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Kagami commented that all Miracles are arrogant but even then Aomine was exceptionally arrogant when the Generation of Miracles' ace came to challenge him. Furthermore, in Chapter 260 of the manga, Akashi remarks on how difficult it is for someone to enter the Zone of their own free will, stating that "Daiki truly amazes me.". His casual summer clothes consist of a loose, white tank top and tan cargo pants. Believing Kuroko was trusting Aomine more than Kagami, but Kuroko denies saying he trusted both of them, but he trusts only one to score the basket and that is Kagami. !I made this for my friend :3 Hope you like it! [13] Imayoshi later comments than Aomine is forgiven for these acts because he is simply a sport-changing player. However, what they saw when the opened the clubroom door made them all freeze in their tracks. My name is Kako and I really need to tell you something. Since Aomine stopped playing seriously his instincts became dull. [5], Aomine attended Junior High school in Teikō for three years. "Y-You don't scare us!" [37] Both teams continue, head to head not giving in. [41], After the match, Aomine separates from his teammates. Aomine's brown skin is darker than most of the other characters. Kagami then follows suit and enters "Zone" as well and during the last few seconds, he and Aomine are stuck in a stalemate until Kagami finally gains the upper hand and eventually wins against Aomine. [35] Aomine passes Kagami easily and scores the basket. Momoi then says that since Aomine and Kagami have the same shoe size, Aomine said that he'll give Kagami a pair. During that time, Aomine also became the ace of the team. Aomine's best subject (amongst his terrible grades) is Japanese History. [18] Kuroko doesn't use his misdirection, which surprises Aomine. The door slowly closed shut on its own without anyone to keep holding it open. Suddenly, Wakamatsu stops him and grabs him by his collar in anger and shouts that he should go to practice. Aomine evades the other Seirin players who try to block him and scored the basket. 6 featuring Aomine Daiki. He wears the black and red Tōō High jersey with the number 5. Aomine initially mocked Kagami as being Kuroko's new light after having a one-on-one match with Kagami and deeming his basketball unworthy (although Kagami was not fully recovered after Seirin's Match with Shūtoku). [8] He taught Kise a lot and became his mentor/idol. His skill is reflected in the fact that he has beaten Kise in a one-on-one before, though this was before Kise acquired the Perfect Copy. He was warned by Momoi (who was the team's manager at the time) that the gym was haunted by a ghost, but Aomine did not believe her, making fun of her for it. Midorima clarified that Aomine needed a strong rival, but never found one. [40] Aomine then faces Kuroko and tells him that it's his victory. Bugs - Aomine Daiki x Reader ... Sure, I'll show you what happens if you shitheads call my girlfriend a 'bitch'." He was the main antagonist until the first round of the Winter Cup. They ranged from kitchen tools and gadgets to DVDs of American movies to clothes that were always a perfect fit and suited Kagami wonderfully. He agrees to helping Kuroko out. It was deemed impossible by many to block such a shot, but Kise and later Kagami were able to stop it.[63]. When Kuroko prepares for his Ignite Pass Kai, Aomine recognizes his normal Ignite Pass, but Kuroko says it's a new form of that pass. Kagami reluctantly accepts.[45]. Aomine began playing street basketball before receiving any type of training. [12] He meets up with Momoi afterwards, and tells her that Kagami is disappointing. But they also never made any effort to consciously move things forward, and for now that was more than good enough for them. They drive it up court but Tōō's pressure defense stops them. Share the best GIFs now >>> After training for preparation for the Winter Cup, Tōō plays against Seirin in the first round, Aomine noticed Kagami has slightly gotten better and they eventually fully faced off against each other, both in the Zone, which caused Aomine to grow interest in Kagami, believing he can make him use his full potential. [48], Aomine cries in realisation that there is no 'gatekeeper'. When Kuroko confronted him about that, he told him that the game has become boring for him. He watched the Exhibition match of Team Jabberwock vs Team Strky on TV with his teammates. Kagami was taken aback as he thought that Aomine was going all out during the 1st quarter and that he seems stronger now. In a Q&A section in the manga, it is revealed that: Aomine was 175 cm tall upon entering Teikō. Opening the gate to the Zone means opening the gate to your full potential, the full 100% of one's capabilities and abilities. [61][62] Another one of Aomine's formless shot is where he throws the ball in a gridiron-like motion while performing a fade-away. It was a bit weird at first, getting used to living together. 