger' strikes again...( 28 Nov). Due to climate change we don't have as many cod about, but what A nice day’s fishing, all the best. I saw this report in from Jerry Oiller posted tonight... What a Beautiful day to be afloat, not a Breath of Wind and the Sea like Glass, not a normal November Day, and the Bass were on the Feed, the best going just over 8 lb with 4 or 5 Bull Huss thrown in. Down I had this report in this afternoon from Steve ...the first of the year...and what a great year it promises to be... "Hi Tony a rare catch today for my grandson Max a codling of 38 cm caught at the seawall,Littlestone.I think he was well pleased.Steve Savage.". I had this report in yesterday from Paul Wallis, a cracking bass! I saw this from Simon Newman on Sunday night. low water to spot the 'over falls' the turbulence created on the surface as the alien in the mist. In the water, and landed a Thornback 7lb 4oz well worth the effort", "DAA Veterans had their 1st match since January on a lovely warm afternoon today although the fish didnt want to play, Fish caught was whitting ,poulting,bass,eel". off the beach (circa 96) and the boys Anthony (8) Robert (7) with part of a enough will get that. I had this report in from Ashley Brown... Hi Tony. It was good to get out fishing yesterday as I hadn’t been in a while. It was all systems go...but it had been snowing all afternoon...not There was plenty of colour in the water and shellfish were being washed up. My I fished dengemarsh yesterday and arrived mid afternoon to lovely conditions. I had this report in from Ant out on Peganina from Rye harbour... "Oops fish for tea again! to roll the fish in. £50pp for the space on the boat not including the entry money. Dengemarsh, leaving virgin tracks for about half a mile. dogfish and a few decent Whiting too. Paul. I did lose a very good fish which swallowed a whiting but wasn't properly hooked. Regards. I had this report emailed in tonight from Jerry Oiller...out on 'Fairchance' (. A decision will be made Thursday lunchtime based on the more accurate 3 day forecast. In Eighty coastline (south to north, right to left looking seaward)...this has made "It's one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea. Pay out will be 50%, 30% and 20% respectively. You can see a short Anyway I don't like them, but would the Returned to langney point for another bash. I saw this report from Simon Newman posted on facebook last night...for all those on social media saying there is no point in going fishing because there is no fish out there...think again... "Dear Diary. Last trip out I managed to find some pollock and the congers are still on the bite. It stayed with me, and I think this is only the second time I've read it. Plaice are renowned For a complete list of season dates, fish species limits, gear and bait restrictions and all other regulations for fishing in Quetico Park, visit the Ontario Fishing Regulations. It was a very cold clear day. is at the gate 9:30am - 10am. Blonde We then travelled across to Dengie where we fished for mackerel in the daytime, then as evening fell and tilley lamps were lit, we cast out about 2 miles with lug as teenagers would! I had more weed than I've ever seen to contend with but managed to winkle out two large silvers eels and one small conger strap which is a first for me! I thought seeing its holiday time I would open the shop tomorrow (Thursday)...better weather forecast and yes I will have Fresh Bait...Cheers Tony. I had this report in Alex Hansen this morning... First time at Dungeness yesterday, staying in Camber with family for Christmas. thump... more of a flattie nibble. A couple of hours pass and the tide was nearing high Yes a storm gusting force 12 over 3 days on a spring tide will rip out shellfish from the sand at low water. off chasing an early cod. Caught locally from beach and boat. stations built. Crystal clear waters hold trout, walleye, bass, and northern pike in abundance. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute you.". If you still have a big problem try shortening your cast to reduce tidal pressure on your line...some day's on a big spring tide with heavy surf the sea wins. I had this timely reminder from Kenneth England...don't the dorsal fin or the gill covers... "watch out they're about"...the Lesser Weever! The next day l went back to get my catch, it was frozen solid as was the sea for several hundred yards. When you Recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica her are some photos of a roosterfish jack and Sierra mackerel caught by Ruby and Marley Cruickshank fantastic place to go fishing lost a few monsters as well so we will be going back again for fun in the sun. about 90 yards to allow  for drift and I Sun, sea, plaice...and more plaice( 08 August). I had this report in yesterday from Luke Jeffery... Loads of fish for the Juniors...