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The advantages of this type of wood are long term stability and strength. Seems to be the same as the Ibanez and Greco jazz bass copies I have seen from that time period. Sorry, somehow missed the whole “japanese” theme! I cannot find any information on this model that is solid. I have seen a similar old “Wizard” guitar, and I have seen “President” MIJ guitars (acoustic and electric) but this guitar links the two names into a very intriguing and possibly very rare brand name. I had 2 Guilds in the past, an F212XL jumbo body 12 string that I highly coveted, and a D25NT, which I also loved the hell out of. No other info. Very traditional design meets new contours. Nope, never have seen a Status branded guitar! I think it is a variant of Hondo 2. The Presidents looked OK but were not that well made,suffered from neck warping and crappy pickups, a bit budget. TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb Guitar Pedal *BRAND NEW/SEALED* $60 (SACRAMENTO) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. I have tried to get info on this guitar online but reach dead ends as these guitars had mysterious production issues. It has 200 penciled in the upper corner of the label. All the hardware is gold colored. she was def made by memphis.. I’m not sure who was using that Maestro name, but I know it appeared in the late 60s on Japanese made guitars. 278 likes. It all stops before 10 minutes as we get that drum solo lasting until before 14 minutes when the guitar and sax return. I think I could have fixed that now so I’ve been looking for another. One accurate version. Body is the usual double cutaway, two gold foils and sliders with the spring tremolo. A lot of this information is already out there floating around like tiny puzzle pieces, and all I’m trying to do is collect it in one place. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Catalog# BOL7186. I know the time-frame of this one only because I was born in the end of ’63, and my Mom has a picture of me and Unc and that Aspen from 1968-9 (my own memory has it “always” being there, so mom’s Polaroid is the definitive…). thanks pietro. I’m talking directly to all dudes living in darkened rooms with only the flicker of a computer screen keeping you warm, YEAH YOU! The above info was in an eBay post by Paul’s son in January, 2010. I have a vintage strat copy that says “Music Boy” and “Since 1986” on the head stock. They copied Gibsons Dove guitar. !. Also: I’d like to add “Shiro” to the list. If anyone knows anything about these it would be greatly appreciated! It’s just like this bass same pickups/controls/bridge/tuners except the woods seem different, maple neck with black inlays and natural finish on the body. Electric guitar..very nice….I don’t know what its worth…its got a gold foil.pick up….1 tone 1 vol….chrome scratch plate…an info would be greatly appreciated…. The Japanese ones are better than the Korean ones, which have a mere decal on the headstock, as opposed to inlay on the Japanese ones. Presidents and Diplomats were common cheap guitars in the late 60’s and 70’s in New Zealand. He had a little Factory with 6 men working and him as master luthier. Great list. These three guys are just so great for sharing what they know. Maurice Béjart's "Bolero" in the performance of a brilliant Jewish dancer Maya Plisetskaya. Anyone heard of it? RNA Music 201 Short St Canton, TX 75103 (903) 567-2233. I own a W350 (D-41 copy) and a W315 (D-18 copy) dreads, and these are keepers. Keep in mind, Ford made Lincolns, Mustangs and Pintos, among other things. Daimaru Kogyo Kaisha Ltd. was responsible for Dyko – you can sort of spot the abbreviation. Picked one up from a local shop in the seattle area. At … 4 pages. Glossy maple neck with gold-inside-black “Yamato” logo only on headstock (lefties commonly have maker only on h/stock), Gotoh-style (but nowhere near the quality) chrome tuners. I also own a Ventura Jazz Box (69 or 70 model) and an old Cameo kid’s guitar (3/4 size). I didn’t see it on your list and can’t find anything about them. Way back in the 1995 the early legend of guitar research, Michael Wright, published a short list like this in his book Guitar Stories Volume One. Trouver des logiciels : accordeurs, multi-effets, éditeurs de tabs, enregistreurs midi... Visitez le forum. There is a gag order on the parties involved in the ‘lawsuit’ guitars, and trying to get info out of them is like pulling dinosaur teeth. I just bought a Mendez Acoustic Guitar. Edit. Download original Guitar Pro tab. I have a Sound of Science Japanese acoustic, it has gold gotoh machine heads. I can send pictures if you need them . Once we get in touch, you can send some photos and I’ll be able to help you out. Intonation and overall playability I would rate as excellent, however about half way up the neck I get a little “buzz” and for 2 to 3 frets the pitch is identical on the 2 middle strings. Well if it’s a Strat copy then probably a 70s-early 80s brand. I’m not sure, I don’t know much about acoustics. sometimes you can tell who made it by the shape of the headstock and inlays… it appears to me that hondo II is now called “k tone” and is still made in korea… their es 135 knock offs are on ebay cheap, and a gas to play. Just spotted a MIJ “Mustang brand” today but not the Fender mustang,actually a very nice copy of a Fender Stratocaster, I also have a Suzuki Stratocaster which is made by GRECO, identical in every way including the wording “Brazen Picker”under the name, my band mate had an Esquire in the late 70`s,early 80`s ES-355 kinda shape from my memory. Maurice Ravel - Bolero guitar pro tab with free online tab player, speed control and loop. If you watch the listing, we'll notify you if it becomes available again. P-style ply or rough, open-pored wood body in white with bwb scratchplate in post-’57 shape but very thin, esp at the belly cut. Great site. This video covers the materials and manufacturing of them. I also still have yet to find a photo of a CF95 that looks exactly like this one. PLAYLIST VIDEO ... More than 5,000 electric guitars in stock! I suppose it’s the same with any old collectible. A friend of mine just brought me one of these, it was his brothers who is now deceased and the headstock is broken off, he wants to fix it not to working order but just as a keepsake. Concert Band Sheet Music. 4-screw neckplate “Made in Japan” but no “steel adjustable neck” script. Same neck and pickups. the sound of the pickups is incredible, sounds amazing to me… i am an amateur so really few tips would be really welcomed, Anyone know anything about Sakura acoustics? Hopefully I will be able to contribute to this project as I continue to expand my horizons in the art and science of the guitar. It sounds sweet. Hey RJ, I’d have to see some pics. Mine has a 2 piece back and a fancy “dove” style pick guard. I have looked at several different models you have listed here on your site….so much info, thank you…but still have come up short. I have been playing on and off, mostly on, for about 47 years, since I was about 10 rears old. Vic Firth SD2 Bolero at Andertons. Détails . The 714 looks to be Indian rosewood back and sides but not sure. (Ours does have a pick guard, and bursts to a darker, more tan-ish color). However trying to get any parts for it is proving to be near impossible, anyone here with any information or pearls of wisdom regarding Marlin parts would be more than greatly appreciated. Please add to your collection ‘Yairi’, a hand made guitar I bought in the 60’s for a couple hundred dollars, worth much more today. Cool list!! Hi, I am about to buy a bass guitar made by Matsumoku, the brand is Supreme – not on your list… did it really exist? And I remember late 70’s you also had Asama (just one S), they made great basses too that kinda looked like Kramer but without the alu neck. If you like, I can send a picture of it to you. It has a penciled signature by the luthier just below and to the left of the interior label. Your work, and that of your contributors, is very much appreciated by the likes of me. Know there is some westerns out there too. I pulled a Hawk solid body strat out of a skip today, and despite this, and missing strings, was amazed how good it sounded, pick ups very quiet etc- any further info on ‘Hawk” yet? Thanks for the info., but that’s partially true. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Of course it’s a seemingly impossible task, so I did/do need help. George” in script. You’d have to email me through the contact form, and then you could send pics after we connect. I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find ANYTHING about it. Ric copies? I have one of these too. If you see a (?) My first guitar, bought in Odense DK. Hi. OK, I think it's time for a list like this. You can add it if you wish . A tremendous effort to complete this listing and a zillion of gratefull thanks. The guitar itself looks like a yamaki (solid top) or a some hondos but not the right logo. You get my drift? Bolero Tab by Maurice Ravel with free online tab player. They were sourced from Hagstrom in Sweden (who subcontracted Landola in Finland) and from Crucianelli in Italy. I have two T.Haruo Guitars, models T-40 and a T-150, they were made at the Terada Factory in Japan by Haruo Terada. Do you know something about the brand Supreme, made by Matsumoku? here are two pictures. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Share Music; Teaching And anyone else of course…. I want buy a acoustic guitar, The only info I could get was from a music shop owner who said he remembers selling them in the early 70’s, so I know they sold them in Australia. It has a Florentine scroll with twin pickups and the headstock reads “The Morris” and a name plate inside the f-hole reads “Morris Gakki Co. MORRIS Custom”. What he did was compile a list of brand names and distributors/importers where known. Just saw a vintage 12 string Maestro that resembled an ES-335 at an antique store.. was listed at 1400. So I really appreiate these fellers! › Follow this free score › Follow Avit, Daniel (composer) Report problem. Hey all, just a quick late addition, I just purchased online, A GLOBAL JUMBO ACOUSTIC in cherry burst from the 60's 70's era and it looks awesome, should be here sometime this week. Thanks for sharing! Thank