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I live in Skopje, and I must say with a great sadness in my heart,all that you saw is being brutally changed, and the face of the buildings is covered with some really bad “BAROQUE” style by the government. The naming issue is telling, for a country whose government is seemingly hell bent on rebuilding its history (some people would say rewriting history), even the name of the country may not be final. Thank you for this beautifully written article and amazing photos. So even if we have a great “collection” of “brutal, communist” building, they are just out of space in Skopje and in Macedonia. I live in a town 50 km from Skopje. I spoke to the manager of Universal Hall, and he told me about the history of the building – I know it was from the 1960’s, and that it was indeed a donation (he said from the “international community”), but I forgot to record the exact year. Romanic and Greek and this style can be seen all over the world. The great quake of Napier in 1931 occurred right at the peak of the Art Deco movement. There was a big fire inside the public hall of the post office some years ago. Now, they like to build insanely disgusting BAROQUE!!! that is really not true. Kenzō Tange (丹下 健三, Tange Kenzō, 4 September 1913 – 22 March 2005) was a Japanese architect, and winner of the 1987 Pritzker Prize for architecture. Hey Noelle, yes, there’s definitely a little more “style” to many of the buildings in Skopje from this era, as opposed to some of the harsher examples I’ve photographed in other cities throughout the Balkans. The article is good, but the title (some of it) couldn’t be more wrong. The architecture is quite modern and Skope should be proud to have it. Le plan de Tange a placé Skopje sur la carte mondiale des utopies urbaines réalisées, comme Chandigarh ou Brasilia. Point being, I don’t think the people are inauthentic and I think they will save the city. Skopje is well worth a visit. Architectural modernism and Kenzo Tange’s 1965 Brutalist proposal for the Skopje city center signified the architectural production of a Yugoslav public space, one characterized by the national quest for modernity—albeit a modernity that discriminated against not only minorities but also the architectural expressions of their past. As a style that originated in the western world, there’s as much Soviet in the mentioned buildings as there is in Montreal’s Habitat or Boston’s City Hall (or countless other examples). Hopefully those big ones will mostly escape the classicalisation of the main square, which is indeed particularly awful – classical revival can be done well, but these are all mis-proportioned and lacking sufficient detail. Because, if it does change to what is proposed – it would be a tragedy. Even the agriculture is not highly mechanized. Hello! Only time will tell. Offices addresses and maps. And, I had a chance to observe better. Tange developed and realised in Skopje the striking planning ideas he began in his Tokyo Bay proposal. Now, I will read you about Irán… I read about women travellers so your articles will push me a little harder! Lire les mentions légales. Japanese Metabolism, of which Tange was a pioneer, heralded Japan as a new centre for innovation in architecture; a new nationalism re-oriented the suffering after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Wow, another cool set of pictures. Architect – Kiril Acevski, 1971-83 GTC shopping mall. And whether they are particularly a fan of this style of architecture or not is beside the point – it’s clear that the positive impact Kenzo Tange had on the community of Skopje, in the wake of a devastating natural event, will not soon be forgotten. Zivko Popovski et Georgi Konstantinovski, adeptes du brutalisme, sont de ceux-là. En 1963, Skopje a été rasée. There is a youtube of the demonstration, held in snowy wintery conditions underneath the Alexander the Great statue in the center of Skopje. Great “original” Research, it needs a book, a few essays and a story to tie it all together , well done…. Dec 30, 2020 - Explore Flip Flopity's board "Kenzo Tange 丹下健三" on Pinterest. Hi Marina – the term “Brutalist” refers to a style of architecture – there is a link within the article to an explanation on Wikipedia. It doesn’t have the suburban fields of concrete apartment buildings found in the “Blokovi” of Novi Beograd in Serbia, or to a lesser degree Novi Zagreb in Croatia, but the depth of architectural brutalism in Skopje is perhaps more astounding. And lovely photos, as usual. On German media much is being said (e.g. I totally agree with you on everything that you stated in this article. I was in skopje in 2011 and your description is exactly how I felt about the situation!! Message from Yasuhiro Ishino, President. Discover (and save!) Each of them has a different opinion. Hi Eliza – I actually stayed in your building whilst I was in Skopje – the photo of the Post Office should be a familiar view to you. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a stopping point for the “project”. Message from the President. If you visit Skopje, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it to. Now, the same building is one of the favourites in the whole city. The city’s new part got a new pattern and new architectural forms with brutalist and innovative language. Your government needs to embrace this architecture – it is unique, and it has a lot of fans around the world. Architect – Boris Čipan, 1976 News Publishing Agency “Nova Makedonija” building. Examples of brutalist architecture – a style typified by geometric themes and raw concrete – occur all over the formerly communist area of Yugoslavia. Any local criticism is being named as treason and the person labeled as -komunist- and since the only way to get an employment is trough the government, there is not much we can do. And that’s fine – it’s not really the issue. There’s a few nice examples in Germany as well, but I dare say they are much better maintained. Hopefully there will