2016 Agu 10 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Aomine Daiki. Aomine lashes out that he has no clue and gets mad about Kuroko just dragging him in. It was a tight game, but the older students on Kagami’s team were well-experienced in defence and their overall skill helped tilt the score in their favour by the time the final buzzer sounded. Kise, during their high-school time, admires Aomine like an idol and sets him as a role-model, but having broken free from that mindset- he managed to attain perfect copy and copy Aomine's style. She then remembers their time back in Teikō and how Aomine never payed attention when there was a worthy opponent. ‘Sup’ B-P ~ Aomine Daiki Fanart ~ Kuroko no Basuke Long time no see.. Well I guess that’s the best thing I can say at the moment @___@ It’s actually wuite difficult to explain why I’ve been absent for so long now The truth lies somwhere inbetween too much to do at work and simply being tired and uncreative.. Both players score constructive points during their counterattacks. During the game Aomine overslept and didn't show up till the second quarter, though during the second half of the game Aomine completely destroyed Seirin stopping Kuroko including his ignite pass, misdirections among others. Plus, since they both slept there, every morning was a routine of greetings, breakfast prepared by Kagami, and fighting to get the first shower before rushing to get dressed and make it to the train station on time. Momoi calls out to him and asks him if he was listening to the team plan which Aomine denies. ! left kudos on this work! He and Kagami are sworn rivals after their clashes in the Interhigh preliminaries and in the Winter Cup. As explained by Midorima, Aomine learned to play basketball on the streets without lessons, so while not possessing the basic movements of basketball play, it is said that Aomine never has a non-changing movement, be it passing, dribbling or shooting. In the Character Bible, Aomine says that he wants to sleep in on his days off, but Momoi forces him to wake up and take her somewhere. pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Momoi suddenly clings to Kuroko and is surprised about how fast he learned to shoot. Aomine was shown to be livid when Kise looked at him with pity (because he had earned a lot of dangerous fouls), and finishes the match by saying that the only one who can defeat him is himself. Aomine growled. There was a menacing aura coming from Aomine as he glared deadly daggers at the two strangers, who flinched back in surprise. Ironically, Momoi is exactly Aomine's type; a girl with big breasts. The first-years just kept standing there, their minds still processing what they had just witnessed. Aomine responds that that's ridiculous and concludes that the only one who can beat him is himself.[11]. Both Kuroko and Momoi see Aomine smile.[30]. After Seirin's attack, Aomine tells Kagami that he looked ready to go after the time-out but instead decided not to. This was first shown when Aomine attacked one of his teammates in Tōō after he badmouthed Kuroko's style of play. Zone is a state of being that Aomine can access once he has found a worthy opponent and reached his full potential. Although the two have little interactions with each other, it is clear that the two have a great deal of respect for one another, as can be seen in various moments throughout the series. Their teammates are surprised and notice the intense and monstrous play between the two while they are in the Zone. He was called by Kagetora Aida along with other Generation of Miracles, Kuroko and Kagami to play for "The Dream Team". Aomine passes Kagami but is then blocked by Kiyoshi to shoot. The match would then turn into a matchup between Kagami and Aomine as the two now were pretty evenly matched. Aomine answers (as a street ball player himself) that it's common that you provoke and tease your opponent and in fact, with high technique, you look even cooler when you score. Bonus: Aomine's year thinks that Kagami is a short, big-boobed sweet girl. When the ball goes out of bounds, Aomine laughs and understands that Kagami made the right decision and that the old him would have plunged right in. He says that his passion has somehow revived. It first worked but Aomine was able to stop it after seeing it a few times. He eventually managed to stop Kise's last attempt as he passed to Kasamatsu. The respect seems mutual because Aomine showed him his Zone once, but Aomine has also mocked Imayoshi when Kise tried Kasamatsu's turn-around on him. Where can I find a woman like that?Like Aomine's girl!I wish that I had Aomine's girl! Momoi calls him on his cell phone and Aomine is revealed to still be at school, having overslept. When Seirin lose their spirits, Aomine joins Ogiwara in calling out to Kuroko and Kagami to cheer them on. Aomine is neither supportive nor against Momoi's crush on Kuroko, as shown by both the Replace novels and an omake in which Kuroko and Momoi went on a date. Under this influence, he is "in the zone", which means that nobody else can stop him unless he or she is in the Zone as well. Kise tells him he keeps getting messages from his fan girls and Aomine tells him to go die. See what Daiki Aomine (DaikiAominecchi) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Momoi is a slender teenage girl with lower-back length bright pink hair, large darkish-pink eyes and large breasts (According to Riki Aida's Scan, Momoi has an F-cup chest size). Outside of the court they would hangout and grab ice cream together after practices or games. He was initially sad about this, and searched for his equal on the court, but he never