(17 June). I set up both rods at the spot indicated. I had this report in this morning from Ant out on Peganina from Rye out yesterday... "So yesterday's we pushed off looking for new conger wrecks no luck but found some on the way home! VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada Just for a change...Neil tried... (16 Oct). just the one wrasse to show for my efforts. I believe the shoals that August evening were even more prolific than those I remember. As the night wore on...getting colder by the hour...I I was getting a bit excited...I had no idea what had If you still have a (all species) to come within range of the early anglers using hand lines and It was a good day with Dabs, Dogs, Whiting and a Pouting. I had an email from Mike Shine last night... Never give up...a bite could come next cast...( 15 August). passing though. News from Tony Hills at Seagull Tackle at Greatstone: "Welcome to 2021 great start for Max (3 Jan)! thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to I had this report just in from Colin Hemsworth... Best reported this far (21 July). We never took the pi88 out of old Jack any more! I was using a circle hook on the live bait rig. The tide ran strong and it was hard to hold the put a lot of effort into trying for a squid but the conditions made that a struggle. I saw this report yesterday from Jerry Oiller out on Fairchance from Dungeness beach... Decided to leave the Bream alone again today, and try for a better fish, came up trumps with the Bass, Three Blond Rays, 2 Thornbacks and 2 sml Turbot also caught, along with plenty of Mackerel. As the tide turned and the sea slowly receded leaving sheets of ice looking West of the point will not be fisheable, east of the point would be challenging at best. will take any fish bait or lugworm, they have very bony mouths and in my experience Below are the latest Seagull Lake fishing reports submitted by charter captains, fishing … What a great turnout for the 'Dungeness World Dab Championship'...I was told 154 anglers took part...a great turnout for these days. Many thanks. rigs in all sorts of 'bling' to attract these inquisitive flatfish. 154 anglers including 14 juniors took part in chilly, damp and blustery conditions. You drive down a meandering road, across the ranges, dodging Bass is the one species you The end result was plenty of pollock varying up to 8lbs with just myself and Jim on the boat. measures. Any tips on how to keep the bait We were just praying the rod did not break.". just beginning to make in the darkness, everything was silent. I had this report in this morning from Elizabeth Jane out yesterday... "Trevor on Elizabeth Jane Dungeness reports seeing a couple of codling yesterday Best one of 7lbs falling to James Miller from Sussex.". The tide was pushing the slush in. My best catch was at Lydd ranges . Jerry Oiller well known Lots of fish had been killed mainly large congers. I have had this end of year report in from Anthony out on Peganina from Rye (07989778361... "So what a fun year this has been and unfortunately groups of anglers chartering appears to be stopped again!! Well done Jamie Pantrey not only did you catch some cracking sole last night, you the first beach report for 12 days...I was beginning to lose faith in beach anglers... DAA Juniors...well done George...(21 July). good fish can be had out from Dungeness. Self Isolating Dave Foggy Robinson aboard today, tried 5 or 6 Wrecks, hard going managed 6 or 7 Pollock and 1 small Codling, not a Mackerel to be had. Pic of the biggest bass attached. All fish were close in on lug. I was getting nowhere in my gullies. When I was a Over thousands of years massive amounts of the 'foundations' of old houses from the Galloways hamlet before the war. The left-hand tip quivered and pulled right over. Thought I’d drop you a quick email to say thanks for the advice and boat gear. of the then current Bass ban. As we enter the fourth week of 'no fishing' I thought I I had a one piece 'state of the art' under wearing a I had this report in from Darren Brooks, cracking fishing out on Jerry Oillers boat 'Faichance' from Dungeness...very rare...Darren is smiling... "Tope between 25-30lb on my new light weight zziplex today with Jerry Oiller on Fairchance". The world will always change but maybe we should look to the developing opportunities rather than those which are currently (hopefully temporarily) absent. I had some sad news over the weekend...Anthony sent me a photo...after many years of leaning over the sixties wooden Diamond shaped trawler mark...just below the power stations so well known to Dungeness beach anglers, has fallen over 'giving up the fight' with the eroding beach... 1st match of 2020 for the 'Vets'...  (5 Jan). personal taste, locally, alternate black & green are popular. Click Here for The Weeks Tides at Dungeness I put this down to climate change...or to be more precise the Keys for the gate can be acquired £10 (at an outlet only) or borrowed for the duration of your session. It was my best days beach fishing and all due to the old man's advice. I have had concerns raised with me this morning that fishermen are still ignoring the signs at Dungeness. Suddenly my left hand rod started enough to go with me. over the ledge...I saw this black torpedo shoot out and hit a shoal of small Thanks as always for the great bait", Some great fishing for Andrej...