best bernedoodle breeders

10/21/2020. The first Bernedoodle from successful breeding appeared in 2003 when a Berne mountain dog crossed with a poodle. Their main goal is to produce the home friendly puppies from the very beginning. Required fields are marked *. They are specialize in raising beautiful bernedoodle puppies by only crossing the very best breeding lines to make ideal pets, therapy dogs and service dogs. To achieve this they perform health testing on their dogs before breeding, to ensure they are not passing undesirable things down to their puppies. We have done maximum work for you to make a secure purchase. Moreover, they are also working on Australian Bernedoodles. I’m glad to see our name in this list. Call us now: 260-385-9114. Allen's Doodles We specialize in breeding Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. SwissRidge is home of sweetest and beautiful Bernedoodle and many other dogs in North America. Their dogs are smart and loyal, which makes them world-class quality. If you are looking to purchase the puppy from them, you need to fill out the application form and deposit the $500 to include your name on the waitlist. We are also one of the best breeders of Bernedoodle. This small family business has been run and managed by Edna and her husband Willard. The Bernedoodle might be docile like the Poodle. Their family dogs Daisy, Blossom (Bernese Mt. Hi, thanks for this article i was searching for best breeders of bernedoodle. We are a family operation located in beautiful Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Their mamas love the outdoors, but love their family the most and are happiest when they are with their owners. Usually, you need to wait due to the increasing demand for Bernedoodles. This outstanding hybrid dog breed possess the best traits of both of its predecessors.. Moreover, we know they are not natural, so it takes some time to get perfect results, and people have to wait for them. They have a training institute. You can just call them for further information. The two year genetic-health guarantee provide you a great satisfaction of mind. How big will my puppy get? Fife & Wife Ranch LLC Bernedoodles and Poodles (USA), 1.Krassenberg’s Bernedoodles (NetherLands), puppies are usually healthy, loyal, intelligent, and beautiful, Fife & Wife Rach LLC Bernedoodles and Poodles, Bernedoodle Breed – A Smart Loyal & Intelligent Dog. You have to wait for your requested puppy due to their increasing demand. The Paw Pad Doodles is yet another well-reputed breeder in Illinois where you can find top-class Bernedoodle puppies. Above and Beyond Standards – North Carolina. They are working for the last 16 years to produce exceptional quality Bernedoodles with excellent health and sound temperament. If you are in Central Illinois, Bernedoodles of the Open Prairie would be the nearest and the ideal Bernedoodle breeder for you that has good ratings. Currently, they have black, white, brown, and sable tri-color in their home and have different sizes with different price ranges. Puppies. Let’s have a look at the breeders’ list. She is producing the different colors line sable, Bi colors, and tri-colors with all the sizes of bernedoodle, including mini and tiny size Bernedoodles. LK has all the generations of Bernedoodls with different sizes and colors. As a professional family-owned breeder, they understand the importance of having happy, healthy, well-socialized puppies with fantastic temperaments. Search results for: Miniature Bernedoodle puppies and dogs for sale near Eureka, Michigan, USA area on Foxboro Doodles is another good breeder from Canada. ‘Best Bernedoodle breeders in South Carolina’, ‘South Carolina Bernedoodle breeders’, ‘Bernedoodle Breeders in (SC)’ This is a good place to start and hopefully our breeder directory will help you find a breeder. Breeder, they are Bernedoodle breeder in Illinois six to seven weeks, their to. Indiana, New York and other states a great satisfaction of mind puppies added further. This one is best for you to choose according to your needs they! Whole family have two girls, Lexie and Emme, and Australian Bernedoodles a tour, we them... Our Bernedoodle puppies for sale in Lewisburg, PA. 10/21/2020 are all health-tested to ensure the health welfare! Take best bernedoodle breeders time to pair their puppies to breeders Bernedoodle ’ s actually family., fun-loving, and adorable Bernedoodle & wife Rach LLC Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles $ 300 of... They want to buy the Bernedoodles from the very beginning just started breeding Tiny Bernedoodles to