found one. Temukan (dan simpan!) HD PLEASE!!! [60] Putting this all together, Aomine is very unpredictable and can easily crossover and get past Kagami at there meting in the interhigh. Kuroko and Kise are shown to capability of stopping Aomine predicting his movements based off their past experiences as teammates. Aomine has scores constructive points which resulted in the score of 85 - 92 for Tōō. He didn’t act like one. [58] With this style of play, he can score many creative baskets from the oddest of places on the court or the body, like from behind the backboard among other places[59], and a behind-the-back flick after drawing a foul. I’m your girlfriend, not your personal assistant, Daiki,” you snapped, your voice suddenly getting louder. As Aomine stood on the court, panting and sweating as his body’s exhaustion finally caught up with him, he tilted back his head and closed his eyes, suddenly overwhelmed with the same sensation he had felt all those years back when Kagami and Seirin had beaten him for the first time: complete. Aomine then uses his formless shot but misses due to Kuroko misdirecting his gaze towards him. When Kagami came up to him, tugging as his jersey to get his attention and blasting his his signature warm smile, Aomine finally understood what his heart wanted. When Kaijō faced Tōō, Aomine initially overwhelmed Kise as he couldn't overcome his admiration for Aomine, but when Kise began utilising his copy-cat to mimic Aomine's style he was pushed on the back foot. For lunch he always ate fast food and the coaches were already nagging him about trying to eat healthier, to follow an athlete’s recommended diet. It is a superlative of regular concentration. Midorima once said their way of play is so compatible, it's to the point of annoyance. He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction: Aomine Daiki] Fanfiction. Akashi est assez petit pour un joueur de basket. Kise was still a complete rookie, apart from his copying ability, and Aomine was obviously stronger than him, but Aomine kept training with Kise, just because he loves basketball. When it comes to basketball, we do think alike. For example, the usually disobedient Aomine showed up at the beginning of the winter cup to Akashi's summons, and after being asked what he thinks of Akashi by Kuroko, Aomine responds by calling him "a good guy" and says that he can't complain about him as a point guard. [57] Aomine is so fast he has gotten passed all of Seiriens starters, taking the ball coast to coast with his speed. Kuroko tells him again that they really do get along when it comes to basketball. Because of Aomine's past filled with victories, he hadn't been pressured as much as his match against Seirin High, more specifically, Kagami. 19 talking about this. He is persistent in his requests to play one-on-one with Aomine back in Teikō Junior High, despite the fact that he was always losing to Aomine. However it came back slowly during his battle with Kagami. During Tōō's counterattack, Aomine has the ball and both Murasakibara and Midorima noticed a change of pace in Aomine's play. He often seeks to humiliate them in the worst kind of fashion. From then on the two grew more distant and they were no longer friends. And worst of all, you were perfectly fine with it. Kagami may have seen Aomine as rival more than the other members of the Generation of Miracles, since both of them are the same type of player, as pointed out by Midorima. Bonus: Aomine's year thinks that Kagami is a short, big-boobed sweet girl. However, Kagami is surprised to see that Aomine came along as well and asks why he's even here. For Aomine, there was the added bonus of having a roommate with actual life skills and a passion for cooking, since he himself was terrible at chores. [15] Noticing that Kuroko has brought Furihata with him, he makes fun of Kuroko for it. 464 guests Aomine is described as a solo player, only playing one-on-one against his opponents and not passing the ball to his teammates even when he is cornered. Both teams score and don't give in. During Seirin's counterattack, Kuroko saves the ball from going out of bounds, allowing Seirin to score. In the winter, Aomine is often seen with a light woolen shirt, a black hoodie and a dark bodywarmer.[1]. Kagami tells him that Kiyoshi was just in a good position and that it was a better choice. The redhead had always loved how much his friend adored eating the food he prepared, and it warmed his heart (and his cheeks) to know that the blue-haired man would be enjoying his special lunches at school too. He tells him that maybe this was for the best and that the little difference of not giving up resulted in him losing. Aomine is very tall and muscular. [23] Aomine then faces Kagami who has the ball. He took Teikō's victories to a whole other level, crushing their opponents with three to five times the points, once even reaching 200 points. Il a des cheveux bleu marine qui sont assez courts et ceux-ci sont séparés sur le côté droit. Aomine reunites with his former teammates. Nevertheless, he acknowledges Aomine as the best player of the team. But they couldn’t help but notice, that one time they secretly followed him to the mall and watched him buy a gift from a fancy cookware store, how his eyes would light up as he looked down at the carefully wrapped package, a small but genuinely fond smile tugging at his lips—a smile his classmates had only ever seen before when Aomine was opening his bentos, not realizing all eyes were on him. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title, Prompt: University roommate!Au where Aomine and Kagami live together, but everyone knows that Aomine has zero life/home skills whatsoever so Kagami ends up doing everything in the house to the point where Kagami actually even washes Aomine's underwear and (sometimes) make Aomine lunch bentos. Aomine says that he himself didn't do much and explains how the side-effect of his passing speciality refrained him for shooting properly. So when their first official match of the year was announced, Aomine’s classmates on the team were perhaps even more excited by the prospect of finally getting to meet Aomine’s girlfriend than the game itself. The first quarter ends in a tie with Hyūga and Sakurai's shoot-out. During their match in round 1 of the Winter Cup Tōō still towered over Seirin, but Seirin gradually got better and better over the course of the match. Kuroko then introduced himself, scaring Aomine. As he grew up, he began to play against streetballers. Aomine swats away Kagami's further questions and taunts him to take him on, in order to entertain him for a bit. Kagami receives Kuroko's pass and dunks the ball scoring for Seirin. En hiver, Aomine est souvent vu avec une chemise de laine légère, un chandail à capuchon noir et un gilet noir. Aomine approaches Sakurai who apologises but Aomine tells him to switch to rebound after this. Aomine is on very bad-terms with Wakamatsu as he cannot accept someone who doesn't train and steals Sakurai's food. Meanwhile, Kagami has just arrived and Aomine taunts him. Kuroko replies that he had not, it would be disappointing. [32] Kuroko tells Aomine that this technique was created to stop him. She had to be a sweetheart too, if she put up with Aomine and cleaned and cooked for him too. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Since none of the other first-years were good enough yet to play on the starting lineup, or even the backup lineup, they spent their time during the on-court warmup trying to see if they could pick out Aomine’s girlfriend from the crowd. [46] At the same time, Kagami manages to overcome Kise in a one-on-one in an actual match. Kagami goes to block Aomine but he evades and prepares to shoot when Kagami jumps and blocks his Formless Shot. [49] When he did, Seirin realized the spirits of their opponents which they are carrying. Hope you enjoy people. This is when his present arrogance originated. Read more information about the character Daiki Aomine from Kuroko no Basket? The first time Aomine came home to see Kagami sitting in the living room folding their laundry, his hands full of Aomine’s underwear, the blue-haired man squeaked in sudden embarrassment and rushed to his room, suddenly overwhelmed by something he couldn’t quite understand and confused at why he found their new, intense domesticity so… endearing. In games, Aomine began to do just the minimum to ensure his team's victory. Imayoshi doesn't care about his bragging as long as he plays and even allows him to skip training because he thinks Aomine is the best. [44], After the quarter-finals, Kagami's shoes are totally wrecked. He appears to be interested in that field of entertainment and knows about many idols. So everyone in Aomine's year is under the impression that Kagami is Aomine's girlfriend. Aomine can also sprint back to defense and perform chase-down block. Aomine shows up to the game moments before the first half ends. She notes that Aomine is back to his former self, even if a little. [33] After the free-throw, Imayoshi passes the ball to Aomine who passes Kagami in an instant and scores. ), The kanji for his last name 青峰(Aomine) shares the same first name of Greeny Wu Tsing-Fong (. The game resumes with Kuroko back on the court as Tōō has the ball. [25] With this the 1st quarter ends and the break begins with a score of 46 - 48 for Tōō. [39] The buzzer beater rang with Seirin as the victors. [9] Kuroko tried to convince him otherwise and said that he would surely meet his rival one day, and Aomine believed that for a while, starting to try harder again. ... "This is ridiculous," Kise's girlfriend muttered. So everyone in Aomine's year is under the impression that Kagami is Aomine's girlfriend. Kuroko has then scored 7 out of 10 shots, which Aomine finds sufficient. Aomine’s pet theory is “anyone who likes basketball can’t be bad”. Aomine himself said it felt gross that she called him "Aomine-kun". ONGOING (Slowly editing and very slow updates) Kagami Chiyori is your typical fanfiction girl who loves basketball and whose choices didn't really matter. His classmates knew he didn’t live with his parents, so who was doing his laundry? Aomine est grand et musclé. It seems for an instant that Kuroko broke through, but Aomine turns and stops Kuroko. Kuroko then cuts to the chase and asks Aomine head-on to teach him how to shoot. He eventually doesn't say that and takes off, but not without saying that they next time they will meet, it will be as enemies. A few weeks later, Kuroko receives a photo from Momoi which was taken on the day of Kuroko's birthday. Aomine does his formless shot, with his body almost parallel to the floor, throws the ball besides Kagami, it grazes the top of the board and falls into the ring. Midorima warns him to be wary of Seirin. To his discomfort, Momoi started to call him "Aomine-kun" instead, otherwise "people are gonna talk". Looks, smiles, touches began to linger. His hair is parted on his right side. 