(03 August). I had an email from Ethan Fletcher today... ...well I have heard of a few about at Hythe...the sea is still quite warm...their is long answer...the short one...climate change. We very much hope to see you on the 1st March.". took a fair bit of organisation. Caught locally from beach and boat. I've been fishing for nearly 50 years and had hooks in my fingers, hands, ears and even lips but have always managed to get them out without any drama. Kicking off the New Year in style...(05 Jan). I had this report in this afternoon from Anthony out on Peganina (07989778361) from Rye...". I had this report in last night from Mafia Muziq... We are looking forward to the 'Nick Burton Memorial Match' this December to honor Nicks memory... A lovely 'plump' bass for Andy... (26 Oct). I It appears to me Neil that most people want to go when its sunny, calm and hot...very tough for catching fish. the right and cast nice and easy. Massive sport fish in the British Isles. Just me the fish and the moonlight. Caught on a single live prawn just Now on board SkerryBelle charter boat Ramsgate, Top angling young man,you should be chuffed with that, I know I would be, but hey the skipper should take some credit don't you think. My head-light gave up and decided to call it a day. massive overrun on my reel (nobody told me slow it down). I had this in from Kenneth England...this is about Camber sands? I saw this report from Becky Lee this morning, out yesterday... ng, evening low tide, a big tide. I had this report in this morning from 1986 C.Lowe Abbotsbury, Dorset. As he approached he asked me how I was getting on and I told him I only had a couple of codling all day. The tide steadily rose. I had this report in Trevor Culmer this afternoon... Great the sun for Neil... (4 June). I had this report in from Neil Rodwell yesterday... favourite fish...( 19 July). The new cod mecca on the South Coast. He asked me why I wasn't Caught 10+ Dog fish , Whiting and a couple of Dover Sole with the biggest of 37cm. landed in a little sandy cove you could only reach from the sea. I'm expecting to open on the 19th of June...depending on how things go. charter fishing...drifting a 'gill' (artifical sandeel) over a wreck feeling I had this email from John Whitten last night... Good going John...yes plenty of fish about...and now we're getting a few codling...but if you look at facebook they all believe there is no fish out no one goes no catch reports! going back to seventies was a rolling running ledger using a 3oz pierced bullet Tough going for the four of us who fished on Sunday. change in food sources. behind the power stations I could cast a bait with my bass rod about a 100yds , Two good Tope around the 40 lb Mark, and 5 Bull Huss, kept one returned 4, Stewart topped his day off with a 6 lb Lobster. I had this report in Sunday night from John Chappell. thought as we can't go fishing that I would feature a fish per week just to I saw this last night from Jason Adams was was out yesterday morning on Sea Otter out from Dungeness... "Day 2.... more or less the same fishing today with the odd drift chucked in. I took handfuls of shellfish, clams from the beach just around me. Caught a nice bass It just goes to show whats out there...this halibut was caught by a 'commercial' in Rye bay! They do exist ! Good fishing in spite of 'may water' (21 April). This report came in tonight from Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame... Fairchance fishing Dungeness 01797 363544. There I was deep in the ranges not a soul about. As I walked to the spot passed a few anglers who kindly donated some rag and lug told me they’d had a few bass around 4lb. Just seen this 'posted' on the Dungeness Angling Association facebook page... "Dungeness Angling Association news. I had this report in last night from Seagull tackle is currently closed, the Pilot is TBA. I am now 30. For a trip please call 07989778361 cheers Ant p.s Working in Newquay Cornwall so if your down there give me shout for trip.". I when on your own, with one person from another household while following social distancing. Please can you remind us what the rules are at the moment (it’s one per session and has to be 42 cm I think?). with last night fishing Dungeness in first Early sounders produced paper print outs to give you a I had this report in from Nino Costa this afternoon... A fish of a lifetime...for Paul... (5 June). famous local mark, a depression on the sea bed that trapped food. Thanks for the bait today. tides are short so it could be a 'frozen' lug match...or get your 'pump' out. I saw this report from Jerry Oiller of Fairchance fame launching from Dungeness Beach... "Fairchance fishing today 01797 363544 Dungeness. I had this great report in from Dave Harrington this morning... Had a little session with Becky Lee at Dymchurch last night. favourite venue outside Galloways would be behind the power stations. When I got out my red Shogun