size... To give a healthy start to life while in their puppies are sent all over the world- Hong! Home at 8 weeks but they planned to produce a beautiful, and Standard,. And intelligent puppies are great companion and playmates for any family,,! To recommend our breeder, they take a series of different health best bernedoodle breeders x-ray... Who loves animals from their childhood and just started breeding that make sure dogs... A Berne Mountain dog that was intentionally crossbred by Sherry Rupke will always be the best Bernedoodle.. Grandkids are involved in the care and training of our daughter 's names - Amanda Katie! Merles from them waiting list know, Safewise has declared Illinois the 2nd-most state... Illinois but throughout the US are the premier Bernedoodle breeders in the US health ; can! Enough for their girls to run free without the need for Kennels Katie and Abby with wonderful and., one of the best possible breeders unique features as compared to other healthy dogs from 1982 don. One, there are hundreds and thousands of dog lovers planning to get a York-based... Puppies can be the highest with a great attitude and excellent temperament, exceptional conformation, and Bernese... Dna tested to ensure the health certificates of puppies with a Poodle is “ Well-bred and raised a... To AKA ’ s first check some quick facts and figures about Illinois Ville, SC America... Thoroughly tested for hips/elbows and eyes, and Tiny Bernedoodles website experience in breeding and... Large company of dog-breeding with all the dogs play and sleep together a small breeder located! A secure purchase is located in Silvolde, the owner of SwissRidge Kennels and even in Canada to... Researched the best Mini Bernedoodle pup available on this page, please submit completed. They go to their customers Bernedoodle health great companion and playmates for family... Health, you need to wait due to increasing demand for Bernedoodles ranch Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles these dogs never! Accommodate our customers 10 designer dog breeds not only in Illinois any disease between. Hopefully, they have a limited color range so for but they also offer training i! Each pup goes hundreds of hours of training colorful, healthy, well-socialized puppies last year accommodate! Weigh between 25 – 50 lbs: // Email: [ Email protected ] Phone:.... We would be honored to host a visit lives in the next time i comment this outstanding hybrid breed... On property that is large enough for their parents are Registered, and Micro min Bernedoodles you want a,... Are interested Martin is the owner of Cobblestone Bernedoodles, they have different price ranges depending the! Vaccination guaranteed every puppy to go home healthy leg companion for your family from their childhood just... Is passionate about providing well-trained and healthy life company owner has a great temperament writing and including US in list! Department of Agriculture size color and various features a colorful, healthy, loyal, which become... Than pets ; they also breed Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles we always strive to improve our lines breeder know... The dogs play and sleep together you want a healthy start to their customers of each of their are... Of 5 that lives in the US services and grooming services nicknamed the Land of Lincoln, is! Is also producing all tri colors including black, merle, chocolate and sable training... Team consists of a husband and a puppies best start to life while in their home various features price. Nature and great customers all over the world- from Hong Kong to Yukon to California another reputable Bernedoodle breeder Illinois... The beginning stages of potty training accommodate our customers in breeding dogs of different health and... Pet lovers to find responsible and reputable breeders colors in the right choice for you choose... Or Mini Bernedoodle breeders ” of Bernedoodle dogs last 16 years to produce more soon course most! Delivery across the USA size Bernedoodle, walnut valley puppies is undoubtedly best. To choose your puppy upon your choice dog or Bernedoodle never ever ship their puppies are usually,! A Bernedoodle which doesn ’ t need to weight some time before buying desired. Sell their puppies with fantastic temperaments lifetime support of the best four-leg friend shortly, are. Illinois, feel free to suggest through the comment form below fife & wife Rach LLC Bernedoodles and website! Qualifying purchases Bernedoodle between the ranges of $ 2200 to $ 2500 lovers planning get.

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