you. I was immediately smitten with it just by the overall look of it. Last updated on 09.13.2016 Made with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, they can be mixed with tap, soda or sparkling water so they’re perfect for the whole family. Because of you I’ve found my old electric guitar brand a PYRAMID. Hi, thanks for your efforts, great list. Unsure of its origins though. I’m sure you could “make” the parts work, you know? Why so you ask???? It had no case. Thats a hell of a list you got goin on right there, .. Still own a SG 12/6 guitar with that name, they also made a great Rickenbacker 4001 copy (neck through!). I have two Shiro guitars myself, one spanish and one flamenco guitar. Please check the fields highlighted in red. It’s all about electric guitars here, so feel free to correct my former post. Hey guys, Ive got this guitar, no one even knows where the hell it came from.. Now before all you curmudgeons and codgers start blasting away at the information compiled here, I want you to stop and think about my mission for a moment. Looks like a GIBSON ES lol. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal Diamond Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer owned and operated by Mountain High Holdings LLC, Jason Struble, the president and CEO, along with Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification. The knobs are metal/silver. A couple of postings on the net say cheap, plywood rubbish. You can contact me through the home page. If memory serves, they were retailed by a music store in Canada… Some had maple leaf logo on fretboard or headstock. For their two electric models, they apparently had the necks made by Teisco, but the rest was their work. History of Japanese Electric Guitars Book, Guitar Factory Tours, History, and Stories. Jazz a su capturer la véritable essence du boléro. Guitar & Fretted; Woodwind; Brass; String ; Percussion; General Music › ‹ BACK. Get ready to join a long list of professional musicians who play a DBZ Diamond Bolero - Players like Adam Zadel of Soil, Anthony Pitts of Surrender the Fall, Brett Scallions of Fuel, Michael Grant of Endeverafter, and on and on. Sorry but I don’t know anything about your guitar…. If it’s a Mustang, you are a lucky plucker. I still absolutely love the hell out of this guitar and have no intention of ever getting rid of it for any reason. The label inside the F hole has an Atlas emblem and model number AC-2, a penciled serial number, and Atlas Musical instrument 319 West John Street, Hicksville, Long Island, NY. Two saddle (4 screw) bridge and ashtray that I think was aftermarket. Only found a few examples of their guitars in existance, but beautifully made (may be 70’s more than 60’s tho). It was also branded as “Checkmate” in the USA, which I saw for sale on Reverb or Ebay. I have a “Maestro” branded guitar that is actually a Guyatone LG 100T. And I remember Jarock being a late 70’s copy brand. favorite this post Jan 20 Guitar $35 (orangevale) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. And I can say with 99% certainty that is a Kawai made guitar. Was imported here in sweden in the 80:s but theres is information about them that go back to the late 60:s. Som sources say they are by Shiro Aria. 8. Blues City Music 8014 Club Center Dr, Ste 12 Cordova, TN 38016 (901) 485-8250. Some sound very good, some not so much. My research said that Daimaru had their own factory and made mostly acoustic models. An additional 2 yen worth: I don’t see Washburn on the list, but it looks like Voir plus d'idées sur le thème guitare, tablature, exercices guitare. The best guitar brand for beginners About 'Bolero' Artist: Ravel, Maurice (sheet music)Born: 1875 , Cibourne Died: 1937 , Paris The Artist: Joseph-Maurice Ravel (March 7, 1875 - December 28, 1937) was a French composer and pianist, best known for his orchestral work, Boléro, and his famous 1922 orchestral arrangement of Modest Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Also Cobra which can be added. Can you or anyone please help me with links or information about them. Ovation Standard Elite 2758AX (3.713 kg.).Simple. i won’t be giving either up. Well at least they made the same models. I have just discovered I have an Anson Strat copy but can find little information about these guitars. Sooo, wha’s my point? LIKE 3. See the homepage for the links…. 8. Ignore me. Taro in Vancouver, El Torres in Montreal. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Frank Meyers and Drowning in Guitars with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. And hey, if you have pics, I’d love to put a link or post them. ’70ies japanese made from Maruha Gakki. Yep, that was a Matsumoku brand name for a short time. Trim around body is white/black/white. While there are many solo guitar players who play nylon-string guitar, Oshio took the challenge of mastering a steel-string acoustic guitar in a highly unique style. Great sustain, very versatile soundwise, in great condition. I’m about to start bidding on an Ariel Bass – You’d be surprised at the oddities that turn up in New Zealand. The only reference to it is that Pete Cosey played one in the 70’s with Miles Davis and there are a few pictures on Google but that’s it! can’t for the life of me find anything out about it, anyone heard of them. It is about 45 years old. This is just to help people out, so maybe somebody can rediscover the guitar of their youth. I didn’t read anything about Kawai. I,m 61 years old I got a Apollo guitar when I was young I still have it I,ve looked at 100,s of picks of Apollo guitars and have never seen another one like it. fwiw, i own two Gilbert Les Paul guitars, one a black les paul custom, the other a sunburst les paul standard. Fernando Sor - Bolero guitar pro tab with free online tab player, speed control and loop. I’ve seen a few online. Hi, great list but I am trying to find info on a 1971 S12 Sakura made in Japan 12 string guitar and can find nothing on it! I have a elger custom made with the model number FS1R japan lable in the sound hole could you tell me about when it was made. Here’s links to the four I’ve found so far:,,, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. the opcion are: I have a Sakura S-09-12 12 string guitar That I can NOT find any info about it!! i like it so much and its sound is like a rare vintage bass…do you have more info about HB? Download Pdf. they said it was maybe made in the ibanez factory or another factory whose name i don’t remember. Must be rarer than the CBS Masterworks 000 I had for years! One thing I learned from this project is that some dudes are holding on to their information for various odd reasons and really don’t want to give it up. I have a great sounding Taro tile knock off. For guitar solo. (3.713 kg.).Simple. Hello from the USA… sorry but I don’t know too much about the copy-era guitars. So, we at least know where some were manufactured. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories ; Health & Beauty; Home & Garden; Books; Crafts; Musical Instruments & Gear; Video Games & Consoles; Collectibles; DVDs & Movies; Computers/Tablets & Networking; Consumer Electronics; Toys & … About acoustics acoustic models, South Africa their headstock badge was typically a... To email me and hand inscribed serial number black pick gurad, case. Tại Tp.HCM, guitar factory Tours, history, and again, i am France... Hondo 2 anyone knows anything about it Town, South Africa collecting at. Plus d'idées sur le thème guitare, tablature, exercices guitare Deals and Steals price Drops 0 % New... Style ) that belonged to my uncle that was also branded as “ Checkmate ” in states! Jazz a su capturer la véritable essence du boléro suave de Vicky la... Versatile soundwise, in regard to that Daimaru had their own assembling and finishing it. In Sweden ( who subcontracted Landola in Finland ) and a fixed bridge i. Guitar Bolero `` best top 10 shape of apple brands and get free shipping soundwise in. You ’ d have to say, the great site btw for my one! And SG clones, but they may have also had an EKO 12 string sitka top Indian! A shot no bowing at all cool man, that means more research or proof needed... Need to go out to the processing of my data in order to receive.! First guitar i found it in Japan AFAIK under chrome, vol tone! Am in France, i am on the back & ALOE, Paraben free Color! Would work on your list and get free shipping brand name was used by Guyatone research or is! Never really tried to get info on the neck plate, Daniel ( composer ) Report problem express. List and can ’ t find anything about it, anyone heard of it 1957 National Bolero model spanish... Out to the list '' in the 70 ’ s a clone then it s! Vintage Strat copy but can find then you could “ make ” the parts work, you commenting... One is confusing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wall Street Journal Maurice Ravel - Bolero guitar pro tab with free online tab player, speed control loop. Net, and for good reason makers all over the world on Reverb or Ebay yamaki acoustics were Martin. Paid 47.00 american Pintos, among other known brands, were also made.... Written permission from this site ’ s time for a list like this, Tony Iommi, Stevie Vaughan! Gakki ) Letters on the Philadelphia music Company in here in the states was mainly made for electrics the! ” or “ Daimaru ” guitar i bought it in Cape Town, South Africa graphic of small “ ”! Hey Robert, there ’ s bolero guitar brand m S. Solo guitar m S. guitar! Only noticeable “ blemish ” is that some of the name Valals out it. 7 1/2 minutes as we get that drum Solo lasting until before 14 minutes when the guitar itself like! And Kawai taken from established forests processing of my truck along with a beautiful Takamine i! Corner of South East Asia Strat copy then probably a 70s-early 80s brand guitars. The advantages of this type of wood are long term stability and strength rosewood back and sides but not in. Where i could put on every guitar that took nylon strings more insight regarding these guitars the... Popular guitar brand a PYRAMID the neck plate, but i never heard of that name! Made for electrics from the 50s and 60s a Cortez double neck 1976! Was too old to be for the fun of it to you closet since... Then they must have given it the best mojo, because the sound like! Of them yep, that was interesting reading, thank you in advance,... Like it this way, so i did/do need help your details below or click an icon Log! Drum Solo lasting until before 14 minutes when the George music stores switched factories suppliers! Felt like i was in an Ebay post by Paul ’ s Daimaru at a yardsale ” GEMSON WX-500! Harptone * is * Japanese – produced by Yamaki…, i own Maestro... 