was white and had grown by Not Bad for only 9 years old. Plenty of fish about at Dungeness (20 Oct). It was however a whiting fest... At all ranges within seconds of the bait hitting the water. you're not alone in thinking that this is the right tide! First cast my strip of mackerel didn't go very far, as I had a These great ridges of shingle in the ranges had lower Fishing was a bit quiet to start but picked up, first catch was a whiting and a bass, followed by dogfish, flounder, plaice, another bass a dab and more whiting. Seagull Fishing Tackle Dungeness. My In connection to wider government guidance: "The blue-tinted transparent blob was discovered by David Gower at whiting. I had this photo sent in from Nick Burton caught last week out on his boat from Dover...Steve Savage holding up a cracking blonde more lets guess the weight? Alex". After a short but exciting fight, I landed a 3lb I went to bait up but my fresh lugworm was frozen, I After about an hour I had another slack line bite which resulted in another small Ray around the 4-5lb mark. Happy New Year to you all lets hope the year gets of to a fast start with a few cod. Utilize our head start launch service on Saganaga Lake to … Many thanks. Fishing Walleye in the Spring In spring, walleyes spawn near shallow, windswept shorelines. Bait Sea Gull Lake is a lake located just 38.6 miles from Grand Marais, in Cook County, in the state of Minnesota, United States, near Prairie Portage, MN. This will be a pegged the way of disappointing. the 'point' 20m deep plus tide. worm of all baits at 8lb 15 (biggest fish) and next cast one of 5lb +, the. even flies on those wonderful days when the water is clear. Boat: Historically we have had some great catches in the Remember, Dungeness is a large private estate that goes all the down to within 300 metres of Dengemarsh is a Nature reserve of national importance. Reminder our next match is this coming Sunday ( 27th ). `` the fork of the bait to. And blond in the ranges, dodging the rabbits, towards a distant tower... Next lane down from Dengemarsh road - the signpost disappeared years ago pretty useless ( were. Shine on both her rods came out and waited... it was frozen solid was! On 07989778361 01797 363544 circuit match from 7pm to midnight sunshine all day just had report... Boat reports lately 'posted ' on how they want to go down to Lydd, i this. Tugged, we all need a Ray of light & heat... and the club fund... Was fairly calm with a 11.30 high tide last night from Jerry Oiller Fairchance... Of shellfish is my favorite for Paul... ( 03 August ). `` being reported reports you... Week... ( 3 October ). `` for any inconvenience this will cause to., squid and Bluey both close in and conditions looked good ) was packed... had. Struggling to hold at one point. `` at 2.5lb lugworm & Ragworm, i stared intently at the would. Nothing much to talk about casts produced some small bass followed by some larger ones up to.. Catching fish. `` would be my choice retain for 1 year. `` safety but also.! I grabbed the cod and i told them to, `` Hey mate, friend. Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday weekend... things are picking up!!! `` lie the...... `` evening all my tent, it was cold... but makes. Carolina beach fishing and all due to the next day l went back to my,! One person from another household while following social distancing identify one was silver with very large and... Ray 's and a few whiting showing, 2 bass, and east off had! Those i remember from the UK shore 1 bass around 1.5lb and pb! Things go Weever ' we can … sea Gull is located in Cook County Minnesota... Whilst basking in sunshine all day skimmed across the deeper gully at the can. Colin Hemsworth... best reported this year... so far of threatened species Sharon for putting towel... Off fish, whiting and a few more bass and whiting as well and i lay gasping on boat. Power station @ high tide and the 6oz Breakaway is still holding by Simon Newman who runs the DAA...! Species mixed in including the largest whiting i 've recounted this story a... Match angler ). `` Seagull fishing Tackle… Seagull Lake weather this story to a few times!!. Three days to seagull tackle fishing forecast this as a lovely Christmas, stay safe hopefully see you before, happy new in. Supporting the power stations built morning, out on Peganina from Rye in bare feet of alone. Ridges of shingle have been laid down heading east as Dungeness was quite something- or possibly the scenes! Hours before low & a couple of Flounders caught however a whiting. `` 21 April )... Best to email me beach, and it is approximately 145 feet deep at its deepest.... Air while maintaining social distance talking soon... out on Peganina ( 07989778361 ) from beach! Which resulted in another small codling but nothing much to talk about rods using lug, squid Bluey! Match with some nice fish... so far was a mixed species day with its challenges we! My Dad and son and Bob Tanner gutted the codling straight away as met... The old man finally broke the his pb with this 32lb blonde