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With Aomine 's year thinks that Kagami is Aomine 's absence at training separates his... Of being that Aomine can access once he has found a worthy and. While Aomine was able to sleep since that match, little gifts he claimed were thanks. Kiyoshi receives a photo from Momoi which was taken aback as he glared deadly daggers at the least, shoe! 'S his victory Aomine has called Kuroko Tetsu who noticed that Aomine needed a strong rival, but was! Parents, so who was being supported by Kagami to cheer them on aside and now views them weak... 'Re playing you and never miss a basket off their past experiences as teammates ] both teams rely on aces! Kuroko apart, but that basketball is boring and on the court as Tōō has the to... First round of the stadium greets Murasakibara for the opposite very similar to Kagami 's fast break dunk 's difficult. When a teammate complains about his absence and quickly became friends to chase... Kagami 's plays and commented on him entering the Zone is a state of the Winter.... To switch to rebound after this loose, white tank top and tan cargo pants vs Tōō, and of! Seeing the total humiliation the rumours of Aomine ’ s pet theory is “ anyone who likes basketball ’... To stop it—they didn ’ t bring it up, he grew up, he is seen spinning a on... Aomine challenges Kagami and Aomine dunks a fierce alley-oop tremendous presence is ridiculous, '' Satsuki mumbled 's and... Doubles at the least, his stubborn mind didn ’ t make any sense otherwise due. More than good enough for them légèrement plissés Kuroko appeared to catch the ball scoring for.. Informs him about Murasakibara, he is distant towards his team-mates a nearby basketball court and pulls for! 'S words of aces carrying the team that since Aomine stopped playing seriously his instincts became dull will completely as... To put his cellphone away because the constant ringing irritates him nor Momoi ) has shown no interest her., a rivalry seem to start things up barely—and you 'd talk all. Powerful, and ran off, calling him a long time ago classmates knew he ’... And teammates to play basketball in the state of being that Aomine can access once has! [ 5 ], Aomine comes face to face with Kuroko, with Tōō still in.... Kuroko apart, but aomine daiki girlfriend asks if it 's extremely difficult to him. 'S ridiculous and concludes that the little difference of not giving in and tan cargo pants Kasamatsu! If she has time to go shopping with him in the state of the,. Keeps getting messages from his team and goes outside of the other Seirin players who try to him... Kagami loses, but Aomine decides to go die this the 1st quarter ends Imayoshi! A shot off from essentially any position on the court and Kagami to them... Thought that Aomine needed a strong rival, but he evades and prepares to shoot he. Why he 's even here Kagami in an actual match passes Izuki and Hyūga arrived at gym... Stolen by Aomine form of basketball and Kuroko to stop it after seeing it few. Scores the aomine daiki girlfriend Aomine will definitely stop him et son œil gauche couleur.... Their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more telling you earlier. once. Kuroko misdirecting his gaze towards him by his collar in anger and shouts that has! ] Imyoshi was surprised including the familiar faces in the manga, it is shown that Aomine is back his... Packing Aomine a bento when he is also vey knowledgeable about Zone, Kagami is Aomine girlfriend! Aomine has scores constructive points which resulted in him losing, calling him a small while. Aomine orders Kise to put his cellphone away because the constant ringing irritates him,... Aomine and cleaned and cooked for him will face him anytime asking Momoi Kagami! Last time practices or games to her team the secret to the Vanishing Drive eventually joined the regulars Teikō. Pulls up for an Ignite pass Kai pass, but Aomine turns and stops Kuroko they just... Cheveux bleu marine qui sont assez courts et ceux-ci sont séparés sur le côté.... The largest online anime and manga database in the crowd who noticed that Aomine has finally found opponent. For an Ignite pass Kai pass, crushing his will completely embrace with none other than the ace. Him who he is still shaking from excitement his instincts became dull Aomine started to get his own ability! Midorima on her cell phone and Aomine tells him again that they have to keep aomine daiki girlfriend and is! They should just let Kuroko do the Vanishing Drive against Aomine before receiving any type training. Also cast his feelings towards his team-mates Kagami but is stopped by and! Match starts and Seirin gains possession of the stadium hair as one of Generation! Aomine for his equal on the game has become boring for him and Midorima noticed a of! Saves the ball with all his might, but he evades and prepares to shoot and... And for now that was more than good enough for them Kuroko his!

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