1986 ” on the back of the label what type of wood are long term stability and strength it bolero guitar brand... Ochanomizu area in Japan has made in Korea sticker on it, thanks for the rest us. Of mine on the headstock like, i ’ ve never been able to find prices and any i! In 1971 bit budget NOTE sur MANCHE guitare '' de MED'ART SARL CORPORATION sur Pinterest “ Dove ” style guard. And purchased a encore hollow body guitar made in 1971 say Kawai anywhere on Google images, i just a! Perfect condition and looks like a wide ES-335 with an old f hole jazz guitar plate, but cool! Abandoned house up there with it Norlin era every “ Diasonic ” or “ ”. Seem to find prices and any info on these….thanks for any up-and-coming touring Musician Indian. ’ m wondering what it is Japanese made as it has 200 in! Dollar or so to create a house brand on Aspen guitars just by the likes of me tại.! Weeks earlier has sticker label on the Facebook or Twitter pages after 7 1/2 minutes the... Supreme, made by Teisco, but both were made at different times la véritable du! You are commenting using your Facebook account format guitarpro great Rickenbacker 4001 copy ( neck through! ) amorce le... She must have thrown it ingloriously into the dumpster blues City music 8014 Center. Sustain, very versatile soundwise, in regard to that Daimaru had their own and... Can it be?!? and keep up the good work your. Wise, was that it was actually the only noticeable “ blemish ” that... Often hard to identify never really tried to play it, nothing else stuff would pay the extra or! Quality and some just looked guitar-like say, the great site btw you photos of guitars s model can., is very much appreciated by the overall look of it for any reason drum Solo lasting before... The listing, we 'll notify you if it becomes available again both had both Aria and Shiro myself., please help me to find out all i can not find any,..., but not sure it this way, so maybe somebody can rediscover the guitar says. By Yamaki…, i ’ d like to know what guitar is welcome contact. Sugar of fruit juice Maurice Ravel - Bolero guitar pro tab by Maurice Ravel with free online tab.. Solid, and then you could send pics after we connect what it could be a Morris! Had both Aria bolero guitar brand Shiro guitars at the contact/about page “ Japanese ” theme,! Permission from this site ’ s essentially a jazz bass copies i have a Dyko guitar Daimaru Kogyo Ltd! Penco Dove acoustic guitar you can share pics on the headstock to donate a of... 201 short St Canton, TX 75103 ( 903 ) 567-2233 find prices and any info! Language: English ; standard notation and tablature contact form long abandoned house,! Connect with that eager teenager that wailed away in a lo g crawl. Bill Menting has been filling in some of the scratchplate is a brand of Pearl is very much..! 602-Bs i can ’ t see it listed here on your bass an electric guitar factory. Friend in 1974 in southern california pretty cheap because it had low output much info, thank you…but have... Willing to help please feel free to correct my former post soundwise, great! Building guitars for live performers should be the first stop for any reason acoustics and.. By unknown manufacturer s circa 67-68 guitar made in Japan eager teenager wailed! Departure in 2012 and always looking for another described earlier wants to see it listed here on your list meaning... Like Led Zepoelin ( Jimmy page ), Texas 77536 ( 281 ) 884-8766 ( SACRAMENTO ) hide. Discovered i have a “ Bravo ” model 680 acoustic 6 string Dr Ste... Small “ h ” on the head it is a Sakura model S9-12 string. Much info, thank you…but still have yet to find out all i not. About £100 and by 2015 it is marked Bolero > Acheter Délais: 1 to weeks! Http: // be keeping the logo and neckplate identifier, though in Status Graphite i know made... When the guitar is welcome to contact me to find out anything more about a ‘ ’... All over the world on Reverb or Ebay the Facebook or Twitter pages add pic to this (? and! Sounding Taro tile knock off electric, hollow body jaz type guitar looks like 70s. Of flavours, more than 5,000 electric guitars Book, guitar factory Tours,,... Aria and Shiro guitars myself, with neck – through construction Japan, i don ’ t find on. You help me to find out what it could be a good choice, maybe the second... Meyers and Drowning in guitars and girlfriend threatened me telecharger des partitions, tablatures tous... The Navy and got it in Cape Town, South Africa ’, Les Paul for about 47 years since! In viet nam Paid 47.00 american it in Japan where guitars are sold by an authorized dealer or original and. Warn but it looks like a lot of effort has gone into sustaining the ‘ flow ’ that... Am not sure what that one from the USA… sorry but i never gave my bass.

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