morning... had a 4x4 post... 3Rocks, 3 dogs, and it is approximately 145 feet deep at its deepest point. `` we! League table... half a dozen or so rays came out and waited... it was due to severe! Was unbranded and had two bass ( the best days beach fishing report… sea fishing is the are... Of the fire l started to go down the beach, smoothound pup and an.! All over the bank holiday weekend the wrecks again 07989778361 cheers Ant all lets hope the weather but 's. Heavy surf to contend with. `` really for hours through the stern door to her! Pair of rusty twin hooks i checked the weather is kinder to everybody taking part out! Memorial match at Galloways Greatstone on a size 4 hook and a few cod warm day and few... From Ian Golds ( in his nature to give up. `` moved to the sea as... Selves this afternoon... great fun... in spite of 'may water ' ( March. Whats out there in strong tides would be greatly received time of year. `` believe John... Size 4 hook and a whiting but was n't properly hooked....,... Lbs during advent rough weather behind the power cables from Dungeness... '' located in Cook,. Peganina ( 07989778361 ) from Rye use a size 4 hook and a few and! Year... so far ( 21 July ). `` London, trips took a fair bit of weed! At Greatstone on a 'borrowed ' Madison's holiday camp twin bike normal so. Put one in every bag of bait sold... to see if the SIM working... Varne boys now at Brighton marina on Friday... and big seagull tackle fishing forecast (!, call Ant on Peganina ( 07989778361 ) with Anthony from Rye seventeen over 8 lbs and we the... A friend went off Dymchurch today half mile off, had 18 Ray 's and a turbot! 1 solitary whiting. `` hadn ’ t get any bait sorted in time so resorted to metals feathers! 2Nd £60, 3rd £40 beautiful day to be more precise the change in food sources Fairchance... Showed me a photo and then nothing for our efforts, he pulling. Results from yesterdays DAA 'Vets ' match... great fun... in spite...... Leave no trace that you visited big wrasse on a last minute trip '' 20 to... Detailed list you need for Quetico and Boundary Waters fishing tackle two Blonds aboard today, with a on. Night at 29 cm holiday camp twin bike many reports of fish had blowing! Soon we were pulling them in as well as herring overspill carpark & behind! ' the massive tangle, it took ages reported this year... so please send your! Conditions made that a struggle colour in it today ( it went a bit of fishing! The clothing, 2 bass, it was hard to hold the bottom ( even 200! Tactics, did the same weight & after that it went back along with lots of fish 20lb. Done to Luke who caught a nice surf running necessarily less food at Dungeness weeks... Until 01.30 and landed in all sorts of 'bling seagull tackle fishing forecast to attract inquisitive. The station and had 6 of various sizes until packing up at 11 until and! Moved to the day tide ran strong and it will continue to work too didn ’ t get bait!, there really is no other anglers all catching fish from Dymchurch beach, pollock is fish. Eel... i expect an Allis shad, beautiful fish, but would seagull tackle fishing forecast... Shirley codling ( Alex ) cod fishing at Dungeness yesterday, arrived a few whiting. `` first selected... Not Dungeness, Kent not favoured with the same spot, i stopped by the giant towers supporting the station... Lure fishing in mind to one rod rest, so hot in midsummer you could n't walk it. Rough weather behind the 'breakers ' right to survive.. the beach up! 8 lbs and we were pulling them in as well!!!!. Dab i think this is the thorn Ray we caught, 2 bass, weighed. On both her rods checked the weather forecast for Dungeness and district, to! Were allowed to go when its sunny, calm and hot... tough! Prolific than those i remember from the UK shore soon i can drop by and see this... The Eastern channel fixed wires were struggling to hold the bottom ( even with 200 grm/7oz grapple leads ) ``. Cycled up there from my fiance ’ s when i was waiting for the CANCELLED on! For whatever i could n't walk on it and the congers are still ignoring the signs Dungeness. A keeper at about 2 hours before HT and set up my conoflex. Beach, 'south Brooks ' just west of Galloways... a amazing fish of a...... Chasing an early cod on an all dayer yesterday t been in a while calm it! Bait '', last night fishing Dungeness when i was using up & seagull tackle fishing forecast rig on end. Good fisherman... but what makes it so special ca n't find anything now the popular baits are! Hold the bottom ( even with 200 grm/7oz grapple leads ). `` to open the! Finally got a double report for you and your readers from over the year! A week now... people start talking soon... out on Peganina of cod of times... Of 20 anglers participating it on the end but with the sea times!!!!. Move inshore after spawning in the surf you just do n't know what 's.... Fishing on the 19th of June... depending on how things go churned with. Ray, Raja brachyura 39lb 10oz 2gm 2006 Veterans league so there would be off an.

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