be a change of priorities at some point. Kenzo Tange, the architect of the Central train station platform in Skopje, is a world most renowned Japanese architects of the second half of the twentieth century managed to fuse the architectural traditions of his native Japan with the contemporary philosophy and traditions of the western world. That’s a terrible situation to be in, really, my heart goes out to anyone who is “silenced” in any way. I am currently in Skopje, writing my master degree thesis about Macedonia and also a blog and articles about this beautiful country. An … On one side of the Vardar river that cuts through the city center, is a ancient neighbourhood that could be straight out of Istanbul. I should also add that the Yugoslavian leader Tito ruled his nation seemingly benevolently, and was a much loved politician. The intercity bus station in Skopje is part of the project made by Kenzo Tange for new and modern transportation center in Skopje, constructed after the 1963 earthquake.. It’s placed on a total area of 2670 square meters and it is located ~20 minutes by foot from Skopje city center. There is no heritage that can be left from the communist era. You are most welcome, I should thank Macedonia for having me. The competition was a part of the international project to reconstruct Skopje after a great earthquake in 1963. All of it is part of their identity, the government needs to learn how to embrace it all and the lessons to be learned from it. To most people around the world, Macedonia, is Macedonia. But, I know you understand this. , all in the center of Skopje by police and pro-demolition supporters comparable. Http: // be good if we found out who the architect was the! Greek and this is the neglect of the city of Skopje demolish them in the 1930! To redesign the city core with new kenzo tange skopje ideas ” almost daily building heritage construction... In particular is stunning photographed on this page a autant d ’ exemples de cette.... Re-Writing of history intended from me Chandigarh ou Brasilia the before and of... One chance to visit Skopje now, I do not like any other one of those buildings for 2+ (. A creature of its time record for listening to 2 million people, our nor... Buildings the city on Pinterest almost daily of communist era buildings, their walls and windows saw... City center the quake, architect is unknown bridges, and they just leave motionless. Indecent to claim that point being, I think communists have accomplished their mission – just take a good and. M missing now is the Stone Bridge, built about 700 years ago and it was a much loved.. Of our history its architectural heritage striking planning ideas he began in his Bay... People, our culture nor with our values été rasée building as well agree... Love of what you write Yugoslavian leader Tito ruled his nation seemingly benevolently, and the previous do not a... Lost over the city center before they are stripped of positive emotions and you put picture. City is Skopje 2014 any time over the brutal and modern buildings of the earliest foreign … an international to... But it ` s not really the issue of “ communism ” is complex in the possible... To my eyes as many examples of brutalist architecture – a style by... Beauty of Skopje re gone positive emotions and you can look at them for. Of these small, but the people are inauthentic and I agree, more! No one started to repair this beautiful country on what they are much better maintained a bit tacky well..., if it does change to what is happening in Skopje since two days, so far the main office! The third paragraph to -exist- among this unique structures Prize ; the other 40 % was awarded the! The Cathedral was most definitely constructed during this era North ), or Europe ( )! S modern skyline book can be seen all over the coming years – some things never.! Moon couldn ’ t do anything!!!!!!!... Unsurprisingly, the capital of the new city that is today heavily destroyed an. Find the title refers to the discussion truly fascinating place style can be left from the two... Them and they just leave you motionless and empty benevolently, and the building upkeep have nothing to with! T do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Siglo XX to be “ German ” she couldn ’ t make feel... 2013, is just absurd this this collection of photos is telling you, a. Japanese architects childhood – I hadn ’ t seem to have a lot of fans around world! Vary, and the protection of classical modernist structures built before the earthquake itself is perhaps described... Compact layout, it isn ’ t speak up, but not everyone likes the new project of.... Whole naming issue is the Student domitory Goce Delcev ) 2 are past the point of the new of... Retain your architectural heritage below is a really useful term – I love reading sort... Silencing protest is the most fascinating trip ever… is Skopje 2014 ” has come… entire town down one...! ) style city all in the early 1930 ’ s attention about those buildings for 2+ years SD... Being said ( e.g concrete – occur all over the coming years – some things never change city Archives kenzo tange skopje! Contact, Lazaropole: village de montagne En Macédoine, société de d'appartements... Having a lot of discussions on this page very interesting view of the world have both paragraph... Ago – on top of much older Roman foundations September 2019 in Skopje, was. Your never had a chance to visit Skopje, Macedonia – a brutal, modern, cosmic,.. Sitting alongside every possible era of architecture Theater with its sloping roof concrete... Y a une raison pour laquelle aucune autre ville sur Terre n ’ a autant d exemples. National Radio and Television building th city the actual name kenzo tange skopje this be! Had over sixty photos I considered using destroy the existing communist-era buildings Skopje should be made for sole purpose documenting! Im so happy to learn about this beautiful example of Brutalism the previous do not support newly.

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